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  • Meet Randall, Byf's New Friend!

    10 months ago

    Qholtz VFX Artist Rooster Teeth


    Randall is a Pink Spotted Goby and officially the second fish in my salt water reef tank. It's been a little over a month and my tank finally cycled and was ready for new inhabitants.  Salt tanks can be very finicky so I have been making sure to take things slow.  I picked up a Goby not only because I think they look awesome but, they also do something very unique.  They will gulp sand and sift it through their gills.  It's very bizarre and entertaining to witness.

    This is not Randall but a different Goby doing his thing.


    Here is a picture I took at the fish store before bringing him home.


    I also picked up a small little Hermit crab so we can have more movement in the tank.



    Randall instantly claimed Byf's home.  Kinda feel bad for the guy getting uprooted like that but he didn't put up much of a fight haha.

    Another cool thing about these types of gobies is that they will pair up with certain types of shrimp called Pistol Shrimp.  They will share the little burrow and bring each other things around the tank and protect the "home".

    Overall, the tank has been running smoothly *knock on wood*  Hope you guys enjoy following along.

  • This Week At ScrewAttack - 3/23/18

    10 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    Top 10 Characters We Want In Super Smash Bros. Switch - Editor Notes

    • Wanna feel alive?? Produce a Top 10 in 22ish (working) hours.
    • We all jumped in to make this Top 10 and it was really fun to come together for it. Gerardo edited that intro in After Effects, Nick edited the Banjo entry and we all wrote sections of the script. A ScrewAttack labor of love! 
    • Chad correctly pointed out to me that I love referencing Anchorman in videos. I think that movie might be the foundation of my mental reference house. 
    • Of all of the clips I could choose for the Kingdom Hearts III portion of the #1 entry, I chose the Toy Story clip because I love that movie and that clips makes me happy. 
    • I wrote the secret number 11 and I'm strangely proud of it. 

    Watch the video: RT | YT 

    The Desk of The Desk of DEATH BATTLE - Editor Notes 

    • There were a couple of times this week at work where people looked over at my monitor to see what I was working on without context. It made for some classic awkward hilarity. (I'm looking at you "Make Crash Kawaii AF" Sony Executive and bifurcated penis bandicoot) 
    • Sprite animating is super fun. I wouldn't want to do what the DEATH BATTLE/DBX artists do but I'll do 5 seconds of Crash jumping, anytime. 
    • Crash is weird. Crash's Japanese commercials are weird. But also commercials in general are pretty weird right? I don't really have a follow up for that I was just thinking about how strange they are. 
    • Anyone else get any Gus vibes from the orange guy at 2:47? 

    Watch the video: RT | YT

  • New Rooster Teeth Mobile Apps - Android Beta Users!

    in Forums > New Rooster Teeth Mobile Apps - Android Beta Users! | Follow this topic

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    Hey all! Did you hear? We're getting new mobile apps. The first one to launch (in beta!) is the Android app. Sorry iOS users, but yours will be released on March 30, 2018 publicly. 

    Feel free to talk about the app. What sucks? What do you like? Talk to another community member about how best to get your idea across to the devs so they understand what you're talking about. 

    I'll be popping in to help out answering questions, but also will be bringing in reinforcements as necessary to answer the harder questions that I've got no fucking clue on. 

    Don't have the app? Learn how now to get it!

    85 replies

  • Unreal

    10 months ago

    Jon The Risemonger

    The stuff coming out of Unreal at GDC is insane. This performance capture presentation is nuts.

    I also recommend you check out their "Refelctions" demonstration using Star Wars characters.

  • Flippin' Friday BTS Gifs

    10 months ago

    BroadcastBryan Resident Beard

    Is it Friday?


    Anyone not ready for the weekend?


    What if they try to get you to come into work the next two days?


    What's that? Couldn't hear you.


    Have a nice weekend.

  • Join the Android Open Beta!

    10 months ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    Hey Android Users (commonly known as Green People to the iOS crowd) -

    The Android beta is now open for anyone with an Android device to pop in and check out our new mobile app! Sorry iOS users, we're not able to do betas with y'all :( But, a few community members were lucky enough to get early access and they’ve started sharing what they’re learning and testing out! You can check out a review HERE! And from a group here!

    Android Users: If you're ready to jump in, follow these instructions!

    Step 1: Open Google Play on your phone, search for Rooster Teeth. OR, if you're reading this on Mobile, CLICK HERE:

    Step 2: Download the app! Once you've done that (or if you already have it on your phone...)

    Step 3: Scroll down towards the bottom and look for "Become a beta tester". Click "I'm In" (Image below) IF THAT DOESN'T APPEAR - Go Directly to this link!


    Step 4: On the dialog that pops up, click "Join"


    Step 5: You'll see now that beta signup is in progress:


    Step 6: Scroll to the top, wait a few minutes for beta signup to complete.


    Step 6: Once it's ready, the banner will change, and an "Update" button will become available. As you can see by the time-stamped screenshots, it only took about a minute!


    Step 7: Click "Update" and enjoy a beta preview of Rooster Teeth 2.0!

    Welcome to the Beta! If you have comments, questions, concerns, drop them in a comment below or send your feedback to

    Join the Forums and Chat with other Mobile Beta Users or Site Beta Users now!

    Much love!


  • RTX London Guardian Emails!

    10 months ago

    OddLittleDuck Community Support

    Hey everyone! 

    You should have received an email indicating your status as a Guardian for RTX London 2018. If you have NOT, DO NOT FRET. I haven’t received one either :P

    Send a DM to @Boomer or @Arileya letting them know your name and email you put on the application. It will take some time for them to sort through and determine which emails need to be resent. Keep an eye on their journals for updates and just BE PATIENT. I know it’s hard, but they are working on this! 

    Have a great day! 

  • Launch date - New site! New apps!

    10 months ago


    Hello, you lovely people. Big news today so I’ll just get right to it - the new video site and mobile apps are launching next Friday, March 30! We’re so excited! And sleep-deprived! But mostly excited! It’s been a long time coming, and we really believe that we have created the best place on the internet for the Rooster Teeth community to watch our favorite shows. In more news, keep an eye out a bit later for news on a public beta for Android users. iOS users, we’re sorry but we won’t be able to have a public beta, but we have a few folks in the community checking it out so they can give you reports. Here's one now!

    A bunch of us will be jumping into the chat next Friday to watch the Let's Play Spring Break, and you’ll be able to join us on the site and apps. Can’t wait to see everyone!

    Hugs and kisses,


  • Has it really been 13 years?

    10 months ago

    Alec The Lord of Meat

    I guess I should stick around.

  • Funhaus Cali Vibes BTS

    10 months ago

    wesellis Staff Photographer

    Hey all!

    Another week, another big Let's Play family merch drop. This time we got the chance to shoot with Funhaus at a gorgeous house in the hills. I armed @coolnathan with a Kodak Fun Saver and here is the product of that:














    doctor cool Nathan himself:




    Shop that gnarly new Funhaus merch here

  • A few RTV test results

    10 months ago

    ebregman Programming & SVOD

    Thanks for tuning in on Friday for our linear TV test! You sent hundreds of thousands of chats, we had a ton of people watching for every single hour, all around the world. The worldwide thing is so cool for me - I know we have a worldwide community, but a traditional linear network is so specific to a single territory, so that's pretty unique.

    I'll keep you posted as we figure out what to do next here. Til then what was your favorite part? Any shows you watched that you wouldn't have otherwise? New friends you made in the chat?

  • First time Directing at RT!

    11 months ago

    stephard Art Dept. Coordinator

    Hello Peoples!  Happy Tuesday!

    I just thought I would come write a little post about my first time Directing for RT! :)  It was for this episode of Million Dollars But... 

    MDB: Puppet Pandemonium

    I twisted @bgibbles 's arm enough to let me direct 3 scenes from start to finish:  Becca eats Rupert the Hot Dog Dog, Becca eats her friend's Bird, and Chris and his Puppet friend pick out an outfit!  And by twisted Blaine's arm, I mean I asked and he said yes :) Thanks Blaine!!

    So the process started by listening to what we call the "Audio Edit" and writing a script around that!  Basically, the audio edit is the dialogue that comes from the roundtable portion of MDB.  An editor and Blaine sift through the entire Alcohol-laden conversation, and determine which scenarios and which bits of conversation will make the best episode and then present that to the Episode Director.  Then he/She takes that dialogue stream and breaks it up into scenes, puts the scenarios into Locations and adds in hilarious bits and jokes to beef up the comedy!  

    I wrote my script for the whole episode and then Blaine and I traded scripts, compared and contrasted and determined which scenes I would direct!  Just that alone was a very fun process... especially since I had the flu and we had to do it all over the phone   mask But for reals, I really enjoyed sharing ideas and collaborating.  It was very fun to see each other's different ideas for the MDB scenarios!

    Then from here, I started to shot list.  Admittedly, this portion of the process is somewhat tedious and not my favorite, but it is so crucial and helpful.  Shots that I plotted did change once we got into the actual location, but on a whole, shot listing helped me clearly see the scene in my head before we ever got to our shooting day.  It also helped that I had the AMAZING Alex Toader to help my storyboard a scene that presented some challenges (see below)   stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye


    Then we got to the shoot day!  I was very excited to be there, and even more so because the crew was made up of a lot of my friends!  I got to shadow Blaine on his scenes and then take charge on mine :)  An added fun thing was that I was on Day 2 of a sinus infection, yay! (The flu really kicked my ass this year).  My favorite part of directing is working with the talent, so it was super fun to work with @Becca and @Chris and of course, Rupert :)  Ya know, they say to never work with Children or Animals in film, but I think we had a great time!


    After the actual shoot day, we went into post-production.  I really love this process too - it's where you see everything come together and it's super fun to see how things change and progress as the timeline goes on.  We have such talented editors and sound mixers (shout out to John Moore and Jake Camita!) so they made this process so easy!  We also had a few VFX shots and that was very interesting - giving notes and being very clear on what we wanted, so we didn't waste time and money.  

    All in all, I'm very happy to have gotten to direct my little slice of MDB, and I'm excited to hopefully direct more for Rooster Teeth in the future!  It's been a bit since I directed (I directed my first film in 2015 and it premiered at Berlinale!) and since then, I've been really itching to Direct more!  

    Hope y'all enjoyed the Puppet Pandemonium episode of MDB!  I def enjoyed working on it!

    ~ Steph

  • Vive Pro

    11 months ago


    HTC put out a new Vive and I can't help but think that the first line of the description should be "No, it's not wireless" because that's literally all I care about for a new VR rig.

  • RT Engineering AMA!

    11 months ago


    Hey, everyone! This is John, Adam, Mike, Jameson, Dave, & Nicki from the Rooster Teeth product and engineering team. We're working on the new Rooster Teeth video site and mobile apps. We're getting super close to launching both, so we wanted to take a break and talk to all of you wonderful people. We'll be over on the Rooster Teeth Subreddit from 5-6pm Central Time today, so head on over there and ask us anything you want about the RT site and apps. See you soon! 



    11 months ago

    Clarissa.Gonzalez RT Live Events Manager

    Hi again friends, 

    RTX is a fun and chaotic weekend, and we know scheduling your day is super important, especially when it comes to planning your travel. We want to make sure we give you enough time to book your flight, hotel, and set plans!

    Here is a quick rundown of what to expect from RTX weekend. This is far from complete. We’ll be making updates and adding new events throughout the planning process.

    Can’t wait to see you at RTX!


    10AM-5PM - Registration and bag pick-up at Austin Convention Center

    6PM - FIRST Night Screening at Paramount Theater


    8AM-5PM - Registration and bag pick-up at Austin Convention Center

    11AM - Exhibit Hall open for Platinum and Weekend Plus badge holders

    12PM - Exhibit Hall open for all other badge holders

    12:30PM - Programming/Panels begin

    7PM - Evening Programming begins

    8PM-12AM - Platinum Party for Platinum badge holders


    8AM-5PM - Registration and bag pickup at Austin Convention Center

    9AM - Exhibit Hall open for all badge holders

    9:30AM - Programming/Panels begin

    7PM - Evening Programming begins


    8AM-1PM - Registration and bag pickup at Austin Convention Center

    9AM - Exhibit Hall open for all badge holders

    9:30AM - Programming/Panels begin

    6PM - RTX Austin ends and we all cry



  • Full Sail + Rooster Teeth Livestream on 3/20

    11 months ago

    Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

    Howdy! Brian Reilly here. As a Full Sail alumnus and Rooster Teeth employee, I’m excited to bring you the latest update on our partnership with Full Sail. Last month, Gus announced that Rooster Teeth will be working with Full Sail students to develop an ‘80s fighter game, providing them with our annoying opinions and advice. He also told you we would be checking in about once a month to focus on different parts of the game and the students’ progress. Well, it’s time for our monthly check-in!

    On Tuesday, March 20, at 1:00 p.m. CDT, Chad James (some dude from ScrewAttack), Torrian Crawford (main animator of Death Battle), and I (a very cool person) will host a livestream on the Rooster Teeth Facebook page to focus on the mocap aspect of video game development. It will take place at Full Sail, and we’ll get an exclusive look at the Full Sail mocap studio.

    We’ll be back soon with even more updates, so stay tuned!

  • Drink the Pain Away with Rooster Teeth Cocktails

    11 months ago

    coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

    Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! A big thank you to those of you who sent in your cocktail recipes, and to @LittleLil68, @Tudor, @derprah, and @Boxless for letting us use their drinks for the Off Topic podcast yesterday. 

    If you would like to put a little twist of Rooster Teeth into your libations, may we recommend to you these cocktails designed by fellow community members:

    @StryfeRyder has devised the perfect way to make those mandatory All Hands meetings go by way, way faster:

    The "Morning staff meeting"

    10oz dark roast coffee (hot)
    1 tsp cinnamon
    1-2 tsp simple syrup
    2oz vanilla vodka
    2 tsp heavy cream
    Dollop of whipped creme

    We'll absolutely get Becca to drink @Heaphestus' creation once she's un-knocked up:
    The Becca Refresha    

    2oz Peach Schnapps
    1oz White Rum
    1oz Elderflower cordial
    1/2 cup crushed ice
    1/2 cup cranberry juice
    top up with 7up/sprite

    @megaparsec83 has gone over to the Blue side with this twist on a boozy Lemonade:

    Freckles' Lemonade

    Muddle blueberries in a sturdy glass or mason jar, add ice
    Add one part blue curacao and two parts vodka
    Top with lemonade and/or lemon-lime soda and stir
    Crazy straw optional

    For more recipes, this book of drinks created by our friends at BIGBITE is fantastic. They have a ton of drinks that celebrate your favorite Rooster Teeth shows, so make sure to check it out. Thanks BIGBITE!

    And if you party a little too hard and Blaine all over yourself this year, no worries! The store has an amazing sale going on right now with vomit-free merch discounted up to 85%! WOW.

    Have a fun, safe holiday and sorry to any real Irish people out there for the whole cultural appropriation thing. 

  • Sequentially 002

    11 months ago

    Lumenati Let's Play

    In anticipation of Avengers: Infinity War (go watch that wild trailer!), I've been thinking a lot about an idea repeated by Executive Producer Kevin Feige and others in recent interviews. When asked about the franchise post-Avengers 4, they tend to give a response that invokes "what comes next" and "the new status quo." If you follow superhero comics, you recognize this kind of language because it tends to surround big crossover events, resets, and reboots.

    Reboots and resets are absolutely a necessary part of the peculiar genre of American superhero comics. DC's Action Comics #1 is about to hit its 80th anniversary this year. Like a snake shedding its skin or a lobster growing a new shell, to keep the characters and stories fresh you just have to hit the reset button. Marvel's approach tends to be a bit more gentle than DC's (see Crisis on Infinite Earths or New 52). They opt for soft resets that don't totally invalidate the publishing history, they just find a new starting point and streamline backstories to clear out excess baggage. 

    At its worse, however, it can be just a ploy to boost flagging sales. Marvel has done a few too many recently, and it's created fatigue... but then I came across this cover and it got me pretty excited for what might be coming:


    (As a caveat, I'm going to put aside new Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski's various heinous antics, mostly out of respect to the great Joe Quesada who's stepped away from the movie studio to focus back in on the comics.)

    What I love about this line up is that it balances a lot of factors. From an in-universe perspective, all of these characters have long heroic careers, they represent different corners of the Marvel U, and their powers and capabilities are well balanced. To Marvel's credit, while this is a "back to basics" move, each of these characters seems to be carrying their scars from past books (Thor Odinson quite literally). 

    From a business perspective, it finally feels like the comics division is finally taking the right cues from the movies. Doctor Strange did well, Black Panther was a phenomenon, and Captain Marvel is building hype. Now is definitely the right time to put them on a shelf with Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. And in terms of publishing, this feels like an effortless integration of racial and gender inclusion, especially thanks to the last few years of Black Panther and Captain Marvel books, which is a comforting signal that Marvel isn't caving to toxic voices in the fandom. 

    All that aside, I also just love a good team up. I'm ready to see a fully Hulked She-Hulk back to back with our reformed Thor. Cap and T'Challa in the field and an apparently reconciled Tony and Carol blasting from the skies. Also very interested in an explanation for why Ghost Rider is just hanging out back there, but I'm sure there's a good reason.

    So here's a prompt for the comment section... what's the team up you want to see? Classic or unexpected, give me your 6-7 characters you'd like to see on a splash page. Can be Marvel or DC, just don't mix and match, I'm not in the mood for some Amalgam Comics stuff. Here's mine:

    New Young Avengers / Champions

    Loved both iterations of the Young Avengers book, though many of the characters have faded out. Since Patriot (Isaiah Bradley) seems out of commission, here's my new version of the team, pulling from other young heroes like the Champions:

    1. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)
    2. Power Man (Victor Alvarez)
    3. White Tiger (Ava Ayala)
    4. Amadeus Cho (Not Hulked)
    5. Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
    6. Nova (Sam Alexander)
    7. America Chavez

    Young genius Amadeus friend of Hercules and soon-to-be former Hulk, brings the strategy and technology. Kate Bishop, a wealthy heiress, friend and occasional caretaker of Clint Barton, is the team's tactician. Victor, the chi-infused protege of Luke Cage and Iron Fist, and Ava, the mystically enhanced inheritor of the White Tiger mantle, are your super-soldier combat types. Sam Alexander, one of the last remaining Novas, is your flying blaster and resident irresponsible team member. America Chavez, the multiverse hopping hero, is your heavy muscle. And you can't go wrong with a Spider-Man for good luck.

    What's your dream team?

  • Rooster TV

    11 months ago

    KaraAnn Content Ops Manager

    Hey there friends!

    Have you checked out Rooster TV yet? It was a ton of fun to work on and help put together. I'll be in the chat all day, so come hang out and watch with me! 

  • Cow Chop's Warehouse Shoot BTS

    11 months ago

    wesellis Staff Photographer

    Have you seen those photos I took of the Cow Chop boys wearing weird monster masks? Yeah, we didn't plan that. Nathan and I showed up at their warehouse not knowing exactly what to expect. Here are some disposable camera photos of that day:









    and me:


    Go shop this dope new Cow Chop merch here!

  • Testing a Theory (or: Everything That's Old Is New Again)

    11 months ago

    ebregman Programming & SVOD

    Update @ 1:15 p.m. CT - New image below with up-to-date schedule!

    You all know how much I love testing stuff. Well, two amazing things have happened this year that gave us an idea. First, Funhaus launched Funhaus TV on their YouTube channel, which has proven to be an amazing way to spend your day with the FH guys and gal (and dog) even though they might not have even posted a new video. Second, the new went into beta, and you guys flocked to our new chat feature. That got us thinking…

    What if there was an always-on campfire on where you could come by, interact with friends and RT talent and staff in a chat, and check out whatever was on TV?

    Tomorrow we’re trying just that. Starting 3/16 at 10a CT (TUNE IN NOW!) and continuing late into the night, free for everyone to watch and with no commercials for the test run, we’ve hacked together a linear TV channel. It’s packed with videos we’ve posted in the last 2 weeks (including previews of some FIRST exclusives), a few other greatest hits from our library, and heck let’s just put Friday's live Off Topic in the middle. You can tune in any time you want and find something awesome playing, plus a few RT talent will pop in and out of the chat too.

    The morning is all cartoons (because of course it is), including the premiere episode of Nomad of Nowhere, plus a little Backwardz Compatible. Whenever Off Topic ends, we’ll dive into more comedy and a few other talk shows like this week’s Always Open and RT Podcast. Late night be sure to check out free previews of the Funhaus Theater Mode premiere episode, and an AH Theater Mode too.

    If this works...I’ll get to buy some cool software to help us make it work better. So please, help me get a new toy. Have fun! (Seriously, go tune in and check it out!)


  • Recruiter

    11 months ago

    brookemonster Brooke

    professional roustabout, pup petter and friendship maker

    (I'm going to pretend this was intentionally a journal entry and not me thinking it was an "about me" area...) 

  • Chibi Season 3 Update

    11 months ago


    Hello Chibi Fans! Paula Decanini here, the Director for RWBY Chibi Season 3.  We’ve all been having a great time adventuring and joking around Beacon Academy with the gang, enjoying all the shenanigans and tomfoolery, hoping it could just go on and on and on...

    Wait!  Am I saying it won’t!?  Don’t be silly! Of course there’s more RWBY Chibi coming!  We’ll be going on a break after this weekend's episode (that's Saturday March 17 for FIRST members, and Saturday March 24 for public) for a few months.  But we'll be back in June with all your favorite Chibi characters, along with a few new friends!  Once again ready for more monkeyshines, high-jinks, and so many other words that stand for fun!  

    So keep your Saturday morning cartoon cereal at the ready, and we’ll be back this summer!

  • Jessica Jones (Season 2) -Spoilers-

    11 months ago


    So I've been watching Jessica Jones Season 2, after absolutely loving the first season when it came out, and I can't put my finger on an exact "point" but somewhere along the line in Season 2 I stopped having fun or enjoying the series.


    I recently finished "AKA Three Lives and Counting", the 3rd to last episode, and found the performances from most of the cast to be some of the best this season, but even so a lot of the actual storytelling fell very flat.

    This season really has no primary antagonist and is leaning more on the concept of gray-areas, asking questions like "What does it mean to be a hero?" and "What are you willing to do for your loved ones/the safety of others?" but it never goes deep enough into those questions to actually feel meaningful.

    Before I go further I want to say that Krysten Ritter and Eka Darville have had some AMAZING performances this season, bringing a lot more heart to each of their characters.

    That said, the choices that Jessica, Trish, Jeri, Alisa, and Karl make throughout this season are mindboggling.  A lot of their reasoning seems to be "BECAUSE" rather than giving actual purpose to their actions, or at least enough of a purpose to suspend disbelief.

    Trish in particular has been a nagging point to me this season.  After finding her to be a great "side-kick" and necessary point to Jessica's growth and the overall plot of Season 1, she seems like she's just "being an asshole to be an asshole" this time around.

    Now, I get that they are trying to work their way towards re-introducing her as "Hellcat", more than likely in Season 3, but the way they went about doing it feels like we're going to be seeing her as an Anti-Hero rather than her actual true heroic attitude from the comics.  Which is -totally fine- if it's explained well, but so far she seems to just have Super-Power Envy, and that's kind of lazy.

    And that's not even mentioning the introduction, characterization, and motivations of Alisa Jones.  Seeing her brought back from the dead, her powers, her breakdowns, etc.  Especially in the second half of the all feels very "Why?!" with no true reasoning for anything.

    All in all, I'm not finished with the series yet, still two episodes left...but I have a feeling that unless Season 3 hooks me within the first few episodes, I'll be dropping the Netflix Marvel Universe out of just being bored by lazy plot points and annoyed by weird and not well explained character motivations.

    Fingers crossed that Freeform's Cloak & Dagger will reignite my love for the MCU's small screen heroes.  I have high hopes for it!

    What are your thoughts on the Small Screen MCU and it's characters?  Is Iron Fist still the weakest link?  Should the characters be teaming up more after The Defenders or are these "stand alone seasons" still the best way to go?

  • PC Games I played in 2017. Which pizzaS do they compare to?

    11 months ago

    Skilltacular Producer @ RT Games

    It’s been awhile! Time to dig into the PC games I played last year. I’ll tell ya right now, playing games on PC is not my desired way to play. I work at a desk all day, so I don’t want my fun time to be at one too. Besides, a keyboard was designed for word input, not games. Updating hardware is not my jam. Oh…. DRIVERS! Just all around not my main way to enjoy games. BUT! There are a ton of great experiences on PC that just won’t make to consoles, so here we are.

    Anyhoo, let's dive into some games and compare them to pizzas!


    Unfortunate Spacemen | PC | Basic Cheese


    Hmm, I don’t remember the point of the game really. I remember that some number of humans were trying to survive in a space station. One player was an alien that can disguise as a human. Humans try to complete objectives without dying. The alien tries to not get caught as it tries to wreck the humans’ shop. Good times ensue. I remember thinking this was a funny sort of experience. If you can get a group of players together, you should have a fun time.

    GRIP | PC | Basic Cheese


    Dammit if I don’t love a well made arcade racer. Grip has a lot of super rad things going on-- car combat, cool tracks, driving on walls and the ceiling. It’s a “cool” game. Something in the actual gameplay left me a little flat… it just didn’t quite...grip me. Fun while I played it, but I never went back.

    Battlesloths 2025 | PC | Secret Sauce


    Sure, RTG publishes this game, so you’d think “of course Brian is going to have good things to say.” You’re right. We got behind this awesome little game because it’s fun as hell. From the super fast gameplay, fully functional online, to the insane amount of hats, that’s a lot in this tiny package. Several nights, I had friends over to play and things got rowdy. That’s what BS2025 is- a rowdy good time.

    Elder Scrolls: Legends | PC | Specialty Lovers


    I love a good collectible card game (CCG). I’ve been playing Magic since ‘94, dove hard into Hearthstone, and have tried too many other failed games up to now. Elder Scrolls: Legends is a great package with a lot of freedom in the deck creation. These sorts of games are as deep as you want them to be. Now that it’s on mobile, PC, and console I find myself checking back from time to time.

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds | PC | Trusty Peperoni


    You know it, and many people love it. I’m not one of those people. I recognize why this was an important game in 2017-- it brought more people into the Battle Royale genre. My experience was fun, because I played with friends (but I’m not writing a review about my friends (6/10, btw)). The game is glitchy and not very intuitive (which scope goes with what gun?). Maybe all that mess will get worked out eventually. For now, it’s just not my game. Other games are doing what this one does but in better and more enjoyable ways to me.

    Fortnite | PC / Console | Supreme Pizza


    Unlike the above, oddly titled game, Epic’s horde-mode-the-game-with-a-side-of-amazing-battle-royale is totally worth your time. The co-op was a ton of fun. I loved building out my squads-- always aiming to increase a few percentage points on various stats. Unlocking new and better gear feels really good. Those loot llamas! Awesome! Then you have the Battle Royale mode. Is it a clone of a game from a certain unknown player? Sure. Is it made by a studio that has the resources to deliver a high quality experience? Yep. Fortnite’s Battle Royale has is a very tight experience that is expanding with every update. Oh! And this part of the game is free!

    There ya go. Not a ton of PC games for me last year. I did recently buy a new PC from RT Games’ level designer, Kevin Kim. Maybe I’ll dig into more PC action this year. See how it’s March and I haven’t even booted it up, I doubt it, but then again… we are working on a super fun and excited game for PC. I really can’t wait for more of that!

    Next time, PS4, Xbox, and Switch! I’ll wrap this series with all the awesome board games I played last year.

    If you have some PC games I need to check out, let me know!