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  • Ant-Man and the Wasp is funny, entertaining, endearing and a little slight.

    1 month ago



    It's an interesting time for Marvel right now. We're smack dab in the middle of a changing of the guard. Many of the cornerstone characters aren't expected to make it out of the still untitled Avengers 4 while the newer, more fun characters like Spider-Man, Black Panther, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man are going to be shouldering the weight of the MCU going forward.

    There's two movies between Infinity War and whatever its sequel will be called: Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel. Infinity War is the culmination of 10 years of Marvel cinematic storytelling and, as such, the film has a weight to it. Yes, people die and there are massive stakes, but even more than that the film has to shoulder an epic scope worthy of being the endgame of 10 years of tentpole filmmaking.

    So when I say that Ant-Man and the Wasp is a step back into a more innocent MCU style it's not a condemnation. It's a little refreshing, actually. The stakes here are personal and once again rooted in family. It's not the end of the world if Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne fail, but the emotional stakes are just as high for the characters.

    Ant-Man and the Wasp checks off all the MCU boxes. Young-ified actors in an opening flashback? Check. Goofy leading man? Got it. Light-hearted action scenes? Yeppers. Sons and daughters with mommy and/or daddy issues? All of it.

    The movie begins with Scott Lang on house arrest for helping out Captain America in Civil War. He's at the end of his two year sentence, just days away from having his ankle bracelet removed and being able to leave the confines of his admittedly very nice house. He can finally be a full father to his daughter and put his life of crime and crime-fighting behind him.

    Of course that's now how things play out. He's pulled into another adventure by Dr. Hank Pym and his daughter, Hope, and has to dodge his strangely nice FBI handler (played by the hugely likable Randall Park), keep ahead of a charismatic crime boss (Walton Goggins) and somehow fight a mysterious masked stranger who can phase in and out of reality (Hannah John-Kamen).

    Scott has some vital information that may save the original Wasp from the Quantum Realm, but is up against too much to face alone. There's not really a whole lot of resistance from him about teaming up with the Wasp, but that's okay. It fits his character and it's kind of nice to see a guy accept a strong female partner pretty much right off the bat instead of having to dramatically cope with his vision of his masculinity under threat.


    Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly are just as strong together in costume as they were as normal people in the first movie and Lilly in particular gets a lot of time in the spotlight here. She's way more proactive, pushing the narrative as she desperately tries to save her mother. Because Scott has to stay hidden or risk losing his family there's a story reason for Wasp to be the face of the fight and their main villain is powerful enough to warrant the tag team action.

    I found Ghost to be interesting, but a two-dimensional (yuk-yuk-yuk). Her character is tortured, in pain, and just wants to find a solution to her problem. That solution lies in Pym's tech and she doesn't care who she has to hurt (or even kill) to save her own skin. That's very rich, fertile ground, but just as soon as they introduce her they throw her out of the narrative for a full act. When she comes back into the fray she's almost cartoonishly villainous.


    That's not a knock on Hannah John-Kamen's performance. She gives it her all and you can feel a character in pain in every moment of her screen time, but she's let down a little bit by the script.

    Speaking of there's a whole lot of telling instead of showing going on here. There are multiple moments where characters have long speeches telling you exactly who they are or exactly what they're doing. It effectively gets that information across, but it feels a little lazy to me. I much prefer finding out these details through the story unfolding instead of being told everything right up front.

    The funny thing is they make a joke out of this exact kind of monologuing early on with Randall Park's character, but then they proceed to actually do it right afterwards! It's like they were apologizing in advance for the shortcuts they were about to take.

    On a technical side this feels more fully a Peyton Reed joint. You can still feel some of Edgar Wright's fingerprints on the first movie, but this one is totally Reed and Paul Rudd. The goofy stuff is at the forefront (I mean, you saw the giant ant playing drums in the trailer, right?) and the action scenes are fun, but a bit on the standard side. The focus instead is on character emotion and making damn sure you have a good, light, fun time at the movies.

    That's not a bad thing, but if you don't find yourself automatically on the Marvel train then you probably aren't going to love this one. On the other hand, if you're down with the MCU then you'll enjoy yourself here.

    Once again Michael Peña and Scott's ragtag friends steal the show. Peña has so much heart and childlike awe and wonder that it can't help but infect the audience with his positivity. Both TI and David Dastmalchian get expanded roles, too, and are so fun together that I'd totally watch a movie of just those guys running a security company as all the superhero shit goes down off-screen.

    Laurence Fishburne and Michelle Pfeiffer are good additions to this universe. Pfeiffer gets to be pretty badass but doesn't have a whole lot to do just yet. Fishburne's character's troubled history with Hank Pym is some of my favorite new stuff added in this film. Bill Foster has a solid moral compass, but has also been harboring resentment towards Pym for decades. Again, nice rich character detail but it's pretty background stuff.

    I don't know what it says about the movie that some of its flaws is that there's way too much good stuff in there that I wanted to see more of. If Walton Goggins had 20 minutes more screentime I wouldn't have been upset about that, either.

    At the end of the day, this flick is fun and adds a few more shades to the MCU. That's all it wants to do and it delivers. It'll be a good test to see if audiences on the whole reject a return to a more slight, character-focused version of an MCU movie or if post-Infinity War they will only accept huge superhero movies with 17 characters on screen at any given time. I have a feeling it's the former, but we'll soon see. 

    All I know is I liked it and feel good recommending it to people. It won't change your life, but you won't feel ripped off paying for a ticket to see this one big.

  • Wisdom

    1 month ago


    tell me something(s) you have learned in life 

    Here’s some of mine:

    In a job interview, Don’t say you don’t have experience but are a fast learner. Everyone is a fast learner. Being a fast learner with no experience is just telling an employer they will have to watch you make mistakes as you encounter new things. Say you have good common sense. 

    Anyone who says they hate drama actually really loves drama.

    The exit row of a plane is really about as comfortable as first class. Like 80% as good.

  • #1: The Pitch - Death Battle's Road to 100

    1 month ago

    Ben B. Singer Ben B. Singer


    Episodes - 1: Boba Fett VS Samus Aran, 43: Fett VS Samus Remastered

    It’s been about 8 years since Death Battle first slammed into the internet with enough force to cause millions to argue over fictional characters, and this year marks an extremely special occasion; our 100th episode! To celebrate, I’ll be writing up my own accounts for all 99 episodes leading up to the big one hundo. Starting with the very first one, Boba Fett VS Samus Aran! Oh, uh, don’t watch that unless you really want to see how cringey Death Battle’s early days were. We remastered it for very good reasons.

    Anyway, I’m Ben, the Death Battle showrunner, and I’d like to run through how this thing got started all those years ago. So let’s just jump right into it! In 2010, ScrewAttack was only about 4 years old. Craig was still in charge of the company, ProJared and Destin Legarie were just starting their online careers, and you could never see more than half of Chad’s face through his hair. I was charged with developing a pitch for a new show, and I wanted to make something that could hit at least 100k views per episode. At the time, the highest we usually reached per video was about 30k views, and I wanted to bring ScrewAttack some greater relevance in the ever increasing digital space.


    Enter Monty Oum. Thanks to our partnership with GameTrailers, I eventually stumbled upon his Haloid video on the site. Monty wouldn’t know of his influence until years later, but this video of Master Chief and Samus Aran duking it out was ultimately what inspired Death Battle’s creation. Specifically, I was intrigued by the idea of characters from different franchises fighting, and the video's comments led me to a forum where several people were very passionately debating who would win in a fight between, who else, Goku and Superman. This reminded me of a show called Deadliest Warrior, which I had seen a few episodes of at that point. The gears were churning in my head now, and I began digging online to see if I was onto something original. The closest thing I could find was a show on Machinima called “Versus” where the hosts briefly discussed two characters but left deciding the winner up to the viewers. A conciliatory and sustainable approach, sure, but I didn’t want to leave this to a popularity vote. I wanted my show to decide who would win in fights to the death, unpopular results and all. I made the pilot episode with a match-up inspired by Haloid and called it… Who Would Win.

    Yeah, it was always meant to be a temporary name. (At least that’s what I tell myself...) Honestly, I was more busy learning how to animate. For some reason I decided to make a show with animation by myself despite having zero prior animation experience! But hey, if you want to get anywhere, you’ve got to challenge yourself. Long story short, the pitch went over great! I sat in a room with Craig, Destin, and Chad to brainstorm the details of the show. That’s where we developed the title of Death Battle and a second host named Boomstick. I would come up with Wizard aka Wiz the next day. And so I got to work putting together the first episode!


    I have so much more to talk about regarding Death Battle's early days! The grueling bi-weekly schedule, Boomstick's changing voice, the original 26 episode plan, etc. I'll cover all that and more in upcoming blogs. I’d like to wrap this up by reiterating just how much better the remastered version is compared to the first episode. Sadly, Monty passed away just a few weeks before the remaster’s release. Fate had played some cruel aptly-timed trick on us, as the news came when we were halfway through production on this episode that held so much inspiration from him. As such, Torrian added a dance number (an homage to Monty’s videos) and we dedicated the episode in his name. It seemed only fitting.

    Of course, while the remaster was an excellent showing of how much Death Battle had improved, that was back in Season 2. We’re well into Season 5 now! To truly grasp Death Battle’s progression, we’d almost have to remaster the remaster at this point!

    I hope you’ll join me with these daily blogs (minus weekends) as I recount and re-examine Death Battle from then ‘til now. Thank you for watching and supporting the show for all these years. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve got planned for episode 100, and everything before and after!

    -Ben B. Singer


    P.S. I’m curious. What was the first Death Battle episode you ever saw?

  • This Week At ScrewAttack - 7/5/18

    1 month ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    Top 10 Pixar Movies - Co-Writer & Editor Notes 


    • This was the Top 10 I was born to (co)write. 
    • #10 Seriously, I know these movies so well I could have drawn storyboards for this edit filled with actual shots from these movies. 
    • #9 Scratch what I just said! I just realized that this entry doesn't show a single frame of Kevin! I'm a fraud. 
    • #8 Finding music to fit each of these movies was A JOY. Usually it's a pretty tough aspect of the job but each of these movies has such a distinct sound and score that I knew exactly what to look for each time. 
    • #7 The final line of this entry + Nick's delivery + the music drop out + the clip = me so happy. 
    • #6 Suck it, Star Trek Into Darkness. 
    • #5 We produced this Top 10 before The Incredibles 2 came out and with our one per franchise rule, it was either going to be Incredibles 1 or 2. We were nervous about Incredibles 2 potentially blowing the first out of the water but I think it's safe to say Incredibles 1 deserves the spot on this list. (The sequel was really fun though!) 
    • #4 I love Coco so much. That is all. 
    • #3 The scene in this movie where he turns on the light and there's a ton of rats in the kitchen, FREAKS ME OUT. Still does. Great movie though. 
    • #2 Toy Story is my all time favorite movie. I have Toy Story toys on my desk at work, I have a sizable Toy Story collection, I own all of the movies and once when I was 19 I started crying while explaining to my mom what "You've got a friend in me" means. 
    • #1 I'm so happy with how this entry came out. I had vision for it, Nick knocked it out of the park and I practically scored it myself haha. It's 4 different songs cut and arranged to ebb and flow with the V.O. I was nervous that I was being a little too ambitious when I wrote it and it would end up feeling cheesy if not just contrived but I'm happy with the final product. 



  • July - Covered in inspiration

    1 month ago


    July - Covered in Inspiration

    I'm sorry this is late. I could go on about how busy I've been, and how I just couldn't find the time to sit down and give this the effort it deserved, but mostly I think I was just avoiding it. I kind of hate this month's playlist.

    Don't get me wrong. I fucking love the idea. I wanted to do a covers month, and do it differently. I've never seen a playlist that shows the cover and the original back to back. I also thought it would be fun to present the cover before the original, allowing you to form an opinion of a song, before seing it's inspiration.

    That being said, trying to find a flow or a rhythm (or even a theme outside of it being covers) proved too difficult for me. Instead, you get a bunch of random-ass covers followed by their originals. It's a mess.

    One thing that really, really interests me though, is the disparity in quality on some of these duos. For instance, everyone knows the Blondie version of "The Tide is High". I'd also wager most people don't even know it's a cover. I love Blondie, like wanna marry Debbie Harry I love her so much. However, when you hear the original version, it's so much fuller and more soulful. It's bursting with charm. 

    Conversely, I know the Highwaymen are a bunch of fucking country music superstars, but Cat Power kicks the shit out of them singing "Silver Stallion". Like, they should be embarrassed. The still-living members should officially bequeath ownership of the song to her. 

    And not that you asked, but my favorites on here are the three versions of "Just Like Heaven". They are all so unique, and Kat and J. Mascis did such original and unique things with the song. I can never figure out which version is the best, I love them all so much. 

    Oh, and I threw the last two in kind of as fan service. Enjoy.

    July - Covered in Inspiration

  • Now serving 3 of 5000

    1 month ago


    It’s 8:00AM and I am at the DMV (it’s called DPS in Texas) and there’s already an hour line.


  • Happy birthday, Barbara!

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    There are quite a few of us who have our origin story deeply rooted in the RT community, but I don't think you can get more OG than @barbara. 

    I remember signing up on RT, trying to connect with a variety of people and groups on here, entering a few contests here and there, and then being able to attend my first RTX in 2012. I actually had zero clue whether or not anyone from RT knew who I was outside of my username but I saw an opportunity at RTX to say hi to Barbara and I took it. I was pretty much expecting to get a wave in and then run away shyly. But she IMMEDIATELY recognized me and hugged me, and we took a picture together and flipped off the camera, and I wished her well and we both went on our ways to enjoy the rest of RTX. 

    I know many of you have similar experiences to this. Barbara is one of few who has seen RT evolve into the company it is now from the very beginning. She comes from the core of the community and she has always welcomed everyone with an open mind and an open heart. I am very proud to now work with her in this capacity, and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. 

    Love you, Barbara. Happy birthday <3  

  • GLOW Season 2

    1 month ago


    Loving Season 2. Is anyone else watching it? Seems like this is a massive lull in the release of video games. Not much hitting shelves these days. Even seems like movies are pretty quiet even though it’s the Summer. 

  • RWBY Chibi Shot Breakdown - Mysterious Red Button

    1 month ago

    Triple_Bee Chibi VisPost Supervisor

    Hello again Chibi friends!  Now that RWBY Chibi Season 3 is back for more wacky hijinks, it seemed like a good opportunity to take another look behind the scenes into what goes into developing a shot for our little show!

    This week I'll be going over Ruby's big sun-busting moment (the actual BIG sun, not the Junior Detective) from Season 3 Episode 7: Mysterious Red Button.  Though it's not as overtly stylized or filled with blazing effects as some of the other shots I've gone over, the one has some subtle complications and considerations that make it worth a look!

    As always we start off with this segment of the script by Tom Alvarado:

    CUT TO:

    Ruby walks along and sees THE BUTTON. She shrugs and pushes it.  The sun blinks out like a light bulb.


    Huh, I did not expect that.

    She pushes it again and it turns on.

    Lights on.


    Lights off.

    Lights on.


    Lights off.

    Push - the SUN POPS like a burned-out bulb.  Yang walks out.

    What's up with the flippin' sun-

    I didn't do it!

    Ruby runs off in a panic


    Next Animator Nicole Moellner digs in, creating hand drawn thumbnails of the action to establish the rough timing, stage direction, framing and a number of other rough factors.  These help bring up conversations about poses, expression and everything else that she'll be dealing with next.


    Once Nicole gets approval from Chibi Director Paula Decanini, she continues on by loading the the characters, set, props and setting the scene's camera to capture it all!  From there she'll set about animating everything, which will involve several reviewed stages from rough pose placement through to final approval. One change you can see from the script is Ruby pushes the button many more times and has her devilish grin worked in.  These sort of modest changes happen organically during the animation process when the Director and/or Animators realize a funny or important moment can be further enhanced!

    The final product of this stage is a completed animation playblast, which is movie quickly produced by our 3D Package (Maya) using a low quality, generic light and textures that allows for visibility but not much else!  As you can see things like skin tone, reflective surfaces and even some basic surface colors aren't present.



    Now it's time to start lighting!  We've got a general established look for the Forest set for consistency, so there's not lot of fine tuning or review needed on that front other than to position the sun's lighting direction in a camera-friendly place.  However...


    ...because Ruby is interacting directly with the button and the tree it's attached to, it will be far easier to render those as separate elements from the backdrop itself.  That way we can chose to render only the background frames where the camera moves and then freeze the image the rest of the time.  This reduces our computation time on the render farm and makes us far more efficient!


    This is one of the other big reasons for separating the tree out.  Because Ruby's shadow will cross over that of the tree and button repeatedly, it makes more sense to produce them in one pass.  Otherwise you risk having the shadows overlap and double-up which, given the strong single light source of the sun, would look incorrect and require a lot more effort to fake.



    Now it's time to start layering things on top of our backdrop.  These are going to be lit with the exact same lights as the Forest.  First up is the tree and button, which get their own pass as a joint object.  The button has it's own special light to give it the internal glow that it always sports when active, though note terribly noticeable here in the daylight (more on that soon though!)


    Next up is Ruby, who has a few extra lights herself.  Generally we add a fill light or two to the Chibi characters to help with the shadow shaping on them. Because their heads are so big and round, most overhead lights tend to cast a lot of unwelcome shadow on their mouths and chins. We also give her eyes and teeth some attention to help them pop and increase her expression readability.

    Last we add a final beauty treatment which adds a subtle glow and vignette to draw the eye to the center and give everything a slightly soft, warm feel.


    All done right? NOPE!

    Ruby breaks the dang sun!

    That means we've actually got to light this shot twice, and the second one is a time of day we don't usually see in the Forest, so we're starting from scratch!


    We're actually going to set this up fairly similar to the day lighting in terms of direction since we don't want to make the audience dizzy with something DRASTICALLY different when it starts rapidly flipping back and forth.  It'll be hard to tell until we add the objects back in, but there are some differences to help it stand out however.  We also have to replace the skydome providing the background sky.  Luckily I made one for the Mystery Bunch sketch last season, so I can just drop that in back there!



    Because the Forest dirt clearing is SO distinctly bright yellow, once we're in our compositing tool (After Effects) we opt to de-saturate and color shift the ground to a paler, blueish hue that helps imply 'moonlight' rather than just 'dim sun.'  Attempting to do with by coloring the actual light would be possible but would have proven less effective, and would also have colored everything in the scene excessively in the process.  That said, I provide a similar adjustment to the rest of the backdrop as well to help it blend, it's just far more subtle.


    Just like before we have the tree and Ruby as separate elements sharing a shadow pass.  Here you can finally see the other main difference from the sun light, the moon provides a much less crisp shadow.  It stays somewhat sharp near the contact points on the ground but grows much more blurred as the tree (and Ruby to a lesser extent) rises into the air.


    Another little enhancement we're going to make (and one applied to the daytime set as well) is to have the backdrop become blurred the farther it gets from the camera.  We do this by using a Depth Pass, one of a number of hidden utility layers that we have included INSIDE of the background and character passes.  This treatment is fairly common to the Forest and most other outdoor settings to help them feel even more expansive.

    Depth passes are visualized as below. They generally look pure black at first glance, but we're able to adjust them in After Effects to set a near point (black) and a far point (white) with the grey in-between allowing for a partially blurred transition between the two.


    Time to add the tree to the shot in this version too.  As you can see, the button's internal glow is much more obvious in the darker night lighting.  One problem that becomes apparent however is that since the tree is in a separate layer, the glow from it isn't having an effect on the ground below!

    Not to worry though!  We can add an extra pass that hits the environment and then layer that on top too.  Since we'll want it to land on Ruby AND have the her shadow from the button light hit the ground too we'll include her in the pass at the same time.  Adding it to the composition now creates a SpOoKy GhOsT RuBy! 

    Time to bring Ruby into the scene properly!  Because she naturally has a lot of dark colors that might get lost in the shadowy undersides of the trees behind her, we add a pair of gentle rim lights behind her that add definition to those spots.  You can see those here as the slightly blue light lines on the left side of her hair.  All this serves to help her silhouette pop off the backdrop even better. Depending on where she's standing the button light from above also provides this!

    Finally we add the same glow and vignette enhancements, though fittingly they're less prominent in this darker lighting except around high contrast points!


    Now that both of those lighting variations are set up, we can toggle between them with a quick adjustment in After Effects!  That comes in handy for the end when the sun finally bursts, flaring and fading out in an uneven fashion. 

    That's it for now, thanks for checking out another making-of RWBY Chibi!  I've got a few more of these planned, especially as we get deeper into the second half of Season 3 so keep an eye out!

  • A Very Virtual Kokkinos Adventure

    1 month ago

    ChrisKO Might steal your tacos

    Let's talk about VR, my friends!

    A month or so ago, I went over and hung out with Miles and he showed me the marvelous wonders of virtual reality. I was really trying to hold out until I could find some games that would really justify such a big purchase. 

    Now before I go on, VR is still pretty dang pricey, and not likely worth the buy for a lot of consumers. That being said, if you happen to have some money available and want to explore a new gaming experience, now's as good a time as any to jump in. 

    Hey Chris! What device do you recommend?: The HTC Vive

    Why?!: Well, truthfully, outside of the old dev kits, I never played with the Oculus and the PS VR didn't really give me what I was looking for. I did enough reading, however, to see that the Vive just fit within what I was looking for a bit better (more surface area with less bases, more game options that were up my alley, etc.). There are plenty of resources out there, if you're looking for more technical breakdowns, of course. 

    I just found what I liked and rolled with it. OH! And I also got $100 off via Office Depot when I purchased it (that was also a pretty big defining factor). 

    What Games should I try out? Great question, anonymous user!

    I'm typically a FPS fella, so.. there are a lot of options in this realm. Though, some have issues with that motion sick 'my body is moving but I'm not' business. Here are the games I played and my thoughts on them: 

    - Superhot VR: Ever want to feel like Neo from The Matrix? Like a super badass that dodges bullets, knocks guns into the air and shoots things in the face? Play this game. It's amazing.

    - DOOM VFR: Not the same storyline as the main game. But all the right feels of a DOOM game. When Mick Gordon's soundtrack comes on, you're in 'melt the f*$*ing faces off some hellspawn with your BFG' mode. It's pretty fantastic. 

    - Arizona Sunshine: Really fun zombie survival game. Truthfully, I spent more time playing horde mode than I did in the campaign. You just get lost in getting weapon upgrades and dual wielding pistols while protecting your tender insides from the zomboz. The story was pretty neat, but I think the bread and butter of this game is definitely the 'how accurately can I shoot a zombie in the face?' 

    Beat (f%*king) Saber: An ABSOLUTE must. This lightsaber rhythm game is so simple and yet, so much fun. Additionally the modding community is doing such a great job of making new content for the game. Be prepared to sweat your ass off. 

    - Tiltbrush: I can't tell you how neat this is. This is just an experience worth checking out. Being able to draw things in the 3D Space and just get enveloped in it, it's absolutely breathtaking. 

    - The Lab: I love this series of experiences so much! And it's free! 10/10. :) 

    With the Steam Summer Sale happening, I'm potentially picking up a few other games, too!: 

    - Skyrim VR

    - Fallout 4

    - Budget Cuts

    - Raw Data

    - Job Simulator 

    ...and some others! 

    How much playtime will I get? Are there any side effects?

    Well, informed user, from purchase to now (~4ish weeks), I played for about 2 weeks straight. Early on, I observed some interesting things with my vision (often feeling like I'm in a 3D VR environment) and movement (I didn't want to move my legs, like I had the magical capability to just teleport to the next spot). Like, my brain wasn't understanding what was real/fake. BUT! That resolved pretty quickly. It was a bit on the spoopy side, though. I've since taken a break to resume regular PC activity, but I will likely break it out again for a week or so to play more games next month. 

    In short: 

    VR is pretty sweet. But I think there's still a long ways to go before this becomes a regular household console. It still lacks in some ways right out of the box (more trackers for other limbs on your body, movement (e.g. the omnidirectional treadmill), and some other little things here and there. That being said, if you have the funds, consider picking it up. From pew-pewing to painting to having VR chat with your friends, there's quite a bit you can do in that realm these days, and I feel like there's something for errbody. 

    That's all I got! Hope this was somewhat informative for some of ya. :) 

    Next blog post, we'll talk about some sound stuff! Based on a tweet I came across, I've been thinking about sharing some info about some techniques I used to design some Grimm. 

    Catch ya next time!


  • RWBY: Chibi Returns for the Summer of Animation

    1 month ago


    So how’s that Saturday morning cartoon cereal?  Is it ready? Because RWBY: Chibi is back! And oh boy, what are the Chibis going to get into this time?  Well, there’s an old friend (or should I say friends) visiting Weiss at Beacon who’s going to finally meet the team.  It’s Klein! Butler-extraordinaire, bearing gifts of tea, tea cakes, and a whole lot of fancy-pants class. But Klein is no ordinary butler as we’ll see.  Let’s just say he’s bursting with personality!

    I’m sure you guys have noticed our snazzy new site!  Rooster Teeth has been working hard putting together a new streaming viewer experience for the fans, and we hope you like it.  Also changing is the way we’ll be premiering our new episodes of RWBY: Chibi. It’ll go like this! Each week, a new episode will premiere that will be exclusively available to our First Member subscribers.  After a week, that episode will be available for everyone to watch for free on the Rooster Teeth site. We’ll still have all the previous episodes on YouTube, but our new episodes will only be available through Rooster Teeth, so please support our site!  We love sharing our silly wee show with you, and hope you continue to join us for all the goofs and gags with Ruby and her friends.

    This will all be kicking off TOMORROW on JUNE 30th!  It’s the Summer of Animation and team RWBY is getting in there!  And if tomorrow is too long to wait, you can join us for the RWBY CHIBI Marathon kicking off tonight at 6:00 PM CDT.  Be sure to check out the chats too as some of the CRWBY (including myself) will be popping in there to hang out and talk all things Chibi.


  • This Week At ScrewAttack - 6/29/18

    1 month ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi


    Top 10 Jurassic Park Moments w/ Boomstick - Writer Notes 


    • Similar to my last journal post, this is my first time writing for Boomstick. It was a blast. He's a fun character to write for. 
    • The "Welcome to Jurassic Park" moment which is at #2 is actually my personal favorite. I would place it at #1. Chad actually agreed with me. But Boomstick is a different animal. 
    • Our writing intern, Genevieve Guimond, and I wrote the first draft of this script in about 8 hours. We were under the gun after some scheduling mix ups and cranked it out! It was a blast. 
    • Gerardo did a great job editing this episode. That is all. 
    • The juxtaposition of how great that first movie is and the talking dino "Alan" scene in the third movie is staggering. 
    • How's the new movie? Haven't seen it yet. 
    • Uh...uhhh, um.....uh...Jeff Goldblum. 

    Watch the video!

    The Desk of The Desk of DEATH BATTLE - Donald Duck Has PTSD - Editor Notes 


    • Here's another episode written by Genevieve Guimond!
    • I'm a big Disney fan, I love Donald but for some reason I kept accidentally referring to him and this episode has the "Daffy Duck" episode.
    • These "let's watch something together and make fun of it" episodes are my favorite DoDBs to edit. So fun. 
    • One thing I really liked about this script is how it played with Jocelyn's "I do all the research" intro line. Gotta play around with the format every once in a while! 
    • I wait and pray for the day I'm at a Trivia Night and we need to know Donald's middle name. Oh! Please! 

    Watch the video!

  • Theater Mode Live & Theater Mode AUX

    1 month ago

    Stab RT Broadcast Producer

    Hey Everyone, 
    Going to be talking about Theater Mode Live and our test concept for Theater Mode AUX

    First things first. Theater Mode Live is completely sold out. It happened crazy quick. Looking forward to seeing all my fellow Theater-modians(?) We should get a name for that. We have the movie, Squeeze Play, a summer softball movie that's the predecessor to The First Turn-On from RTX 2017. So plenty of gags and nudity. Looking forward to it. 

    Moving on. So what is Theater Mode AUX? Theater Mode AUX is our chance at doing real movies on Theater Mode; something our audience has wanted us to do since day one of the show. AUX is a Theater Mode episode that is purely audio based and lets us do any movie we want by only releasing our commentary. It's something that RiffTrax and podcasters like Kevin Smith have done before. It's not a new concept, but neither is putting a couple people on a green screen to comment on a video. 

    Why Audio Based? This is our way of getting around having to pay a massive amount for licensing a popular film. All you only need to do is sync it up by pressing play at the same time we do. We want to do films that are easily accessible and right now we are leaning toward Deep Blue Sea, which is on Netflix and very easy to find. 

    Before anyone asks, this is not replacing Theater Mode. This is a concept that we are testing to have at least once a season or using it to make additional content. The Theater Mode team is a very small group of people that work on a variety of different sows and were doing our best to make the content our audience enjoys. 

    That's all I have for today. Have a good weekend! 

    Current Theater Mode Schedule

  • RT Pride-Cast Going Live SOOOOOOON!

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    Pst! Hold onto your butts because we are 30 minutes from going live with our Pride-Cast Livestream! 

    You can join us here:

    And please don't forget that we are raising funds for The Trevor Project

    For a little bit more info on TTP: Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.

    Thank you for being part of this community, thank you for hanging out and being awesome, and thank you for all of your donations. 


    See you soooooon! 

  • Website and App Updates

    1 month ago


    Hey everyone! We have a few new site and app updates for you to check out!

    First up, I'm happy to announce that you are now able to stay in fullscreen mode while binging videos, rather than having to re-select the fullscreen option each time a new video loads! We split your watchlist into tabs to make it easier to find the episodes AND series that you follow. You’ll also see that sort and filter options on the series page have been broken out into separate dropdown menus. That should make things a little less confusing and improve the experience.

    Secondly, in the RT mobile app iOS and Android, you can now check out the all new app settings page. We’ve added in a color picker and video quality options so you can tailor to your streaming and customization needs! We've also made some performance improvements, so be sure to download the latest update and let us know what you think.

    Lastly, we’ve implemented some new mod features for chat including user time outs. This is an admin-only feature but one we hope will keep the RT chats some of the best on the web!

    If you haven’t stopped by in a while, be sure to head to to see what’s new on the site and download the mobile app so you never miss an RT beat!

    Stay tuned for more rad changes coming soon! 


  • We're doing an RT Pride-Cast Livestream on June26th!

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    Very excited that we are continuing to celebrate Pride Month by hosting our very own RT Pride-Cast Livestream tomorrow, June 26th, at 5pm CT! 

    Various staff members shall be discussing their personal experiences, who their role models are, and more, in roundtable fashion, and we shall be gathering donations for The Trevor Project during the stream and throughout the remainder of the month. 

    I am so happy that I was able to help coordinate this livestream, and seeing the support from the community since the announcement went out on Friday warmed my heart. Y'all. Are. Awesome. 

    I hope you'll join us tomorrow and hang out in chat! We will be posting the live link on Twitter and I will be writing another journal reminder tomorrow (complete with link) before we go live! Excited to see you all!  


  • Lemme get at them trains!

    1 month ago

    ChrisKO Might steal your tacos

    Hey there! It's been a good bit, so I thought I'd go ahead and drop some knowledge on my *continued* incomplete guide to Japan! :D

    Today, we'll be talking about my experiences with Transit! 

    Transit topics to chat about!

    • JR Passes
    • Suica Passes
    • Driving/Parking at the airport vs. Renting Cars (What's more cost effective?)
    • Google Maps, Battery Packs, Pocket Wee-fee!
    • Walking (So. Much. Walking.)
    • Big travel days

    Let's begin: 

    JR Passes

    These are basically your golden ticket to ride trains in-and-out of the city and occasionally (depending on where you are) from district to district (you've just got to do some looking around to make sure the train you're getting on is JR). 

    Here's where I bought mine:

    The process is pretty straightforward. 

    1) Go to that site and buy your pass for 'x' number of days (it only comes in 7, 14, or 21). You don't need the green pass. Trust me. Put that money towards toys or food or something.

    2) Try to plan how many days you'll need in advance, too. We had to buy extra JR tickets back to the airport because we stayed for ~10 days, but only opted for a 7 day pass. 

    3) They'll mail it and won't leave it at your door! So, be prepared to receive it or pick it up at your local FedEx dispatch (or wherever it's being delivered from). 

    3.5) THIS IS NOT YOUR PASS. It's only a voucher that you trade in when you get to Japan!

    4) Once you get to Japan, there will be a kiosk for traveling just after you go through bag search/security/customs. Tell them where you're going, they'll hook you up with your JR passes and give you the tickets you need to get to your destination.

    NOTE: You don't necessarily need tickets to ride the JR (as far as I know). Some of the train cars have 'assigned seating' and some don't. But, those trips are typically pretty long, so it's useful. Just stop by a JR kiosk at any station and ask, they'll hook you up! 

    5) As you're making your way through the station and you get to the gates where you have to pass security or the little checkpoints, look for a window where the guards are, walk up, say 'sumimasen' (translated: excuse me) are and flash them your badge. They'll typically just let you through very quickly. Some might stop you to make sure your pass is current, though, so don't just walk through it all willy-nilly. :) 

    OKAY. So. I spent a lot of time on JR stuff. I can go into more detail if you have questions, so just let me know. 


    Suica Cards
    In the easiest explanation possible: this card is basically your local train card. Anytime you're taking a train from one part of the city to another, you're likely going to use this. They have dispensers in the station (and I think at most stations, to be honest). And further, they have refill stations so you can put more money on it. I recommend putting ~30yen on it. Trust me, you'll use it. 

    PRO TIP: A toooon of vending machines accept these. 

    ANOTHER PRO TIP: This one's pretty easy to notice but, as you walk through the gates to get into the station or to your train, it'll show your balance on the screen. Keep an eye on this! 

    Commuting to your Airport

    I know this one seems kind of silly, but we spent a lot of time looking into this because our situation was kind of weird. It's likely going to be cheaper to park your car there than to take a rideshare/taxi/rental to and from the airport. Likely. Depending on where you live this could be a different situation. We actually drove from Austin > Houston and back, and so we had to consider alternative plans. Just be sure to look up your airport parking prices. ;) 

    QUICK SIDE NOTE: If you're not a Google Fi user, make sure you're getting a pocket wifi either from your hotel/air BnB or that you're renting one from the airport. This will be your connection to the internet/real world. You can disable your social media if you're just trying to escape for a bit, but you should definitely have one of these to make your way around town a bit easier.

    Google Maps IS YOUR FRIEND

    Google maps was basically our tour guide (well, that and our good friends Mikey D. in Osaka and Hero Liao(!!) in Kyoto). My favorite feature: all of the subway transit info! There was information on walking distance to the stations, travel times, distance from station-to-station, how frequently the train would come/go, etc. There are third party apps you can check out, but see if Google Maps does the trick for you, first. 

    ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: GET A BATTERY PACK! This thing saved our bacon. A whoooole lot. They're fairly cheap and will keep you charged for a good bit of time. Here's what I bought:

    It should go without saying, but, have a backpack or similar on hand (or back) at all times, too. Because..

    "...I would walk 500 miles... "


    You're going to walk a lot. So, be prepared for that. If you've got tender footsies, maybe look at grabbing a quick foot massage at the end of each day or even after a certain number of days. On average, we walked roughly 10-12 miles a day. We were also trying to see everything we could, though. So, if you're planning on relaxing, then maybe this won't be such an issue for you. :) Consider looking at getting solid walking shoes before you go, too! This helped immensely for Jamm and I. 

    Last but not least. 


    This one's actually not so bad. Just make sure you wake up early on these days. The Shinkansen are quick, but you're going to want to get the ball rolling early. Also, we noticed a trend that most people weren't actually up and around until 10am or just a bit later. So, the early trains were typically pretty easy to snag. I definitely recommend planning your major travel days in advance, though. Especially if it's only a day trip. We took a short trek out to Kyoto for the day and the train ride was roughly 35 minutes or so to-and-from, and with only being there 10 days, an hour spent traveling is quite a bit. 

    That being said, if you like to just see the sights through the window of a train, maybe this won't be so bad of a deal for you. Just make sure to check the map to see what side *might* have more interesting stuff to look at.

    Okay! I think that about covers it for this round. I wrote this one a bit on the sleepy side. We've been terribly busy and I've been trying to drown myself in games, TV, and books for the past few weeks to help relax my brain. This one was not the most eventful/adventurous, but I hope it proves at least useful to some of you! :) 

    My next entry will be a bit about the places we checked out and the places I *sadly* missed out on! 

    See ya next time, Superfriends. 


  • Making of RT 15th Anniversary Poster

    1 month ago

    TobinLee Tobin Lee

    I am long overdue for my first journal post but better late then never. I thought I would show the progress for my latest screen print poster for those of you who are interested in how I make these. Jon gave me the concept for a Neo-Austin, Blade Runnery alley poster to celebrate Rooster Teeth’s 15th anniversary and we put together this mood board to summarize the feel. Once that idea was locked in, I drew some thumbnails to find a composition that got the confined, vertical feel that we wanted (we ended up going with something similar to the top middle image.) Next step was building some primitive shapes in google sketchup to get the perspective and lighting mapped out super quick. Then my favorite part… sketching noodley details and making futuristic logos and characters etc.  Then some line work, coloring, layering blah blah blah. Sent the press file off to the printer and then a few weeks later they show up and I sign all these bad boys (the worst part of the process). Then finally you lovely people buy them all! Thanks to everyone who got one these and thanks for reading!



  • Gym Horror Stories

    in Forums > Gym Horror Stories | Follow this topic

    LuckE Gainfully Employed

    What's up fellow Swoldiers! 

    I've become a regular at the gym. I work out a minimum of 3 times a week, at around the same time and see a lot of familiar faces. People where all sorts of clothing when they workout. I've seen the tight pants, the cut off shirts that look like ribbons and I'm pretty un-phased by most of it. But, for a couple of weeks, a new guy started working out around the same time as me. He always wore the same thing. Tight shirt, tighter grey shorts. . 

    One day, I'm sitting down doing some dumbbell curls, my first mistake, and homeboy rolls up next to me. It's right around the time I'm on a rest when I feel a tremor in the force. I glance over via the mirror, my second mistake, where I am treated to the full anatomy of this guys hog.

    I'm pretty secure with myself, but I can't tell you how long I stared at this guys hammer. I was frozen, I don't think anybody is prepared to see dick in the wild. I recovered, finished my last set and just walked away. I saw this guy several more times over the course of a couple weeks and I gave him a wide birth. He always worked out next to people, even if there was nobody else around and nobody, staff or otherwise, seemed to acknowledge what was going on. Then one day he just disappeared. 

    3 replies

  • gen:LOCK update!

    2 months ago


    Hi you! Got an update for you about gen:LOCK!  You did catch that first little announcement about casting the other week, right? There's more where that came from, so be on the lookout for more casting news and character reveals this summer.

    Let's talk release schedule. Rooster Teeth has a lllloooootttttt of cool stuff that they are trying to balance over the next months (and years). Taking all that into account, the company has decided to start 2019 with a bang - and opening the year with gen:LOCK is the best way to do it. Thus, gL now has a release target of January 2019. We're still kicking around some fun ideas about how we might get some genlockiness into the world before 2018 is out, though.

    The production is going amazingly well, and we can't wait to show you what we've been up to. I couldn't be prouder of the crew and everything they've been pouring themselves into. Some of you have had questions about how production of gL impacts RWBY or vice-versa, and the answer is that these are largely parallel productions with separate crews. Rooster Teeth Animation has been growing like crazy (keep an eye on the RT careers page if you feel like throwing your hat in the ring), and each show that RTanim makes is getting the focused attention it deserves. It does mean that some members of CRWBY are moving up, taking on new positions around the department as we continue to build. So keep an eye out for crewfolk announcing their new roles, and please show them all the love they deserve.

    Lastly please enjoy the new motion poster announcing gL's date, as well as these little BTS snapshots I've been taking! I'll continue sharing this sort of stuff as we go.

    More soon,









  • Pilot month: The Results Are In!

    2 months ago

    ebregman Programming

    We hope you all enjoyed Pilot Month! It was great to show the community what we’ve been working on and even better that you guys responded so well to everything. I’m happy to say all of the pilots are proceeding on to next steps! Here are the details:

    • BRANDED - This one is clearly a fan favorite. The goal was to make a half-hour comedy that captured the spirit and tone of the old RT Office Shorts, and it looks like Marshall and the team nailed it. Branded will be coming back with a full first season, seven additional episodes to make season one a total of eight episodes (including the pilot). All episodes will be available exclusively for FIRST members, with a few of the bits from each also making their way to YouTube, Facebook, and elsewhere.

    • GORQ’S QUEST - Easily one of the most talked-about pilots, there is a lot here to work with and a ton of potential for this series. We’re making some tweaks to the format and to the GORQ character, among a few other things, and we’ll release an additional four episodes that will be free to watch for everyone.

    • ACHIEVEMENT HAUNTER - Yeah, I guess we’ll make more of these. Eight more episodes coming soon, exclusively for FIRST members.

    • MDB: ANIMATED - This pilot episode will be released soon on Facebook, as a next step in our test. Because of its runtime and the creative being based on a pre-existing property, it performed well but understandably you guys felt the audience for this was likely broader than FIRST members. We think this is a show you’ll be eager to share with your followers on various social platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and after the public test I expect we’ll make a few more.

    • RT’S MURDER ROOM - Did you choose the right person? We had so much fun testing this series and knew it was going to be a favorite. If you’re wondering what goes into making this show, we posted an audio-only post-show episode today. We learned a lot from this pilot that we want to continue to experiment with. Because of that, before we jump in and make a lot more of these we’re going to make four more episodes and release them free to watch for everyone.

    Congrats to everyone who worked so hard on these shows! As a whole, Pilot Month was a really cool way to introduce everyone to new content, our new app, and have a fun event for the whole community to gather around. We see this pilot event as a key step in our content development process. It gave us a chance to get our feet wet with some new shows, learn what it might take to make them into series, and include you in the process. Thanks as always for being supportive as we experiment! And if you have additional feedback about the Pilot Month process, please tell us in the comments!

  • Attention: International RT Box Members!

    2 months ago


    Hi everyone!

    When we launched the RT Box a few months ago, one of the most exciting things that we were able to tell our community members outside of the United States was that we were working to roll customs into the cost of the box and shipping. 

    As many of you have now experienced, this didn’t work out quite like we wanted, and you were hit with additional fees that you were not expecting.
    While we work to fix this for future RT Boxes, we do want to offer refunds (in current USD) corresponding to the amount that you were issued to pay to receive your boxes. To be eligible for a refund, you just need to email us at with a copy of the invoice you had to pay. 

    We’re really sorry for the inconvenience and confusion, and we’ll let you know just as soon as we nail down a solution for future boxes. In the meantime let us know if you have any other questions. 

    Much love,

    <3 Chelsea

  • What does RTX mean to you? Do you have RTX Stories to Share? We want to know!

    2 months ago

    kriss Community Manager

    Hello, everyone!

    You've been a part of this community, and you've attended one of our RTX shows. Given the experiences you've had and the memories you've made, we want to know what it is about RTX that makes it so special to this community.

    So tell us! We are asking you to submit a short clip of yourself telling us in one sentence (or even one word) what RTX means to you. 

    Here are the deets: 

    1) Send your clips to with the subject line 'What RTX Means to Me'

    2) Submit by JUNE 25th 11:59pm CT 

    3) Keep it short. One sentence or one word shall suffice. Keep it to no more than 10-15 seconds. 

    4) You can submit a video in vertical or horizontal format or both! We will take one of each

    5) Speak clearly and make sure there isn't any background noise 

    6) Please do not add your own music 

    Once you’ve told us what RTX means to you, we’d love to hear some of your RTX stories and see your RTX pictures as well! Send these submissions to with the subject line “*RTX: Stories*” 

    Record yourself telling us about:
    1) Your favorite RTX activity
    2) A friend/group of friends you made at RTX
    3) What you’re looking forward to at RTX 2018 (if you are going.)

    4) These can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes

    And that's it! We are looking forward to your submissions! 




    By submitting in response to this post, you grant to Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC, its parent company(ies) and affiliates (collectively, the “Licensed Parties”) the perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully-paid, non-exclusive, transferable right to use your submitted material in any manner to be determined in the Licensed Parties’ sole discretion, including but not limited to on their webpages, social media pages and in other marketing, promotional and advertising initiatives, in any media now or hereafter known. Licensed Parties may use, display, reproduce, distribute, transmit, create derivative works from, combine with other materials, alter and/or edit your submitted material in any manner in its sole discretion, with no obligation to you whatsoever. You grant the Licensed Parties the right to use your username, real name, image, likeness, caption, location or other identifying information in connection with any use of your submitted material. You hereby represent and warrant that (i) you own all rights in and to your submitted material (ii) you have permission from all person(s) appearing in your submitted material to grant the rights granted herein; (iii) you are not a minor, and (iv) the Licensed Parties’ use of your submitted material as described herein will not violate the rights of any third party or any law. You hereby release, discharge and agree to hold the Licensed Parties, and any person acting on their behalf harmless from any liability related in any way to the use of the submitted material.

  • Do you want to upgrade your RTX Austin badge to a Platinum or Weekend Plus badge?

    2 months ago


    Hi everyone!

    Why, yes! You've been asking since we announced more Platinum and Weekend Plus badges are going on sale and we've got that answer. 

    Upgrades are allowed!

    To do so, you will have to contact Front Gate directly - call them. It'll be the quickest and easiest process to do so. This is how you can do it:

    1. For a badge upgrade contact Front Gate's CS Support Line at +1 888-512-7469 beginning at 10:00 a.m. CDT June 20. 
    2. The CS team will verify in real time the previous order
    3. Next they will process a charge for the upgraded badge type’s FULL amount
    4. Then they will issue a refund for the original order

    *Note: Badge upgrades are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Badges sell out quickly, so make sure you hop on the phone ASAP.

    What CAN you upgrade?

    There is NO limit on what tier someone wants to upgrade to. For example, a Single day can upgrade to Weekend PLUS. Or a Weekend PLUS can upgrade to Platinum.

    What CAN'T you upgrade?

    You cannot combine multiple tickets to get something of greater value. For example, if you had four weekend badges and wanted to "combine" them to get a Platinum badge - nope, can't do that! 

    Reminder, additional Platinum and Weekend Plus badges will be available starting June 20, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. CDT.

    Do you have any questions? Drop them here and we'll help out!



  • Update on Chloe

    2 months ago

    kriss Community Manager

    I know many of you are familiar with what's going on with my Maltese, Chloe, but I don't believe I've posted about her here. 

    To get y'all up to speed, I fostered Chloe in 2012. Back then, we worked with a dog rescue and they reached out asking if I could rehabilitate a dog that was going to have her leg amputated. Since Wasabi is a tripod herself, the rescue thought I would be a good fit for Chloe. Turned out that her previous owner broke her leg and left her like that, so it healed improperly and was rendered useless. The rescue picked her up and decided to amputate and place her in a foster home to recover. 

    She came to our home, and she never left. The little fluff ball bonded to me within minutes and she never left my side. I decided to adopt her officially in October of 2012. She is a little hellion, and that's a huge understatement. She's chewed through door frames, broken out of puppy gates (and cracked the walls because of it), destroyed shoes, dug holes into the carpet WHILE crated, and no combination of thunder shirt, anxiety sprays/meds, etc... worked on her. But she is still my baby. 

    She followed me everywhere I go, always assuming that I will leave her for good. As soon as I move, her little head pops up and wonders what my next plan is and whether it involves her. When I get up in the morning, I see her head pop up at the foot of the bed, and she waits for me while I shower and get ready for the day. Even though she sleeps most of the day, she's never far from me. She's my little white shadow. 

    A few weeks ago, we found out she has cancer. She hadn't been breathing well, so I took her to the vet, and we had X rays done and found a huge mass that has taken up half her lung capacity. As she's a senior dog, we felt that surgery and chemo would be too extreme for her. So now we are just making her feel comfortable until it's time to say farewell. 

    As each day goes by, she shows more signs of slowing down. She no longer follows me everywhere, and she's eating less. The vet told me that I shouldn't expect her to live beyond July with Christmas being the longest she could likely stay, but now it's looking more like I will have to make that decision in a week or so. I want her to be happy and comfortable. I don't want my last memories of seeing her suffer in any way. 

    I write this for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I tend to share these points of my life because it's therapeutic for me and I've found that it's therapeutic for others who may be experiencing the same. We live in an age where social media moments serve as foundation points for our personal lives. While I normally post food pics and stupid selfies and odd thoughts that are intended to make people laugh, there are moments that aren't as happy or silly. I think it's important to share that balance. 

    I also write this because many of you know of Chloe because of my posts about her and I know you're worried about her. I think it's wonderful that so many of you check in on her and ask how she's doing. I feel that Chloe is incredibly loved because y'all think about her so often. I don't share everything about my life (even though it may seem like it), but I love to share my experiences with my dogs with you all. 

    Lastly, Chloe is a rescue dog. She was abandoned and needed a home, and she found mine. I will always adopt from a rescue or a shelter. Rescues aren't "perfect on paper", but that doesn't make them any less loving or wonderful. I share her story to hopefully help change the stigma that rescues aren't great dogs. They really are. 

    Until the next update. Send all the love to this adorable pupper.