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  • New feature alert! The Preference Center is LIVE!

    1 day ago

    Donnie_S Email Marketing Manager

    Hi everyone!

    I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and fill you in on some exciting updates and changes to your Rooster Teeth experience. You may recognize me from your favorite RT Store ads like this one, but my full-time position is Email Marketing Manager. It’s my job to make sure you receive timely and relevant emails and push notifications about the content and merch you love to see from Rooster Teeth.

    For a while now, our Marketing and Engineering teams have been working on improving this experience to ensure that you can control exactly which types of notifications you see from us and how often you see them. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from the community, and yes, had a few setbacks along the way, but we’re very excited about the work we’ve done and think you will be too. The improvements to our website and apps have resulted in us creating a brand new preference and notification center tailored just for you.

    To find these new features, you can click this link or sign into the RT site and click on your profile in the upper right corner, then click “Settings.” Once you’re on your settings page, you can click the “Notifications” tab to view your specific preferences. At the top, you will see three different ways you can get notifications from us: Email, App, and Web.


    Below this, you have five notification categories set up for you: Stuff I Like, Content, Community, Store, and Other.


    Clicking into each of these five categories will show you a range of options to select or deselect based on the category. You can also select how you want to see these communications WITHIN each category (e.g., clicking the “Stuff I Like” category tab, checking the Achievement Hunter box, and then also selecting the “Email” icon within this category).


    There are too many different combinations of preferences to list here, so I encourage you to visit your own profile and see for yourself!

    Again, our goal with this new feature is to make sure you get notified about the specific things you like and have more control over how and when you see these notifications.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Community Support team at


    - Donnie

  • A Reminder From the RT Site Admin Team

    1 week ago

    kriss Community Manager

    We in the RT Admin Team have always supported civil debate on the site. Recently we've seen less than civil conversations and debates around here, and we would like and we ask you to keep the site ToU in mind when you are posting. If you believe a post violates the ToU, you can flag it for moderation attention by clicking the little flag at the bottom right of the post. However, posts not violating the ToU should not be flagged and repeated flagging of posts simply because they do not agree with your views is not acceptable behavior. For more information on what constitutes a flagable post see this thread and feel free to contact an admin through direct messaging for clarification of any points.

    Our site admins: @Radius55 @DiMono @RoadBlock @Count3D @jackiebot @Mike @dark54555

  • RT TV Updates

    1 week ago


    Hi everyone,

    Thank you all for your feedback on the new Rooster Teeth TV!

    While we are still testing the channel, I wanted to share with you a basic look at how we structure each day of the week on RT TV based on the content you’ve requested. Eventually, we’ll have a specific, real-time schedule for you, but until then, you can rely on this to be mostly accurate in terms of when content from each channel is airing. Until we update it again, that is.

    We hope to have a few marathons each weekend to give you something exciting to look forward to! This weekend, there will be a Theater Mode marathon on Saturday starting at 7pm CT and an Achievement Haunter marathon on Sunday at 9pm CT.

    In addition, we are starting to test live streams in the feed. Check out Off Topic in the feed at 2:30pm CT tomorrow (2/8). This is still a test, so it will be in its regular stream as well. You’ll start to see various live streams in the channel in the upcoming weeks. These may have audio or visual issues, since they are tests, but testing them now will give us the opportunity to make them the best experience for you once the channel fully launches.




  • Aquaman VS Namor - Editor Notes

    2 weeks ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi


    • Season 6 of DEATH BATTLE has begun!! 
    • And this is my first episode! What a crazy thing to say. I’ve been working with these guys for almost two years and I have watched them work so hard to make awesome episodes. To now hop on to this DB team as an editor and writer (soon!) is just awesome. 
    • I also need to thank Gerardo and Noel for helping me out with my first edit. They edited the Aquaman Preview and the Namor Preview, respectively. They really helped me transition into the show. 
    • Right off the bat, the biggest difference between editing Top 10s, DBX and Desk of Death Battle and editing Death Battle proper is that I now get to work a lot closer with all of these people. It’s a much more collaborative show which I really enjoy. Editing can feel like you’re alone in a cave (even in a populated bullpen) but this experience has been just the opposite. I’ve had a chance to work more closely with Ben, Luis and the entire team. 
    • You may have also noticed me on the commentary for this episode. That was fun! What unfortunately got cut from the commentary was our speeches about how we don’t have and/or hate breakfast. Luis and I went off about how we never eat breakfast and how I only have precisely 4 oz of coffee every morning. 5 is too much, you morning monsters. 
    • Here’s a super nerdy thing about editing Death Battle that I’m looking forward to. When I would edit Desk of Death Battle, I would do my best to edit the music track to fit the video perfectly. That means seamlessly making the track longer and always have the track end as the video ends. The only time I deviated from this was when Jocelyn talked about more than one subject - then I would find a track to suit each piece. With Death Battle, just by the nature of the show I’ll be using multiple track per characters. So I’m looking forward to the creative challenge of finding new ways to edit music. ALSO HAVE ANY OF YOU SEEN THE ICE PACK I CARRY AROUND FOR MY INDEX FINGER?? It’s tired from constantly pushing the brim of my glasses up. 
    • Speaking of Desk of, any of you eagle eyed viewers notice anything familiar about any of the Aquaman rundown? 

    Watch the commentary!

    Watch the episode!

  • Vic Mignogna

    2 weeks ago


    Effective today, Vic Mignogna is no longer a part of the cast of RWBY and Rooster Teeth is ending all associations with Mignogna. This will not affect the creative content of RWBY.

    UPDATE: We in the RT Admin Team have always supported civil debate on the site. Recently we've seen less than civil conversations and debates around here, and we would like and we ask you to keep the site ToU in mind when you are posting. If you believe a post violates the ToU, you can flag it for moderation attention by clicking the little flag at the bottom right of the post. However, posts not violating the ToU should not be flagged and repeated flagging of posts simply because they do not agree with your views is not acceptable behavior. For more information on what constitutes a flagable post see this thread and feel free to contact an admin through direct messaging for clarification of any points.

  • New Schedule for RT TV

    2 weeks ago


    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to share with you a glimpse at what the first weekend will look like on the new consolidated RT TV. As Evan mentioned in a previous post, the three channels will be combined into one channel (RT TV) for First members only starting tomorrow, 2/1 at 6am CT.

    This is the last phase of beta for the channel. The final product will include a schedule and live broadcasts in RT TV! Until then, we are still testing and will continue to make changes to the schedule according to what you all enjoy the most.

    We’ve seen your thoughts on the shift and we hope that you’ll check it out and let us know what you think!




  • Update on gen:LOCK Availability

    3 weeks ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    Hi all!

    We hope you’re enjoying 2019 as much as we are. Already this year we saw the finale of another amazing volume of RWBY, the start of our brand new series gen:LOCK, and announced a whole bunch of cool programming that is coming real soon. Speaking of gen:LOCK...

    For those of you who have been asking or seeing the comments out there, we would like to confirm that gen:LOCK is unavailable in Japan and China. To better communicate this on our platform, if you are in either of those territories and you go to watch gen:LOCK you will now see the following message instead of a black screen:


    We thank you for the feedback you have provided and the support you continue to give us. We’ll be sure to roll out more news about gen:LOCK as it becomes available.



  • RWBY Rewind Season 2 has wrapped!

    3 weeks ago

    kriss Community Manager

    Yesterday, we recorded the last episode of RWBY: Rewind Season 2. I was very fortunate to be cast as one of the three hosts of the show, talking about RWBY Volume 6 alongside Chad James and Ellie Main. 

    When I was first brought on board to RT, I never anticipated being part of RWBYRW. We did a short playtest prior to me being officially brought on, and I had an absolute blast. I was REALLY nervous, but Chad and Broadcast made everything flow naturally and before I knew it, we were laughing and making jokes just as you see on the show proper. I even asked Barbara for advice, and the ever loving angel that she is offered helpful insight and much support for me. 

    I had done more than a few vlogs in my day, but I never really got to see myself on camera like this and work with an actual Broadcast team. When I got the news that I would be joining Chad and Ellie, I was both ecstatic and absolutely horrified. More than anything, I wanted to do right by the community. I remember back when RWBY was first announced, and how much hype there was around it. I've kept the show close to my heart since then. I knew how much love and passion people had for the show, and I didn't want to let anyone down. 

    We did our first episode on October 29th. Unbeknownst to many, my family was in town for my birthday. I was able to bring them and my partner backstage to watch my first ever RT recording of a live show. They told me I did very well and that they were proud of me. My dad said he remembered back when I was in kindergarten and whenever he picked me up from school, I was always alone and in my own corner. He gave me a big hug and said "now look at you! You're talking to A LOT of people! You've grown up so much!" I'll never forget that. 

    For the past 13 weeks, we discussed many topics and  answered as many questions as we could, and above all, just had fun experiencing the show with the community. That was the most important part to me. To be able to enjoy RWBY with everyone in this way was beyond amazing for me, and I am so happy that that we all could analyze, cheer, laugh, and cry with each other as the volume wrapped. 

    Thank you to everyone who submitted questions, joined us in chat, and engaged us with fun and healthy conversation. Your hype posts, happy comments, and overall love for both RWBY and RWBYRW were always highlights of my week. 

    You all made RWBYRW fantastic for me. Thank you <3  

  • 2019 programming preview

    3 weeks ago

    ebregman Programming & SVOD

    I’ve said it before, but it’s never been more true: now is the best time ever to be on Rooster Teeth, especially if you’re a FIRST member. My entire focus of 2019 is making sure you have reasons to use Rooster Teeth and your FIRST membership every day.

    To help with that, this year the RT app and website will give you more exclusive content than it ever has. We’re releasing 52 consecutive weeks of premium exclusive content for FIRST members, and a ton of new content for those of you who watch for free too. I’m talking about gigantic, show stopping, gotta watch ‘em original TV shows, a bunch of movies and TV shows made by friends of ours that we love, and even more great perks.

    That starts of course with gen:LOCK, the biggest animated show we’ve ever made and the linchpin of our year. If you haven’t watched episode 1 yet, you’re missing out on something unbelievably special!

    • This Friday Feb 1 Theater Mode returns with 6 new episodes featuring Achievement Hunter! The list of movies starts with 2 AUX episodes including Pacific Rim, and then gets into a few you’ve asked for, so remember: you did this to yourselves.

    • Also starting February 1, our linear channels will enter the final phase of beta. All channels will combine into one, 24/7 FIRST exclusive channel, RTTV, with daily programming blocks dedicated to Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and all our other partners. All live broadcasts and game streams will soon air inside RTTV - one single home for all your linear channel needs!

    • February 8 is the triumphant return of RT Shorts!

    • February 14, BLOOD FEST premieres on RT exclusively for FIRST members!

    • February 18, something amazing is happening that I can’t talk about yet!

    • March 9, Red vs. Blue 17 premieres for 12 episodes! It took two seasons for the Reds and Blues to break the universe, but they’re about to discover that things can always get worse.

    • March 13, we unveil The Weird Place! It’s a four episode reality show set in a fictional universe that follows Achievement Hunter as they navigate through a puzzle-based journey that defies the laws of physics as we know them. Success is based on scavenging through the surreal world using multimedia clues and tactile experimentation.

    • March 22, RT Docs: Waiting for the Punchline arrives for FIRST Members! Follow Nick Scarpino as he strives to make his way through the San Francisco comedy scene.

    • April 10, Hardcore Tabletop returns with an all new cast! The season 1 champion defends their title against a whole new crop of competitors playing Monopoly...with real money.

    • The whole month of June, we’re bringing back Pilot Month! Stay tuned for more on what you can expect to see here from all the production teams and more.

    • June 1, Camp Camp returns for EIGHTEEN (YES, 18) episodes! Campe Diem all the way til October!

    We’ve got more coming: that’s not even close to everything that’s premiering in just the next few months. Keep your eyes out for more news about a ton of new content from us, plus more from other creators you love, and shows based on IP you love. Hit me with questions in the comments.

  • gen:LOCK reaction vid guidelines

    3 weeks ago

    kriss Community Manager

    Hello community!

    We wanted to let you all know about the guidelines we have in place for reaction videos involving gen:LOCK. If this is your first time delving into reaction videos, or if you need a refresher, please read our Content Usage Guidelines and become familiar with the policies and processes defined there.

    That said, we are happy to inform you all that the guidelines will not be changing. However, with all the hype we have seen in the community, we do anticipate a high volume of Fan Projects being created. We do ask for your patience as we run Content ID when your videos are uploaded as response time to disputes could take a few weeks to complete. We will do our best to comb through all the videos that come our way. This has been said many times, but we are incredibly lucky and grateful to have such a passionate and supportive community.

    To celebrate the premiere of this awesome show, we will be hosting a launch party today, January 26th, at 11am CT right here on Please join us in chat, hang out, have a good time, and the let the good times roll!


  • Appreciation for Future Community Managers

    3 weeks ago

    kriss Community Manager

    CMAD or Community Manager Appreciation Day was yesterday. I was very overwhelmed by all the positive and heartfelt messages community members sent my, Chelsea, Kdin, Steffie, and Cricket's way. I started thinking about how I could show appreciation for community managers who have affected my life, and one lesson I've learned from all of them was to pass along the knowledge and advice learned over the years. 

    Writing a disclaimer now that this is my own personal journey. Your own journey may greatly differ from mine, so please don't use my life as the be all and end all for yourself. 

    When I was much younger, there was a lot of emphasis placed on what I wanted to do after graduation. What did I want as a career? Where would I be in 5 years (I always hated that damn question)? What did I want to do with my life? Those are a few of the questions that were constantly in my face as I trudged through college. I wasn't a very academic person... To put some of this into perspective, I graduated high school in 2002. I started as an education major and lasted maybe a semester. I wasn't passionate about it, and I didn't see myself as a teacher, so I switched majors and kept my degree pretty general. I ended up graduating in 2007 with a Liberal Arts Degree focusing on English. That's a fancy way of saying I wrote a lot and I understood how to communicate with people. 

    But I still didn't know what I wanted to do for a living. Nothing I did really made me feel like I had a purpose. I had a few jobs as a admin assistant and a project coordinator, but I didn't feel fulfilled or that I was doing anything with my life. Then I thought about writing for video games. Did some research, tried to figure out the best ways to break into an industry I very much loved, but didn't know much about from the inside world. A friend of mine introduced me to Randy Greenback, an incredibly awesome game dev with 20 years of experience under his belt. He was very open to answering my questions and providing really good advice that I take to heart even today. 

    He told me that I already made the first big step, and that was asking the questions and wanting to learn. He also said networking with a bunch of folks in the industry was a great way to gather insight as far as what field I wanted to be in. Something really important to note right here is that I was pretty active in the RT community and I was figuring out ways to build a community presence in Vegas. After doing a little more research about the industry, I found out that community management was a thing. Classes for that didn't exist when I was in school. Social media was just starting to take off, and I had no real teacher or mentor to help me learn all of this stuff. So I thought about the best ways to learn and it pretty much came down to just doing it. 

    I created the RT Vegas Community Group, learned how to use Twitter, FB, Vine, and Twitch. I taught myself how to properly engage people, what worked, what didn't work and I studied how people interacted with each other and the respective outcomes. Before I knew it, I began creating relationships with people online and who I would meet years later in person. I also began volunteering my time for community/social projects.  I became a moderator for RT, expanded the RT Vegas group, acted as a community manager for a small game dev group, and studied ways to grow my Twitch channel. It became my experience. All of these avenues provided different types of lessons learned, best practices, and ways to engage people. One thing that made me fully believe I wanted to be a CM was even though I got to see the best and worst of people, and sometimes the worst can get pretty bad, I still wanted to be in a position where I could help people for the better. Even on my worst days, what got me through is I could be a positive influence in someone's day and that gave me meaning and purpose.

    Now, I'm a community manager. It took me 6-7 years to achieve that.  And that's the point to my post. I didn't exactly follow a formula. I know many people want to learn how to become a CM, so I hope that this post gave some insight to your own journey. I don't know how much of this you can take with you, but know that I am open to helping and know that I am cheering for you. Whenever I meet someone who is interested in becoming a CM, my goal for the conversation is to eventually say "happy community appreciation day" to that person one day. That right there is one of the most fulfilling experiences I can personally have. I hope that this has been helpful. Go out and do great things future CMs! 



  • Favorite moments from previous RTXes

    in Forums > Favorite moments from previous RTXes | Follow this topic

    kriss Community Manager

    I always love talking about the great moments that stay with you for years and years after RTX. What are some awesome RTX memories you have? 

    6 replies

  • RTX Hyyyyyyyyype!

    4 weeks ago

    kriss Community Manager

    So with tickets going on sale and the general hype for one of the best conventions of the year being around the corner, I know that there will be several conversations happening around some of the following topics: 

    • What to expect
    • Looking for roommates 
    • Ticket trading (if for some reason you are unable to attend ;_;)
    • First time to RTX? Here's some advice

    With that in mind, we jump started the RTX 2019 threads so feel free to start some conversations there and make new friends!  

  • Spring Break: Podcast Edition!

    1 month ago

    GeorgeFromGeorgia RT Events Coordinator

    TL;DR - Tickets go on sale for The Rooster Teeth Podcast, Always Open, and Off Topic Live From Austin 2019, Friday, January 25 at 10:00AM CT; hope to see you there!


    We had so much fun last year we’re bringing back Live From Austin! It’s 3 nights of podcasts done in front of our favorite audience: you!


    The Sunset Room

    310 E 3rd Street

    Austin, TX 78701


    The shows will take place from Monday, March 25 to Wednesday, March 27 as follows:

    Monday, March 25 - The Rooster Teeth Podcast

    Tuesday, March 26 - Always Open

    Wednesday, March 27 - Off Topic

    Doors for all shows - 7:00 PM CT

    All shows start - 7:30 PM CT


    Tickets are sold separately for each show and come in two tiers and can be purchased at

    General Admission ($40)

    • Admission

    • Bar access (must provide ID)

    • Limited edition poster

    VIP ($60)

    • Early Admission

      • 6:00 PM Doors

    • Special Q&A Session with talent

      • 6:30 PM Start

    • Priority Seating

    • Bar access (must provide ID)

    • Limited edition poster (signed)

    Each night’s poster will be podcast specific. Come to all three shows to complete the collection.

    Join us in making memories and witnessing the madness and the magic of Rooster Teeth.

    Tickets go on sale Friday, January 25 at 10:00AM CT; hope to see you there!

    Any questions can be sent to Customer Support at



  • The official genLOCK trailer is here!!!

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    The official trailer for genLOCK finally dropped this morning. I couldn't be prouder or more in awe of our animation department. HOT. DAMN.

  • Advice for RTX first timers!

    in Forums > Advice for RTX first timers! | Follow this topic

    kriss Community Manager

    We have a looooooot of veteran RTX attendees. Share some insightful tips and advice for those who are coming to the show for the first time! 

    14 replies

  • Room Share Discussion

    in Forums > Room Share Discussion | Follow this topic

    kriss Community Manager

    Need roommates for the duration of RTX? Feel free to use this thread to help coordinate your hotel situation. 

    10 replies

  • It's Almost genLOCK Time

    1 month ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    The official trailer drops tomorrow.  The first two episodes of the show drop in 10 days. There's still work to be done to get to the end of the season, but it's so close.

    And I can't wait for you all to see what we've been doing.

    Originally I had written "I can't wait for you to see what I've been seeing these last few months", but I got rid of it can't. You will never see what I've seen the last few months, because what I've seen is a team of people make magic happen.

    I work with some truly talented and amazing people. Animators are killing it with everything from fights to facial expressions to small details that you won't even notice but would make a scene feel incomplete if they were missing. The camera work is taking good moments to great with perfect framing and subtle shakes to make you feel the physical impact of character actions. Lighting and Comp are breathing a beautiful life into each and every frame with effects I was not prepared for before seeing their final renders. Art has created beautiful environments and intricate character rigs that make all of that possible. And none of it would matter without the masterful mixing of the entire editorial team who bring all of these pieces together with audio.

    Seeing how each episode has evolved from its first pass to the final form has been unbelievable. I am fortunate and honored to have been able to work with these incredible people.

    Enjoy the fruits of our labor, friends. We're really proud of it.

  • General

    in Forums > General | Follow this topic

    kriss Community Manager


    5 replies

  • Just a small note of thanks

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    With internet culture being the way it is, people often times forget that the person on the other side of the monitor is, well, a person. I don't want to focus on the negative, but rather, I want to thank community members for remembering that we are real human beings and we are more than an avatar or a few sentences we say in front of a camera. Thank you <3 

  • New Transcoder Deploys Next Week. Here's Why It Means Faster Load Times

    1 month ago

    ebregman Programming & SVOD

    Happy Friday! It has been a while, which means I have so many updates that have built up over the holidays and before... Expect a few posts from me in the coming weeks.

    I've been saying for months that a new transcoder is in the works, and as you might expect we really wanted to get it up and running in time for gen:LOCK. Happy to say it has passed all its tests and is ready to start rolling into our production environment (SLOWLY)! In the next week we'll test it for the first time on a select few videos, and barring any complications we hope to use it for all gen:LOCK episodes. It should be running on every newly published video within a month at most. The plan is to re-transcode some of the library over time.

    The new transcoder should bring you noticeably better quality video, video previews while you scrub through a  timeline, and most importantly faster load times. For those interested in proof this will be faster, our engineer Kalman (@thekal), who integrated this whole thing, said I could share his test results with you.

    Quick description of what you're looking at: when you click play on a video, our product loads a manifest file at a resolution chosen based on your connection speed, device, and a bunch of other factors. Every video loads in segments, piece by piece. Buffering time is dependent in part on how big the segments are - ideally the maximum segment size is relatively small, and also ideally the segments are all around the same size (the standard deviation is small).

    Here's what Kalman found when he tested segment sizes and standard deviations for all the manifests of a recent RWBY episode and a recent Achievement Hunter episode (values are all in MBs, and don't include audio. Audio adds some data, not a ton):


    The largest 1080p segment of RBWY used to potentially be over 30MB(!), and now it's just over 3MB. That's...a lot better.

    If you spot a video using the new transcoder, let me know! More to come very soon, but as always feel free to leave some questions and I'll answer them throughout the weekend.

  • gen:LOCK - It's ALMOST HERE!

    1 month ago


    Hello hello-

    We're getting tantalizingly close to gen:LOCK's premiere on January 26th! This amazing crew of which I'm so privileged to be a part, has been working very hard for a very long time. And we're excited (and must confess a little trepidacious) to finally start telling the story.

    Here's how you can watch it. Even if you figured out how to catch the sneak peek of ep1, you're still going to have a blast on premiere day. Because we're going to put up the first two eps at once.

    On Saturday, January 26th, just before the season finale of RWBY Volume 6 (call it 9:30ish a.m. CST), both episodes 1 *AND* 2 will drop on Rooster Teeth -- the website, the apps, however you prefer to watch it. Episode 1 will be free for absolutely anyone to watch, and then you'll need to be a Rooster Teeth FIRST member to check out ep 2.

    After that, keep coming back to share the fun and join the conversation as the gL adventure continues. The remaining six episodes of season 1 will appear weekly, starting with ep3 on February 2nd, Saturdays at 10am CST, taking RWBY’s timeslot. These episodes will be exclusive to FIRST members. Not a FIRST member? Then check out the free trial!!

    Keep an eye out for some more goodies coming out a bit later today, and a bunch more new stuff rolling out over the next couple weeks. And then on premiere day, please come join the insanity as we bring this amazing volume of RWBY to a close, enter the new world of gen:LOCK with its first two episodes, and celebrate all the amazing work that both CRWBY and gL crew *ahemahemstillneedagoodcrewname* have been pouring themselves into. If you've been enjoying what RT Animation is putting out there, please show them all the love they deserve.

    more soon,


  • AGDQ!

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    Heading to the speedrunning charity driven event tomorrow!  Anyone watch the stream or attending in general? 

    I made a few friends in the Link to the Past Randomizer community over the last year and a half (even participated in the spring tournament last year with a 3-4 record!), and many of these internet friends will be attending AGDQ. I average about three years before I am able to meet internet acquaintances IRL (with the exception of RTX), so I'm very excited to meet a lot of the people I've connected with in the last year or so. 

    We are already setting up a ramen lunch/dinner when I arrive

  • D&D Character Journal

    1 month ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    I've been keeping a journal for one of my D&D characters (the angry one who ripped a dragon open #oops) as both an exercise to really get into her headspace and also have an in-character way to take notes on what we've been up to. It feels very on-brand for Kallista and has been a fun way to dabble in writing. I've shared it with a couple people and figured I'd post it here in case it tickles anyone's fancy. 

    Keep in mind that this is done as a journal, so not only does it just sort of jump on in there but it's also effectively just a retelling of someone else's story. This is all just my character's perspective of what transpires in our session during this homebrew campaign.

    Enjoy! Or don't, whatever. I'm not your mom.

  • I made ramen from scratch!

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    So I made ramen from scratch a couple days ago. I would say all in all for my first attempt, everything took me about two days. I made: 

    Ramen broth - simmered and reduced for 10 hours
    Ajitama (soft boiled eggs) - marinated for 12 hours
    Noodles - about 2 hours
    Charsiu (pork belly) - 3 hours
    Tare (potent seasoning sauce) - 20 minutes
    Added enoki mushrooms and bok choy 

    Y'all, I am TIRED. I had so much fun making everything though. The ramen broth and the charsiu were completely new territory for me, so I was happy with how well they both turned out. Definitely thinking about making this a monthly food project. Side note, I could not believe how amazing the house smelled the whole time. 

    What are some other recipes I should try out? 

    Pics for proof!