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  • RTX Austin Year of Community Announcement!

    11 months ago

    Clarissa.Gonzalez RT Live Events Manager

    Hi Friends!

    UPDATE: The applications are now live until Monday, April 16th 11:59 CST. 

    Community Track - Panel Applications

    Community Corner Applications

    Can't wait to see everyone's entries! 


    We’re at the point of the year where all of our planning for RTX Austin is really starting to take form, including the programming!

    Side note - since this is my first introduction to some of you, my name is Clarissa and yes, I’m the one that works on the overall program, which is a bit scary for me to share. I promise I put a lot of time and consideration into how everything is planned out and I truly want you to have the best weekend ever. 

    Now, back to the reason I’m here and the exciting news I want to share with you. As a team, we're always thinking about how we can give back to our great community, and at RTX we always aim to go big! In honor of Rooster Teeth’s  “Year of Community”, here are some things to expect this year at RTX Austin.

    Community Track

    This year we're thrilled to add a dedicated Community Track to our RTX programming lineup. We’ll be allotting 10-12 panels in this new track and we want YOU to submit your panel ideas!

    *Applications will be open from Friday, March 16th at 10AM CDT to Monday, April 16th 11:59PM CDT. We've assembled a committee of Rooster Teeth employees who have come from the community to review and select these panels.

    Community Corner

    We will have a dedicated space in the Exhibit Hall to promote the work and talents of our community. Are you an artist, designer, illustrator, and/or create cool shit? We'd love to give you the space to show it off!

    * Applications will be open from Friday, March 16th at 10AM CDT to Monday, April, 16th 11:59PM CDT. We've assembled a committee of Rooster Teeth employees who have come from the community to review and select these panels.

    Keep a lookout for both applications on our RTX Austin website (, Twitter and Facebook page.

    If you're interested in applying, go ahead and start planning out what your type of panel would be and the details around it so you'll be ready when it's time to apply. We can't wait to see all your submissions!

    Lastly, if you have any questions, please remember to reach out to our lovely customer support team at They're here to help!



  • Ready Player One

    11 months ago


     I’ve been playing a little game. Every time I see a tweet or post about how someone is sure that ready player one is going to be an absolute train wreck with a bunch of pop culture references, I checked their profile. It’s a little absurd how often those people have a pop-culture reference in their avatar, their cover photo or in the form of an inspirational quote.

  • RWBY Chibi Shot Breakdown - Teenage Faunus Ninja Catgirl

    11 months ago

    Triple_Bee Chibi VisPost Supervisor

    Hey there RT Community!  Welcome back to another Chibi Shot Breakdown!  This week I'm taking a quick look at the opening shot for Season 3 Episode 6: Teenage Faunus Ninja Catgirl.  A name just barely tongue-twistery enough that some of us started referring to it as "The NinjaCat One" until we'd had enough morning coffee.  The proposed acronym shorthand of TFNC never quite rolled off the tongue the way it does for sewer turtles.

    Anyway, Chibi Script Maestro Tom Alvarado's script for this sketch sets the scene as such:


    Blake kneels meditating in the middle of the room.  She's surrounded by lit candles.


    Since he'll be animating this sequence, Chibi Lead Animator Ian Kedward starts by loading the set and roughly placing a camera before blocking in the sequence with quick drawn sketches of the action. This way he and the Director can quickly revise and refine the rough timing and positioning. There's a fair amount of action in this sequence as a whole, but since Blake is meditating this opening shot is fairly static.  Thus they decide to add a moving camera to give it some flair.



    Next Ian animates the shot with characters and props placed.  He sets up the camera to have a slow downward motion, so we'll need to render the backdrop for the full frame range, unlike in the Breakdown from Episode 5 where we could make a single still frame work for the whole shot length.


    Chibi Director Paula Decanini requested the scene have a bit of an old-school samurai/martial arts movie feeling to it, with blue light shining through the window and a dramatic underlighting from the candles surrounding Blake. A pretty great starting point that gives me an opportunity to go look at some similar scenes in other films for style reference in narrowing down the look and not at all because I want an excuse to watch old action movies for official business...

    The Beacon Dorm Rooms don't really have a dedicated night lighting setup for situations where the room lights are also off.  In those rare cases we generally add custom lighting dependent on the needs of the script.  I had done a vaguely similar setup in Season 2: Episode 6 - Super Besties but that wasn't quite as dramatic as called for here and the action took place in a different part of the room. Still it gave me some pointers on where to set lights this time around and what settings to apply to them for ideal render times.

    First step is the exterior light which provides the main source in this shot, with Paula's requested blue moonlight shining through and making a striking reflection on the floor!  We normally don't get to see the floorboards from this camera angle so the uncommon light reflection makes them look neat as things progress!  I also tweak the Subsurface Scattering on the candles at this point to give them a more prominent waxy appearance with the backlight; in short SSS simulates light striking an object, entering it, scattering within and exiting at a different point as opposed to simply bouncing off of it. This helps give the object a softer appearance in things like skin and wax.  The addition of Subsurface influence has been a huge boon to the cute look of the show in my personal opinion.

    If you look close you can also see Blake's shadow is in the shot already too!  Normally I would handle this as a separate layer to be added in during Compositing, but in this instance the shot is fairly brief, she's reflecting in the floor, and is behind AND in front of candles that are in the set layer which are also casting shadows.  Thus is makes a little sense to keep it simple and just bake her shadows in for the sake of Compositing ease. That means of course if I have to make adjustments to her shadow I'll need to re-render the whole thing, so it's a shortcut best done sparingly and with purpose.

    Now that we're out of lighting and into Compositing we can work in some early drama!  Here I've adjusted the lighting renders to be a little darker, especially around the far edges of the frame, and added a Depth of Field blur to push the background out of focus a bit as it gets further from the camera.  This will help Blake stand out when she's added to the shot.  

    Speaking of which...


    Seems like time for our stealthy Faunus to step out of the shadows.  Blake has much of the same lighting as the set, in addition to a rim light on the back of her head that helps her hair and bow stand out from the darker window frame.  Things are still pretty dark and muddled right now, but our next few steps should fix that!


    Step one is some dramatic light fog streaming from the direction of our moonlight.  The frame of the window is going to add some neat streak patterns as it blocks the fog beams and all of it together creates a nice frame around Blake to contrast her dark core against it's brighter shape.  The shape of the fog is cheated a little here to be less wide and more angled than it should be so that it reads better to camera and seems to align with the candle circle and highlight that as well.



    Now it's time to light our candles. This is what led me to leave Blake so dark until now without much in the way of light fills.  Now the dramatic underlights will have a stronger influence on her.  I've previously placed a small light near the wick of each candle object and tailored their settings so they each provide a tiny bit of the whole candle ring contribution.  To help sell their natural flame flickering, I separate the candle lights into three groups that will let me independently shift their brightness at the Comp stage, though they are perfectly steady in the original light renders.

    I also take this opportunity to tint the fire color a richer orange/red, having intentionally left them somewhat neutral up until now.  In general it's helpful to add richer colors to your lights in Compositing, since it can be tricky to shift deeply saturated lights when they are already influencing local colors.

    All of this also really helps the floor stand out again, since the candles are so close and at a perfect angle to really resonate against the dark floorboards.  Almost everybody thought I'd artificially upped the reflection levels of the floor, but this is their normal state!  Saved me the trouble. :)


    Finally it's time for the flames themselves. Using a Compositing tool developed for RWBY I'm able to quickly place flames on the tip of each candle thanks to some exported camera data and invisible locators on each wick. This way I don't need to manually create and track each flame, it's mostly handled for me and I can just fine-tune the placement, size and look.

    Lastly I add some subtle glows to our scene and candles and a vignette to the whole image to really push the eye to Blake!


    I had a lot of fun with this sequence, personally handling the first half and then splitting comp duties with the talented Alan Matthewman for the second half of Blake's smoke bomb stalker adventure. His creepy ceiling-cat Blake comp still cracks me up and also caused many a cry of terror around the office!

    For the Pun Record, I really wanted Blake's unnamed Taxi App to be "RWBR" but there were a few too many hurdles in the way to make that Easter Egg happen!

  • Sequentially 001

    11 months ago

    Lumenati Let's Play

    So Geoff's music posts gave me the itch to try posting here more often. Since he's doing music (and since most of the music I listen to is not even in English), I figured I'd jump on here and muse about something else you may have noticed I'm into if you follow me on Twitter: comic books. 

    This won't be super structured. I'm going to must on topics I'm thinking about or books that I'm currently reading. I'm neck deep back into Marvel mania, so I'll probably lean that way for a while. I may talk DC or indies in the future. Feel free to respond to any of it in the comments and we can discuss. Or bring up your own thoughts and opinions, so I can tell you that you're wrong.

    Black Panther

    This is the 5,000 pound rhinoceros in the room. Have you seen the movie? There's only one answer that will spare you from my M'Baku-level side eye and derision. It's the perfect culmination of 10 years of MCU storytelling, a global audience ready to take risks, and a director with something to say about history and the black experience. I could talk about Black Panther and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War all day, but I'm here to talk comic BOOKS, baby. 

    Truth be told, Black Panther wasn't a favorite character of mine growing up, not even my favorite black Marvel character. That honor went to Luke Cage (after Brian Bendis's rehabilitation), Blade, or the protagonist of Robert Morales and Kyle Baker's seminal book Truth, Isaiah Bradley, and his Young Avenger grandson Patriot. I love the writer's Christopher Priest and Reggie Hudlin, and appreciated what they did with T'Challa in his meandering years in the 90s and early 00s, but he was never really my jam. However, in the last few years there are a few writers and arcs that made the character finally click for me.

    The first would be Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers run (aka Illuminati). The basic premise is that a secret cabal of Marvel geniuses and power players, including Tony Stark, Steve Roger, Mister Fantastic, Professor X, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Namor, and Black Panther, get back together to discuss a secret threat too frightening for the world at large to know: the multiverse is dying. A mysterious chain reaction is causing different universes to collide and the collision point is Earth. This leads to a horrible discovery: if both Earths are allowed to occupy the same space and crash into each other, each universe will be completely destroyed, but if one Earth is destroyed beforehand, the universes will pass each other harmlessly. The clock is ticking and the process is accelerating. This snowballs into a series of impossible decisions and dark bargains. T'Challa was torn between his roles as a scientist, superhero, mystic leader and Wakandan head of state. He was pitted philosophically and physically against other major characters like Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Namor, and Reed Richards. Some were scientists, soldiers, spiritual leaders, or kings, but none of them were all of those things like T'Challa was, which brought his character into relief. The choices he makes, his successes and his terrible failures balancing it all, made the character finally come alive for me. 

    Al Ewing picked up the baton right after Hickman's run and brought Black Panther into his team book, The Ultimates. Ewing had just come off of my favorite team book of all time, his version of the Might Avengers. He put on a master class of writing characters of color with a team that was mostly black (except for She-Hulk and Sort Of Evil Spider-Man... long story). Al's a white Brit and this book is a testament to the idea that, if you put in the work, you can write rich characters of any background. The team up was Luke Cage, Falcon, Blue Marvel, Spectrum, Power Man, White Tiger, Blade, She-Hulk, and Doc Ock in Spider-Man's body (seriously, it's a long story). They were different ages, different class backgrounds, different ethnicities, and held very, very different political beliefs. Their discussions felt real, funny as hell, and totally unique to a group of this composition. Al brought that same energy to The Ultimates and T'Challa was better off for it as a character. He paired him up with cosmic heavy hitters like Captain Marvel and America Chavez and sent them off to break (then fix) Galactus. It was a wild book, if short-lived due to Marvel meta-shuffling.

    The last transformative book I'll discuss is Ta-Nehisi Coates's recent run on the first solo Black Panther in years. While I love Coates's writing in The Atlantic, the run started a bit stiff as he learned how to transition from academic non-fiction into the science fiction prose of comic books. He adapted quickly, though, and the book loosened up through the second volume and is now a joy to read. Setting all that aside, Coates did something more important for Wakanda. He picked up the bits and pieces of Wakanda's mythology and history that had been rattling around for decades and reshaped it into something coherent, deep, and layered. When you sit down to watch the Black Panther film and see its treatment of Wakanda, what you're seeing is the work of Jack Kirby, Don McGregor, and Christopher Priest all tied together and filled in by Coates. It's pretty rare to see a writer have that kind of impact after writing comics for less than three years, but it was absolutely necessary for Ryan Coogler and Marvel to pull off what they did.

    If you have any questions or thoughts about these books or Black Panther in general, start a chain in the comment section and we'll discuss. 

    Reading List:

    Jon Hickman's New Avengers

    Al Ewing's The Ultimates

    Ta-Nehisi Coate's Black Panther

    Must Read, Supremely My Shit: 

    Al Ewing's Might Avengers

    What I'm Reading (Or Wish I Was)

    I'm a fan of Greg Pak and his oddball creation Amadeus Cho, so I've been keeping up with Incredible Hulk. If you're into the movies, you met Amadeus's mother Dr. Cho in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was a nice bit of groundwork for the next decade of MCU. Recently, Amadeus has gone from Hulk and Hercules's best buddy to fully official Hulk and I'm both happy it happened and, I realized this month, glad its ending. While Hulking out felt like a natural conclusion for Cho, who, besides having angry friends, previously had a vague power set of being the world's 7th smartest person, playing a MacGuyver-like inventor, and possessing the uncanny ability to calculating complex physics on the fly (aka he could throw, catch, and nudge objects like a good guy version of Final Destination). He also became a demi-god for a while? Anyway, Totally Awesome Hulk / Incredible Hulk had some landmark moments, like the three issue appearance of Marvel's first completely Asian team last year. As I've said, team books with unique, unexpected groupings of characters is supremely my shit

    Amadeus!Hulk has since joined other teams and gone into space, but it's time for Amadeus to stop playing Hulk, which feels more and more like someone else's clothes, and get back to being Amadeus. I'd love to see him lead a team again as a strategist, maybe even bring back that short-lived team up with Jimmy Woo, Shang Chi, Silk, and Ms. Marvel...

    Reading List:

    Greg Pak's Totally Awesome Hulk Vol. 3

    If you're reading superhero comics right now, what's a character you like reading but wish they'd change (or change back)? What's your vision for what they should be doing?

  • Time for March Madness!

    11 months ago

    Schwartzanicker Broadcast Nick

    If you're a fan of college basketball, love the March Madness tournament, or just like a good competition you should sign up for the bracket challenge I'm reactivating for Rooster Teeth! Sign up and see how you stand against everybody by clicking here!

  • Red vs. Blue Season 16: 'The [NAME REDACTED]'

    11 months ago


    Hello everyone! Or as Caboose would say, “Hello everyone!”

    The other day someone on Twitter mentioned that there has been little in the way of Red vs. Blue news. Well, that changes now. I've come to give you too much information, both about Red vs. Blue and also about myself. Prepare to hear all about Season 16 and this ingrown hair currently buried somewhere under my beard.

    -Let’s start with RvB. As some have guessed from my carefully worded logline, Season 16 is the beginning of a multi-season arc. The arc has a name but I think I'm keeping the name a secret for now. I will say that the beginning of Season 16 takes place moments after Season 15 ends. I'm pulling a Halloween/Halloween 2 thing. Before you start typing, "There he goes with the motherf-ing references again," DON'T PANIC; by Grabthar's Hammer I promise Season 16 will have way fewer of those.

    -Several days ago I noticed a skin bump under my beard. I immediately thought, “Oh no, it’s an ingrown hair.” Don’t know if you’ve ever had one of these fucking things but they are really hard to get out. I think if I keep scratching around I can probably pry it out. Fuck, I might need some tweezers.

    -I have been working on this new season since September. I began with a handful of ideas, and before I knew what was happening, more layers and ideas started to pour out. I gathered them all into a bucket and realized that one bucket wasn’t enough. Right now it's looking like two buckets’ worth of ideas. I don't want to give away too many details, but I will say this season will be epic, absurd, awesome, and perfectly fitting for the Reds and Blues in brand new ways. I'm taking them into uncharted territory.

    -Speaking of uncharted territory, why does hair grow under skin? This is really fucked up. It's never coming out. I'm just going to ignore it. Ignoring it from now on.

    -After Season 15 wrapped up, I went and assembled a comprehensive spreadsheet of every critical comment and post I could find, and wrote down what I thought I could learn from each. This was not a fun or easy process, but my life is a quest to become a better storyteller and learning from mistakes is a massive part of that. As a result I've re-tooled my approach to many things. Most things, even. The structure, the storylines, the pacing. I’m not saying that Season 16 will be a magical perfect fit for everyone. I’m am saying that this season, this story that I can’t wait to tell you, will (hopefully) be all the more entertaining and awesome from these lessons learned.

    -One change these changes this season is that I want to do bigger episodes, which tell more standalone stories. I want each weekly installment fo feel more dense and fulfilling. More story in less time. This comes with the tradeoff of fewer episodes total, but I think it's a good deal. Important: this is not a shorter season. This season will still be one of the longest in runtime, even with fewer (15 or 16) episodes.

    -If you're curious, ignoring the hair is not working.

    -Another change this go-around is that I have new responsibilities at RT. Although it's my main focus, RvB16 is not the only thing I'm working on. To assist in the writing of the season, we've brought on Jason Weight (of Starship Goldfish) as my writing partner for the middle/later half of the season. Working with him has been awesome even if we don’t agree on everything (the dumb dumb spells armor with a “u” because he’s “British”).

    I'll leave you all with this:

    The universe is large. There are new places to explore. Some filled with beings of unspeakable power. Other with creatures of light and creatures of darkness. In the dark corners we can find strange, unfamiliar things – and stranger still, familiar things in unfamiliar shapes. There is so much to explore, both without and within.

    Red vs. Blue Season 16 will premiere on April 15th, and I think this ingrown hair will torture me for the rest of my life.

    P.S. I forgot to hint about time travel.

    P.P.S. I got it! Yippie!

  • New Site Updates, Linear Stream, and More!

    11 months ago

    mikequinn VP Engineering

    Update: Linear Stream - Rooster TV - begins tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. CDT / 3:00 p.m. GMT HERE!

    Hey, everyone. 

    I hope you’ve been having a great week. The engineering team has definitely been enjoying this week because we’ve been seeing more and more of you using the new video site and joining in the chat during live shows. Seriously, thank you for using the site and sending us your feedback. (You can also post in the forums with other people who are checking it out!) We’re squashing a lot of bugs and will be ready to fully launch this bad boy soon. Keep watching, and tell everyone you know to JOIN US.  O.O

    And yes, new mobile apps are still coming, and will launch the same day we fully launch the site. We’re doing some pretty intense internal testing right now, and I’m hoping to be able to show y’all some things next week. Stay tuned. 

    I also want to take some time to talk about the community side of the site. Just a reminder that when we launch the new video site, the current community site will still be there. Your profile, feeds, etc. will continue as you know them now while we work on the new community platform. When the video site launches, you’ll be able to access community via the menu on the left hand side of the page. New community is moving along really well. There’s a team of of engineers and designers working on it right now, and I presented some of the latest concepts to Matt and Ezra last week. We’re building something really exciting and can’t wait to show you more. 

    Oh hey, last thing. Next Friday, March 16, we’re going to be testing out something really cool on the new site. Starting in the morning we’re going to test out several hours of linear streaming that will include a ton of Rooster Teeth and Let’s Play shows, including the new animated series Nomad of Nowhere. Oh, linear streaming means it’s like old school TV. You just watch and wait to see what’s on next. Anyway, we’ll have a bunch of your favorite Rooster Teeth cast members joining the chat throughout the day, so be sure to check it out!

    Have a great weekend! 


  • This Week at ScrewAttack - 3/9/18

    11 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    The Desk of The Desk of DEATH BATTLE - Editor Notes for "Being Black Panther Sucks"

    • Realizing/remembering that the cologne in Anchorman is called "Sex Panther" was a particularly satisfying moment. 
    • A similarly exciting moment was when my brain conjured up a vague memory of Bill Nye the Science Guy running down a soccer field. Thanks, brain! 
    • I tried my best to channel my inner Ryan Coogler for this video. Specifically in the comic panels around 1:50 & 2:30.
    • The image of that guy farting on the thermal camera will haunt me for years to come. 
    • FYI: those of you who need very visual footage of both an unwanted boner and a girl's period, look no further than Degrassi: The Next Generation. Once again my brain went straight to those scenes. Thanks again, brain! 
    • This is my first video to include elements from After Effects. So it's my most technical video and it's about farts! Love my job. 
    • As a treat for those of you use read these journals: look closely at 4:40. 

    Watch the Video: RT

    DBX: Thor Vs 100 Pikachu - Sound Design Notes 


    • And with this DBX I cross off another item on my bucket list: I got Thor saying "Have at thee" in a video. 
    • Those Mjolnir sounds are insanely fun to play with. 
    • I really want a Mjolnir paperweight for my desk. It would go really well next to my surfing Pikachu. 
    • Question for y'all. What genre would you call the Pokemon fight music?? People online keep saying "Soundtrack" which is such an unhelpful, non-answer.
    • Does lightning hurt the God of Thunder? Also, why is he the God of Thunder?! He's the God of the sound that lightning makes?? Is Thor a master Sound Designer? I understand that "God of Thunder" sounds better than "God of Lightning" but still...seems kinda dumb. 
    • "Wait. Did I just hear a bowling pin sound effect in this DBX??" You betcha!  
    • Who would win in a fight: 100 Pikachu-sized Thors or one Thor-Sized Pikachu? Keep in mind, 100 tiny Mjolnirs. 
    • I would have loved to include the line from The Avengers, "Do I look to be in a gaming mood?" Would have been perfect. 
    • The name of the song in this DBX is called "Put The Hammer Down" So yeah. 

    Watch the video: RT | YT

  • Livestream

    11 months ago


    Great stream by the amazing ladies of RT today. Not so great performance by the community in the YouTube chat. This community thing is a two-way street, y’all. Maybe tomorrow, try not to be dickheads.

  • A lot of videos are now back online!

    11 months ago

    ebregman Programming & SVOD

    Dave just finished publishing over 3,000 videos that have been offline for maintenance for a bit! More to come, too. 

    Thanks Dave!!!!

  • I'm Not a Punk - Photo Inspiration for ACHIEVE

    11 months ago

    coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

    Enjoy another behind the scenes look at the creative process of the recent ACHIEVE Collection photoshoot. The biggest success here by far was getting the AH boys out of their old jeans and cargo shorts. What is punk anyway?


    Go watch SLACKER. 


    The Descendents - Milo Goes to College is a true masterpiece. 



  • Celebrate International Women's Day with Us!

    11 months ago

    Ashley The Know

    International Women's Day is coming up this Thursday, March 8! And that's a great excuse for the ladies of Rooster Teeth to get together, share some beverages and celebrate some mammaries.. err, memories. And we want you to join us!

    We're throwing a livestream party to highlight a bunch of the awesome women in the company and hear how everyone got started (in case you're looking for a little inspiration of your own), and answering your burning questions. Plus, we'll show off video games featuring leading ladies because they deserve love too.

    We're also partnering with YouTube to support a good cause while we celebrate! We're using YouTube's SuperChat for Good feature to raise donations for Girls Who Code, a non-profit organization that aims to inspire, educate, and equip young women to enter the tech industry. 

    100% of SuperChat revenue will go directly to the foundation for the entire stream, and I really hope everyone submits $80.08 because... boob. WHAT IF WE RAISE $80,081.35? That would be amazing. Very specific and unlikely, but it would be a beautiful thing.

    Here are the stream details!

    When: Thursday, March 8 4PM - 7PM CST/10PM - 1AM GMT
    Where: YouTube and


    And here's more information about Girls Who Code!

    Girls Who Code was founded five years ago with the belief that computing skills are a critical path to security and prosperity in today’s job market. From Clubs in rural Oklahoma, to homeless shelters in Massachusetts, to the country’s most prestigious private schools—girls everywhere are united by their passion to use technology to solve problems in their day-to-day lives and make a positive impact on the world.

  • What you watching?

    11 months ago


    I need a new show to watch. Any suggestions? What’s everyone watching?

  • Frances McDormand = Total Boss

    11 months ago

    BoringGeoff Stuff and/or Things!

    I still can't get over Frances McDormand's incredible acceptance speech from last night's Oscars. ICYMI and are looking for a refreshing hot take on how to move the ball forward, click below and get schooled:

    Just wow. We all rise together, folks.

    What about y'all? Did anything from the Oscars blow you away?

  • Ghost Hunting

    11 months ago

    Daniel Writer/Director

    Hello all!

    I'm sure the AH Crew have already spoiled some stuff, or maybe they haven't! But I get the sense people are excited to discover if Geoff and the gang found any ghosts on our recent adventure. I can't say anything for sure, but I did snap two photos I'll share: one of a spooky tree that looked nice all lit up, and another of the crew sitting around the campfire telling stories. This element--of story--is just one aspect that will set Achievement Hunters apart from other paranormal reality shows.



    We still have more to shoot, but hope everyone is excited!

  • Altered Carbon

    11 months ago

    ezracooperst President

    The only down side so far is too often this image comes to mind when say the lead characters name...which is all the time.


  • Problem solved

    11 months ago


    Fixed my Shadow of War load time. I figured out that a small usb hub was slowing down the data transfer rate of my external HD. Fixed that and then stabbed a bunch of orcs in the face. 

  • RWBY Chibi Shot Breakdown - Girl's Night Out

    11 months ago

    Triple_Bee Chibi VisPost Supervisor

    Hey there everybody!  For volume 3 of RWBY Chibi I had the opportunity to step into the dual role of Lighting AND Compositing, which in past volumes have generally been separated between our two Animation Post teams. Thankfully I've had the talents of Eric Tello and Alan Matthewman to work along with in our streamlined Chibi Post team, letting the three of us help make the show look better than ever along with the rest of the Chibi crew!

    With a fuller hand in bringing shots to the finish line, I thought it might be fun to detail the Post process in some of my favorite shots!  They'll be auto-resized on this journal, but you should be able to expand the images with a right click, open image in new tab.

    For the punchline of Episode 5: Girl's Night Out our Chibi Director Paula Decanini asked (half jokingly, I think) if I could get the girl's fiery handiwork to be a little reminiscent of the opening moments from The Crow.  Obviously our color palette is more cartoonishly vibrant, but it did help me get a sense of where to start on the look and flame effects.

    To walk it back a bit, we start with our script, this one written by the fantastic Tom Alvarado describing the shot as:

    The girls stand outside a nightclub as the building BURNS.
    They look at the flames with accomplishment.

    Next the animator (in this case, Chibi Lead Animator Ian Kedward) works up a drawn animatic timed to the character dialogue for the entire sequence including our shot in question.



    After going over the rough details of timing, staging, and action with the director, Ian will block out the shot and then animate it in full. In this particular instance there isn't a great deal of character animation going on since the comedy beat focus is on the burning building itself.  As such Ian going to be more concerned about camera framing and character placement:

    With that approved the shots finally move on over to Post for Lighting and Rendering. In many of the outdoor environments we have already set up simple, reusable lights in advance to get a good quick starting point approximating the sun/moon and some ambient light from the atmosphere. Vale has some of that in place for night from previous episodes, but it needs customization and thoughtful use for our shot specifics.

    Keeping in mind this shot AND the following (one which is at a reverse angle) I position the moonlight on the girl's backs and give it a cold, cyan/blue tint. That way there will be some light shaping on all the buildings that will also provide a color fill for the fire lights to come. In addition the contrasting blue light on the girls here will help them stand out later and establishes a logical reason to add a nice sharp rim light in the next shot, which will help them against the background there too!

    I test all of this together during lighting setup, but now that we're ready to render we'll produce the environment separately from the characters. In many instances this saves render computation time, since the backdrop won't move but the characters will. Generally speaking characters will render much quicker than the larger, more complex background, so saving time here is always a good step!


    Next up I'll add a bit of red/orange fill to the soon to be crispy buildings and the far city backdrop. This helps to pop the intended center of focus from the rest of the frame. In this case I'm doing this in both Post phases since I can set up rough light direction in Lighting and better fine tune the colors in Compositing.  The two steps intertwine with one another, and it's not uncommon to need to go back to lighting to make some subtle, needed tweaks now and again.

    It's also high time to add the girls back in now that we're Comping! As you can see they're present, but not very prominent at all with just the moon on their backs. We're well past ready to start heating this town up!

    I have a series of lights at key areas I'd like to be prominently emanating fire, mostly the front of the building and around the top.  The lights all blend with one another but I've actually got them in three separate layers so that they can flicker interdependently to keep things looking random and chaotic. We're still just rendering single frames for these backdrop elements, but in Compositing I'll be able to make those single frames simulate full motion along with the fire effects.

    The girls also finally get their fire rim light which really helps them stand out much better without being TOO attention hogging from the building itself!  Now that the street is picking up an orange tinted light bounce, their moonlit backs are also contrasting nicely as planned.

    Fire time! I started with the rim of the building to get our shape and fire look established.  Originally I was just going to have it on the balcony and a bit on the roof but Paula wanted me to go BIG so things spread from there to get some real property damage going!  The fire itself is mostly a particle effect I've created within After Effects using a few different techniques to get a cartoon flame moving at an appropriate speed. I also have a few hints of actual flame footage mixed in both for comedic effect and to help sell the look a little further.


    Backdraft!  Here's the part I was really preparing for; getting the interior ablaze!  Using masks for the windows and balcony I work in similar effects to the exterior which will go hand-in-hand with my flickering lights to really get things in sync. Next I add some thick, black smoke behind the blaze, and a subtle smoggy haze on the streets in front of the main building. I also enhance the girl's shadow for a little more contrast and to have it flicker unevenly to simulate the larger fire light source.  Lastly we have some subtle cinders floating around the building that will be much more prominent in the shot to follow!

    I hope you enjoyed this brief look at the lighting and rendering process for Girl's Night Out!  I'll try to do a few more of these as time goes on, since Chibi provides lots of fun new lighting challenges from time to time.


    11 months ago


    RTX Austin 2018 is COMIN’ IN HOT! 

    Did you know that tickets are now available for everyone? That includes you, my friend!

    Our Double Gold & FIRST members claimed all the Platinum and Weekend Plus badges, but we still have Weekend and Day passes available at early bird prices (no code necessary to purchase anymore!) which will end March 8th at 11:59 PM CST (so hurry and get yours, before prices go up!)

    This is the 8th RTX in Austin and every year gets better and better. We can’t wait to see old friends from past RTXes, and meet a whole bunch of new ones this year!

    So get your tickets, and we’ll see you August 3-5 in sunny (and probably very hot) Austin, TX!


  • Shadow of waiting

    11 months ago


     I’ve been playing shadow of war while on the treadmill, and today I had to close it and reboot the Xbox, so I was loading it from the home screen. Because I was on the treadmill, I had a timer going right in front of me and I noticed that from the home screen to actually being able to play the game it took five full minutes of loading. That’s pretty nuts. Anyone else experienced this?

  • We Need Your Rooster Teeth Cocktail Recipes!

    11 months ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    As the holy day of St. Patrick approaches, we need your help in creating a catalogue of Rooster Teeth-inspired drink recipes. Send in your original Rooster Teeth drink recipes and we will bring your creations to life, gently persuading our coworkers into drinking and rating them. You may even see the Achievement Hunter crew drink your very own concoction. On St. Patrick’s Day, we will list our favorites on the site so we can all celebrate together.

    Here are some examples we’ve already come up with to get your creative juices flowing:

    The Burning Burns
      - 1 1/2 oz tequila
      - 1/2 oz lime juice
      - 1/2 oz triple sec
      - 1/2 oz simple syrup
      - 1/2 jalapeño pepper, sliced
      - 1 wedge lime
      - Kosher salt for rim
    People Like Grapes
      - 1 750 ml bottle of red wine
      - 2 cups red grapes
      - 1 sliced orange
      - 3-4 tbsp sugar
      - 1 cup sparkling club soda
    Comment on this post to share your recipes and join in the fun. Make it sweet, make it sour, make it downright disgusting. It’s all up to you. Bottoms up!

  • A Wrinkle in Time

    11 months ago

    Ashley The Know

    I need to re-read this book before the movie comes out because the only bit I remember concretely is the creepy kids in the cul-de-sac. Who else wants to read along and we can do a little live chat or something talking about it after?

    EDIT: Just saw it's on Audible too! So if you'd rather audio book it you can use our code for a free trial (disclosure! they're a sponsor on Glitch Please this week which is what made me think to look for it). Code to get a free audio book is

  • HypeD

    11 months ago

    ezracooperst President

    This has been a week of meetings and email that have me pretty pretty pretty excited. This is going to be a huge year at Rooster Teeth!! 

    I am so hyped. More to share very soon. 

    My Dad is also coming to Austin for the first time since we moved. So that's cool. 

    What are you fired up about right now?

  • RTX Austin: Go Ahead, Ask Us Anything!

    11 months ago

    patrickmatthewz RTX Events Coordinator

    Hi All,

    We did it once, and it was so fun we want to do it again. We want to hear from YOU! Ask us anything. Have questions about RTX? Ask us! Questions about badges? Ask us! Questions about sex? Ask a friend. 

    If you have a question please comment below. If someone else already asked your question, but you really want to know give it an upvote. Like the "cool" one. That one is my favorite.

    We are going to give you guys 1 week to post all of your questions and then on Thursday, March 8th at 5:00 PM we will do a Live AMA here on my page! During the week we will comb through your questions and update our FAQ. Then we will post the answers on the 8th as well as answer any new questions. IN REAL TIME! It is the future and we are so excited to make it awesome with all of you.

    It will all take place on my page, but answers will be coming from @Bethany, @Clarissa.Gonzalez, @nicolew, @shelbyengquist, and myself!


    Gossip Boi

    aka Patrick

    aka The Alabama Sidewinder

    aka Earl E. Bird