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  • Three Years

    6 months ago


    I've spent all day in a post-surgery drug haze trying to grasp that it's been three years since I had to guess whether or not I was going to wake Monty up by loudly unloading the dishes in Stage 5. 

    We never got to know each other personally - but I had a lucky position where I was the front office coordinator and for some reason that involved a lot of Monty requests, ha.

    Coffee, office supplies, sleeping at odd hours od the day, and more. There's one that I especially like to remember, and to this day it still makes me smile and giggle. 

    I worked in the Bungalow, separate from Stage 5 and at the time we had this super fancy coffee maker called a Nespresso. I thought the coffee tasted like warm tar but for some reason Monty was absolutely enamored with it. One day he came up to me and asked if he could have special access into the Bungalow after hours. When I asked why (you needed a really good reason to have after hour access) he muttered something.

    I asked again, and got another smattering of syllables. Finally, I told him if he didn't have a good reason I couldn't give him access. He just sighed supper big at me and finally said, "I like the coffee here more than Stage 5."

    Still makes me smile remembering that. Monty was a treasure to so many of us and I feel absolutely gifted that I was able to have a few memories with him to call my own. 

    It hasn't gotten easier, and every February 1st I hope I wake up and it's been the most realistic dream I've ever experienced. But that hasn't happened yet. So, each February 1st I make myself a cup of coffee and hope he's drinking that godawful Nespresso somewhere beautiful. ❤️

  • An Unnerving Dream

    6 months ago

    emilyweeks RT Office Coordinator

    This journal is going to be darker than my normal posts, so to be on the safe side, I'm going to state that there are some possible triggers below. Much anxiety. (For me, at least.)

    So uh.. yeah. Basically I had this weird dream last week that I just can't forget about, so I'm going to write about it while I continue to try and figure it out...

    Last week, I had a dream that I was dying.

    I don't remember why exactly, but I was living my last 24 hours on this Earth. I was at my parents' home, and my family knew about this, because I had told them. However, for whatever reason, they all had to continue with their normal routines that day. So I was at their home.. alone. Waiting and anxious. The whole dream I was frightened and dreading my death, but I finally summoned some courage, laid down in bed, closed my eyes, and was bracing myself for the inevitable.

    So.. you know that feeling when you let out one last sigh before falling asleep? I was right at that point. I was ready to get this scary thing over with. I inhaled, then let out a last cleansing breath, expecting to drift into darkness. But after that exhale, there was another inhale. And an inhale. My breathing continued.

    With each breath after that, I grew frustrated that this wouldn't just end. Don't get me wrong, I was still scared shitless, but I also just wanted to get this thing over with. If this was going to happen, i didn't want to drag it out any longer.

    I finally opened my eyes, feeling defeated. I got up and decided to continue on with the rest of that day (this was all happening in the middle of the afternoon for some reason). I ran into some of my family who were very surprised to see me up and.. well.. alive. It was exhausting having to explain to everyone what happened and how I wasn't sure why it happened. That was supposed to be the end. I knew for sure my time was supposed to be up right then, at the moment that I would have normally drifted to sleep.

    But now I was awake again. I wasn't supposed to be awake again. I was so anxious and upset because now I had to wait for the real moment to come. I was as prepared as I could have been when I laid in that bed, but now I had to continue on without knowing when or where the end would surprise me...

    ...and then I was abruptly woken up IRL by my foster puppy. She was jumping in my face because she needed to go potty.

    Seriously... wtf was that dream?

  • 3 Years

    6 months ago


    Hey, Monty.

    I can't believe it's been 3 years. It feels so much longer, yet so much shorter at the same time. I've spent every day of these last 3 years wishing you could come back to us, and how unfair this all is. I've spent so much time being angry, confused, unwilling to believe this is reality - and I don't think that will ever fully go away; but I've also spent so much time being thankful for ever having you in my life at all, and what you've given me and so many people around the world by just being who you are.

    I told you this a year after you left us, but one of the things that upsets me the most is not being able to show you how much has happened, and not being able to share our experiences with you. All I hope is that you're watching, and thinking "I could've done that in half the time", with that smirk you'd always get. 

    I just want you to know how much we miss you, and how our lives are better because you were part of it. I wish I told you that more. 

    I love you. I will always love you. And I'll continue to move forward with you in my heart every single day. 

  • Collections

    6 months ago

    ezracooperst President

    What’s the most cherished / collectible thing you own? At one point in my life it would have been my M.U.S.C.L.E. collection, at another a set of vintage I can’t reallj point much beside my kids that I’d grab if my house was on fire. Maybe a pic if you dare...

  • When Half of Your Shows Are Away...

    6 months ago

    BroadcastBryan Resident Beard

    Overwatch League will be played. #burnblue

  • Here Comes The Men In Black Remake (Clap Clap)

    6 months ago



    No more Men In Black sequels are in the works, but Hollywood will never let a franchise go until they squeeze every last drop of blood from it.

    They're calling this new Men In Black film in development a "relaunch," which sounds more remake-y than calling it a reboot. It's a re-something that we know. We also know that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are not involved, that Fate of the Furious' F. Gary Gray is attached to direct and a release date of June 14th, 2019 has been set.

    Sadly this isn't that weird-ass merger movie that would combine MiB with the Jump Street team and cast. Remember that? Apparently that's still a possibility, but this is not that film.

    This relaunch will be a more traditional in tone to the original series. Deadline compares it to the same tact exec producer Steven Spielberg took with Jurassic World. Same universe, new cast. 

    They say Smith isn't returning, but wouldn't that be the ideal sequel/relaunch/whatever? Shift him into the grizzled agent mentor role now and have a spunky new partner? Role reverse that shit! I'd say throw in someone like Dafne Keen or Tessa Thompson as the young new partner, but then they'd have to change the title and things really start getting complicated.

    What do you folks think?

  • Happy Birthday John Ford, Clark Gable and Garrett Morris! You should watch...

    6 months ago


    'Happy Birthday... You Should Watch' has returned! I won't always be doing these daily, but I do promise to keep them as regular as possible. If you missed the last one this regular column is my excuse to recommend some of my favorite movies via the birthdays of actors, directors or other filmmakers.

    Today is February 1st and there are a few birthday boys I want to celebrate: Clark Gable, John Ford and Garrett Morris (I promise we get to some ladies very soon).

    John Ford


    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) – This was arguably John Ford's last great film. Ford was one of the best directors to ever get behind a camera and he put out classics like Stagecoach, The Searchers, Rio Grande, The Grapes of Wrath and, another one of my all-time favorites, The Quiet Man. I picked this one because it actually changed how I watched movies.

    I loved all sorts of movies growing up, but one genre I was slow to get into was the western. Sure, I liked the Clint Eastwood/Sergio Leone Man With No Name films, but they were different from those stodgy black and white clear cut good guy/bad guy tales. It was this film, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, that turned me around on them. I was a freshman in high school and my journalism 101 class actually showed this movie to us, which is all kinds of crazy since the whole moral of the movie is to print the legend, not the facts, the exact opposite of journalism.

    The story is about a meek bookwormy lawyer, played perfectly by James Stewart, who ended up in the crosshairs of one of the west's most notorious outlaws, a tough sumbitch named Liberty Valance, an early turn by the great, gruff Lee Marvin. John Wayne turns in one of his most likable performances as Tom Doniphon, a good guy who watches Stewart's back.

    This isn't one of those homework titles. You'll see very few of those kinds of movies in these recommends. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is fun! And great. Great fun. Available for rent on all the usual streaming services (iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, GooglePlay, Vudu).

    Clark Gable

    It Happened One Night (1934) – Truth be told I'm not the world's biggest Clark Gable fan. In fact I'll go a step further and say Gone With The Wind is probably my least favorite “classic.” I've given it a watch a few times over the years and every time it seems to get longer. I swear that movie is up to about 7 and a half hours now.

    So, no I'm not recommending Gone With The Wind. Instead I'm recommending a great screwball comedy called It Happened One Night. Screwball comedies is a particular favorite subgenre of mine. They typically feature a romance at the center and are loaded with rapid-fire witty smart-ass dialogue. This early example of the genre is no exception and is expertly directed by the great Frank Capra.

    Gable plays an eager out of work newspaperman who stumbles across a big story in the form of Claudette Colbert's runaway heiress. She's newly married and not too excited about it and hit the road. She runs into Gable and off course the odd couple sparks fly and a romance blossoms as he escorts her back to her new husband. Great flick and Gable's at his most charming here and significantly less rapey than his Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind.

    Available to rent on all major streaming services and Criterion did put out a beautiful transfer on Blu-Ray as well.

    Garrett Morris


    The Stuff (1985) – Perhaps most famous for his Saturday Night Live work (I still quote his Hearing Impaired Translation bit... “OUR TOP STORY TONIGHT...”), Mr. Morris had a pretty substantial role in one of my favorite crazy '80s horror movies; Larry Cohen's The Stuff.

    The Stuff is a Blob-ish movie about killer yoghurt. No shit. It's a health food craze that just happens to be sentient, probably alien and definitely wants to take over the human race. The movie is more than just B-movie trash. There's a biting satire of the advertising industry in there as well as commentary on consumerism. In short, it's a silly movie actually about something.

    Morris plays a character named Chocolate Chip Charlie and yes he lives up to that name.

    Even before finding out that The Stuff is killing people Chocolate Chip Charlie hates this health craze because it's putting his cookie business on some hard times. He knows karate, too. Morris just owns in this role. He also happens to be at the center of one of the all-time great over the top effects scenes of the '80. It's a bit of a spoiler, but you see a glimpse of it in the below trailer.

    The Stuff isn't on as many streaming services as the other two movies featured today, but you can get it on iTunes, Amazon and Vudu. There's also a great Blu-Ray put out by Arrow.

    Happy Birthday John Ford, Clark Gable and Garrett Morris! Let me know what you folks think of those films. If you happen to watch any of them for the first time let me know what you think.

    -Eric Vespe

    @ericvespe on Twitter

  • Beta Release and user tests

    6 months ago


    Hi all! I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you who have submitted feedback and reported bugs with the beta release. It really does help to get direct feedback from our community so that we can build something that you love. I've been spending my weekends conducting user tests with members of the RT Austin community group, which has been incredibly valuable. I've been in UX/UI for years now, and finding people who are willing to give up their time to make a product successful is normally a huge challenge. It's so rad to work for a company that has such a passionate fanbase. We've got a lot in store for 2018. It's going to be an exciting year for our product & engineering team and hopefully for you all as well! We will be opening beta access to everyone very soon, so stay tuned for updates!

  • Top 10 Craziest Fictional Presidents - Writer Notes

    6 months ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    This episode of Top 10 was written by me and edited by Nick Cramer! 

    10 - Deathstroke - Are there any real people with eye patches that lead respectable lives in positions of power without any doubt or concern from people? There easily could be, I just don't know. 
    9 - My Date With The President's Daughter - OH YEAH, MY DATE WITH HER, SO SPECIAL 
    8 - Hall of Presidents - Honestly, this was the third example I thought when brainstorming this list lol 
    7 - Lex Luthor - This is the Lex I wanted in BvS. Instead we got Jesse Landis in prison.
    6 - Independence Day - What a speech, man. What a speech. This speech > Pacific Rim speech.
    5 - Andrew Jackson - I've got a fresh Andrew Jackson for the first person to find that comic* 
    4 - Palpatine - "Hideous Sidious" is one of my favorite bits in this script. The following is a series of other Palpatine puns/word play: Pay Palpatine, Ask Sheeves, Darth Garth (Wayne's World) 
    3 - Black Mirror - I just watched Season 4 Episode 1 the other night. The Star Trek episode. Really good. Anyone else have thoughts. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!
    2 - Conduit - It would be really cool if Lincoln came back to be President. Penny for your thoughts. 
    1 - Naruto - I don't know anything about Naruto. Nick wrote this entry haha 
    11 - Pedro - Vote for Pedro! So glad Pedro made it. You go Pedro. 

    Watch the Video: RT | YT 

    *Just kidding.

    P.S. Josiah Bartlett is the greatest fictional president ever. He wouldn't be crazy just the best president you have ever met in your entire life.

  • February - DRONE

    6 months ago



    So it's barely February, but I have to get past this fucking playlist so I can move on with my life. My big reservation with doing this, was that I would overthink it and spend way too much time obsessing over it. WHICH I HAVE DONE. I have listened to, edited, added to, subtracted from, changed the order of, changed it back, then changed it again, about 50 times in the last two weeks. 

    Hopefully the theme of the playlist comes through. Actually, there's two: a main (hopefully obvious) theme, and a smaller, kind of silly and gratuitous theme (also obvious).

    Or, maybe it's just a pile of songs I like. Either way, here it is.

    February - DRONE

  • Close calls are fun. New Pants are less fun.

    6 months ago

    plumpo Technofixer

    Playing with @adam and @DWNLDBLCNTNT and exciting things happened. 

  • Updates on new

    6 months ago

    mikequinn VP Engineering

    Hey, everyone. It’s been two weeks since we officially unlocked the closed beta of the new Rooster Teeth website. All of the invites are out, and right now we have thousands of eager community members watching shows, chatting, and providing really great feedback on our new video platform. I want to offer a sincere thank you to all of our beta testers for helping us create the best place for Rooster Teeth fans to watch our shows.

    For those of you eager to jump in and check out the new site, don’t worry, we’ll be announcing an open beta soon. In the meantime, I’d like to talk about a few great things we’ve learned from watching everyone use the site these past few weeks:

    • Testers love the live chat feature we have running during live broadcasts. We had almost 400 beta testers in the chat for the RT Podcast on Monday night, and everyone had a lot of fun. Let me know which Rooster Teeth cast members you want to see join in the chat and I’ll go smack them on the head (figuratively, of course).

    • Content discovery - We’ve seen that a lot of you are checking out content beginning to end, and using the watchlists (because you get notifications for shows in there)

    • Comments work!  After a wee bit of a rough start the first day - comments are working, threading, and notifying

    • Search actually delivers what you expect it to

    • The video player saves your spot

    There are also a few things that the testers pointed out that needed some more work:

    • Newest content showing up on time

      • You all have been so great about pointing out discrepancies between old and new sites; thank you!

    • Series page layout

      • Right now only 20 episodes are being displayed, so we’ve created a new layout for Series page. We’ll roll that update out next week. You can see a screenshot of this new layout below. It was your feedback that drove this change, so thank you!


    There’s more news to come, so stay tuned. We’re really excited to be making the very best home for the Rooster Teeth community and can’t wait to launch it so you can all try it out.

    And finally, let’s talk a little bit about what we’re working on for the new community site. We know this is as, if not more, important to many of you as the video portion of our site. Look forward to Dan (@kickme444) making more frequent and substantive updates in the coming weeks as we move closer to rolling out the new platform.

    For the past few months we have been focusing our design and development efforts around the structure of what a community site is for Rooster Teeth.  We are lucky in that there are already hundreds (or thousands) of Rooster Teeth communities, so we need to make sure we account for them, and plan for the future with new and inventive ways for people to interact with others on our platform.  To that end, we have been really excited to see the interaction happening on the new live videos/chat page in the video site beta, and have been adjusting our development cycle in hopes of rolling out key community features as soon as possible that allow communities and individuals/groups to better connect with each other in real time.  

    We’re really excited to begin rolling stuff out to you and improving over the next year.  It’s going to be a ton of fun!

  • What are you watching?

    6 months ago

    ezracooperst President

    **Thanks to all those who participated in my thread on Transparency. It was very insightful. I am going to send out a summary of takeaways and next steps. 

    Besides RT brands/shows, what are you watching right now? I'm interested in specific shows and channels. 

  • Monthly Patch Notes - What do you want to see?

    6 months ago

    ebregman Programming

    I saw the request in Ezra's post for a monthly update on what we saw in the past month, and what my team learned from it. I'm in!

    What would you find interesting in these posts, and what are you hoping to get out of them? I talk a lot about data, and happy to keep doing that, but not sure that's exactly what you're looking for...

  • Good morning to you too

    6 months ago

    adam Director of Technology


  • She's come a long way #Bitcoin

    6 months ago

    adam Director of Technology

    Found a pic of my farm before the summer. 


    Crazy to see how much it's improved.   Now i just need some more GPU's.  :|


  • 'Happy Birthday - You Should Watch' Kicks Off with Christian Bale, Gene Hackman and John Ireland!

    6 months ago


    Let's try something, shall we? I'm usually pretty good at starting regular columns and then dropping them like a bad habit when something else shiny grabs my attention, but damned if I don't keep trying.

    One of my favorite things to do is recommend movies to fellow movie fans, so I figure why not start a little thing where I take some regular movie star/director/writer birthdays and then recommend a single movie that person was involved with and why I like it so much? I think I'll call it Happy Birthday - You Should Watch.

    Sounds like fun, right? It might be one person or a few, but that should mean multiple movie recommendations per week.

    Let's give it a shot.

    Today I have three birthday boys to talk about: Christian Bale, Gene Hackman and John Ireland. I was really tempted to make all three recommendations westerns since they've all been in some great ones, but I had to follow my heart.

    (For the record, if I would have limited myself to westerns here's how it'd go: Christian Bale – 3:10 to Yuma, a great, tense film directed by Logan's James Mangold, and Gene Hackman – The Quick and the Dead, a vastly underrated super fun western from Sam Raimi.)

    Now on to the actual recommends.

    Christian Bale


    Empire of the Sun (1987) – One of Spielberg's most underseen gems, Empire of the Sun is an all-timer. Had it been directed by almost anybody else it would have been hailed as a career best effort, but for someone like Steven Spielberg it was expected that everything he put out would be no less than great. This isn't Christian Bale's first film, but it's definitely his first notable one and the dude shouldered this epic WW2 POW movie effortlessly even at 12 years old. Wonderful film, fantastic child performance. Watch it if you haven't seen it. Rewatch it if you have. That's an order! Available on Blu-Ray as well as digital rental on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Youtube.

    Gene Hackman


    The Conversation (1974) – One of the best films ever made. This is in my top 20 favorites of all time. Francis Ford Coppola made The Conversation between The Godfather and The Godfather Part II if that tells you anything about how on point he was as director at this time in his career. The Conversation is a slow burn political thriller about a reclusive, private dude named Harry Caul who uses technology to listen spy on people. He's a listener and what happens when a listener hears something he's not supposed to? Well, you get this movie. Incredibly tense, brilliantly shot and features the absolute best performance of Gene Hackman's career, hands down. Also available to rent on Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu and there's a nice blu-ray out as well.

    John Ireland


    Red River (1948) – I haven't seen enough of John Ireland's filmography to definitively say this is the best film to represent him as an actor, but I can say it's most likely the best film he plays a significant role in with some confidence. Howard Hawks directed this one which starred the super popular John Wayne and an up and comer named Montgomery Clift. Clift had a tragic life that ended way too soon, but was one of cinema's most charismatic actors. That dude had it. And Wayne was a better actor than he was given credit for, especially here. Red River plays more like a horror movie than you might expect. It's about a cattle drive, but that's like saying Casablanca's about a kiss. One of the great westerns and Ireland happened to be a part of it! Also available to rent on Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu and there's fancy Criterion blu-ray out, too.

    So, happy birthday Christian Bale, Gene Hackman and John Ireland! Let's see how long I can keep this up or if you guys even like it! Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

  • Oscars and Editing!

    6 months ago

    AdamRB Live Action Editor

    I don't know about you guys but the list for the Oscars this year has me pretty excited. The fact that Get Out and Shape of Water are both best picture contenders is just cool and makes me super glad to be alive during a time when we're getting these kinds of movies. However, since talking about best picture contenders is something you'll find just about everyone talking about, I'd like to take a little time to talk about a category a little more near and dear to my heart: Best Editing.

    Also, of course, spoilers!

    Those nominees are:

    "Baby Driver," Paul Machliss and Jonathan Amos

    "Dunkirk," Lee Smith

    "I, Tonya," Tatiana S. Riegel

    "The Shape of Water" Sidney Wolinsky

    "Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri," Jon Gregory

    Baby Driver is amazing because to me the edit is indistinguishable from every other facet of the movie. The edit was there in the script, it's in the cinematography, even in the acting. The edit was king of this movie from start to finish and the fact that Wright with Machliss and Amos pulled it off is a minor miracle. And it's so damn fun. This might be the most fun edit I've ever seen in a movie. Every cut feels motivated either by character or mood or both and everything feels deliberate, and to me an edit should be first and foremost deliberate.

    Oh, also, if you didn't get a chance to check this article out about how they edited the movie while they were shooting it...Do so. It's really interesting.

    Dunkirk is tough to talk about because it's been a while since I seen it, but what I think it probably does better than any other film on this list is using editing to make everything feel tense. Sometimes it holds on a shot a little too long, sometimes it's cutting super fast with the action and you can't keep track of where everyone's at - all of it is tense and paranoia inducing. Some may disagree with me on this, but I think that's also what makes the often jarring cuts in time also work - it's all in service to the suspense...Which is to say this is all pretty standard for a Nolan movie edited by Lee Smith.

    I can't imagine the puzzle box it was editing I, Tonya together. And while there's a lot to unpack here with unreliable narrators and how they handle that via the edit, I just want to note how great the "triple axel" scene was. While they were able to get Margot Robbie to do a lot of her own ice skating in this movie, there was no way they were going to get her to actually do a triple axel since it's something pros have to practice literally years to do. So it was always going to be a little faked, even if they get somebody else's legs to do it. And yet...The way they built up to that moment with all the character's interviews explaining how difficult it was, and how nervous Tonya was leading up to that routine - when they cut to the close up slow-mo shot of just her legs twisting in the air and landing it, it feels great. Not like they cheated, but like there was no other way to shoot and edit that scene. I loved that.

    I don't have much to gush about for The Shape of Water except that, like Baby Driver, I can tell this movie was by and large edited in Del Torro's head before they even rolled the cameras. It's deliberate and confident and very un-flashy - so it's a Del Torro movie. Not going to lie, this movie can sweep everything at the Oscars and I will not be mad.

    Three Billboards is an interesting one because while this movie is very funny I think this is also one of the best uses of using a cut to hurt. There is a flashback scene in this movie where you find out that the mom's relationship with the daughter was not so great, and that the last thing the mom said to her daughter was fucking awful. And the way it's edited you get just enough time to let those terrible words sink in before it cuts to the mom, in present day, feeling fucking miserable.  And you feel miserable with her. Overall, I felt the movie did a great job of keeping you in pace with the character and what they felt moment to moment, so definitely not disappointed that this was picked.

    Finally, I'd like to add one I think should at least have been nominated: Phantom Thread. If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend doing so. It's uncomfortable and gorgeous and oddly funny, like many other PTA movies. The editing has this different quality that is hard to describe. Best way I can put it is that most movies cut to moments that are meaningful and advance the story, but Phantom Thread makes moments meaningful simply with the cut. Who knows, maybe that's all in my head, but feeling that sort of "edit as author" made the movie even more engaging to me.

    As for who will win, there's a pretty cynical albeit realistic way I've heard to best predict who wins the technical awards - replace the word "Best" with "Most."

    I've got some problems with this line of thinking, though. A. Gravity won in 2014, and it has what, seven cuts?* B. It cheapens a lot of work that goes into the movies that won even if they did have a lot of edits. C. Molly's Game would've been on this list for 2017, and it's not.

    All that being said, I think the movie with "Most Editing" - Baby Driver - is also totally the right pick for the winner. Like I said before, the movie is its editing and the editing is the movie and I think it deserves the win for an achievement like that. But that's just, like, my opinion, man.

    Who do you guys think should win and what did you think of the editing in these films? Think there are any big snubs? Let me know!

    *I don't actually know what the number is. But it's low. Really low.

  • The trailer for Sundance creepfest Hereditary is great and you probably shouldn't watch it!

    6 months ago


    One of the stand out movies of this year's Sundance Film Festival is an out of left field horror flick called HEREDITARY. I loved it (as evidenced by my glowing review here) and highly, highly, highly recommend you see it when A24 releases it this June. 

    But here's the catch: This film is awesome, but works the best when you go in cold. There's imagery in this film that will stick with you and keep you awake at night... but it all works because it blindsides you. 

    Now, this trailer is pretty great and on a story level it doesn't tip its hat too much. But on an imagery level there are a few shots that I'm sad to see in here. I mean, they're awesome and I get they need to sell the movie with more than the word of a bunch of critics and fest goers, but damn do I wish some of these shots had been left as surprises.

    So, I'm going to post the trailer here. I think the ideal way to watch this film is to trust me and just go see it midnight June 7th or the first showing June 8th, but if you need more than that then watch this trailer once right now, let the creep factor hit you, and then try to forget it before seeing the movie.

    Or watch this a million times. I'm not your boss. Do you, boo. 

  • Camping

    6 months ago

    patrickmatthewz RTX Events Coordinator

    Y'all. I like camping. I went this past weekend for my friend's birthday and we made fire, cooked sausages, shot guns (I was really good at shooting those disks) and drank some beverages. We played dice and card games for a buck a pop, and I stayed in for 2 hours on only 5 dollars. It was a rad time. I like camping. 

  • To Witcher Or Not To Witcher....That Is The Question

    6 months ago

    TPG Custom Programs


    Can I really be a gamer if I haven't played/worshipped/beat The Witcher 3. As of late I find myself asking this question all the time. I grew up on a steady diet of Half Life, Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, and a dash of Age Of Empires - open world games or RPG's were never really my jam (except KOTOR which is the business, shoutout DRevan!). But my shooter ways came to halt in 2017 when I got deep into Horizon Zero Dawn. Got dayuuum, that game was amazing. I would play it  all night and then come in give Gus updates on my progress - truly a fun way to play a game. 

    Of course when I beat that game I knew that there was only way I could go: The Witcher 3. Everyone knows of it, seemingly everyone has played it, but alas I didn't think I was ready to take the plunge. My buddy @ebregman told me he put in at least 20 hours and wasn't sure if the story "started" and I was spooked. Did I want to invest that much time into a game if I wasn't get pulled in right away? That's a question that keeps me up at night. 

    So if you think I should dive into the Northern Kingdoms let me know. Until then I'll be trying to level up my hidden blade in Assassin's Creed Origin's.

  • Transparency

    6 months ago

    ezracooperst President

    What information about the company would you guys want to know more about? I think we do a pretty good job of being transparent and communicating with the community (at least better than any other media company out there), but how could we improve? 

  • Inspiration Behind the Grimm Nuckelavee Photoshoot

    6 months ago

    coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

    A few weeks ago, on the coldest day of a surprising Texas winter, when ice was literally falling from the sky, I convinced Jon and Barbara to stand around and look attractive on the top floor of a windy parking garage. Our poor photographer, Wes Ellis, had dislocated his elbow the week before and shot these one-handed wearing a sling. The odds were against us. 


    Hard work and the risk of hypothermia paid off, and I'm very excited about how these turned out. Hopefully you are, too. By now you've likely seen them on our social, and I wanted to provide a look behind the curtain on the photoshoot for the Grimm Nuckelavee merch. 



    Behind the scenes with a freshly injured Wes. 


    Here's a shot of the garage from The Terminator that we used for inspiration. Ominous, right? We also looked at stills from Fight Club and Attack the Block to help capture the right mood. The hope was that the setting would come across as threatening as the characters portrayed by Jon and Barb and as dangerous as the Nuckelavee. 


    In terms of character, I felt like this photo of JGL from the movie Hesher perfectly encapsulated the vibe of a gritty heavy metal devotee, the kind of person who would have a badass Frank Frazetta motif airbrushed on the side of their beater van. You might notice us playing on Metallica lyrics in some of our social.


    Thanks for reading. Now go learn more about Frazetta, watch those movies I mentioned, and listen to Sabbath. 

  • RWBY Chibi Volume 3!

    6 months ago

    Triple_Bee Chibi VisPost Supervisor

    RWBY Chibi is back for more starting today!
    RWBY Chibi - Season 3 - Episode 1

    I've always really enjoyed working on Chibi, in no small part because it's the one show I've had the opportunity to continuously work on since the first season. Seeing it grow and get better every year is a really fun and gratifying experience. Plus this time around I'm tackling both lighting and compositing, something I've been eager to do again for quite a while!

    All I can say is our 'little' team is hard at work making some really funny stuff that I can't wait to render for everyone to see!