WSI - Episode 8

The Strangerhood: WSI - Episode 8

Sam and Dr. Chalmers speculate where Strangerhood Lane is located. For unfounded reasons, Dr. Chalmers believes that they are in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Comments (488)

  • lcephoenix FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    2 years ago

    So who else is rewatching this right now because of the second season coming up?

  • CanMikeBlog

    2 years ago

    I just started watching this, and now I'm on episode 8


  • MrConall

    4 years ago

    wade maaaan

  • CandyAce

    5 years ago

    They never let me play their stupid felony game

    omg smiley4.gif

  • bmmcgraw16

    5 years ago

    Still waiting for strangerhood 2

  • Reaxions

    6 years ago


  • Zombiebreath

    7 years ago

    Everyones comment were posted a long time ago, damn

  • stephanie117

    7 years ago

    Wade= caboose= Joel. Love his voice :)

  • nova_starr

    7 years ago

    episode 8
    Dr. Chalmers channels Samuel L Jackson.
    "Does Ohio have Jacuzzis?!" "What?"

  • karkaran

    7 years ago

    not really funny, rvb's much better

  • Patawan

    9 years ago

    If RT made WSI, I would watch it. And buy the DVD.

  • ciscis5

    9 years ago

    the best the stranger hood episode ever!

  • f4t4lthrust

    9 years ago

    "Like wee-ooo wee-ooo wee-ooo wee-ooo, man!"

    i'd love to ride in a cruiser, as long as its not in the back...

  • dexter747

    9 years ago

    rofl WSI cleveland

  • mrhyde21

    9 years ago

    wade, a cop, oh shit!

  • retard1

    9 years ago

    that was AWSOME!!

  • john42

    9 years ago

    what a twist!

  • RoyallKiller

    9 years ago

    lol so mest and yet the best thing ever!!!!!


    9 years ago

    Nerd Punching!

  • DragonMina

    9 years ago

    "High score, what are ya gonna do about that? Nothin', cuz you're stupid."

    Haha, GRG is the best lame tough guy ever.

    Nerd punching!!

  • urkspleen

    9 years ago

    Lets fo commit felonies!

  • JSReaper212

    9 years ago

    wow at start this show wasnt good but now this is really good

  • falsepromise

    9 years ago

    im lost

  • MetalxNinja

    9 years ago

    Hey...I live in Ohio...


    9 years ago

    lol Sweet Thanks!

  • AlexS13

    9 years ago

    Officer Wade says...
    "You should be a cop
    and like solve crimes
    and stuff or whatever"

    hahaha Wade is my favorite cop XD

  • rvsbrulz

    9 years ago

    WSI best show ever

  • marcusfeenix

    9 years ago

    i have made a discovery...WADE IS CABOOSE!the voice is the same!just a bit diff!but hes a caboose!

  • suicidal_th

    9 years ago

    god this is hilarious!

  • pistolpanda5

    9 years ago

    i laughed for 4 hours

  • Vectorspyke

    9 years ago

    lol nice csi spoof

  • Elcan

    9 years ago

    Wade and Sam, putting crime to rest

  • Caboose1051

    9 years ago

    Wow that was pretty cool. Wade is so lucky.. He found a cop outfit AND a car! He should bust of jail me out everynow and then.. Camo guy needs more friends other than the freakin gnome..

  • major2315

    9 years ago

    is it just me or is wade a f'ed up version of owen wilson

  • sobadnomad

    9 years ago

    why dont the steel freezerz?

  • L33tm0f047

    9 years ago

    WSI friggin hilarious

  • Eagle367

    9 years ago

    if wade was a cop in cleveland all of the crime would be gone lol

  • Spooley

    9 years ago

    lol WSI would be great =D

  • aeonpsych

    9 years ago

    Great episode! "What you going to do about that? Nothing, cause your stupid"

  • rvsbrulz

    9 years ago

    all i have to say about that guy with painted face loser

  • SirJaceMan FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    9 years ago

    Ha! I love it!

  • tiny_dancer1

    9 years ago

    Loved Tovar's ad on the park bench.

  • anubis4272

    9 years ago

    lol grg

  • jaysee17

    9 years ago

    loooove it. hey citizens respect the badge.

  • sunshine1234

    9 years ago

    This is the best one out of all of them

  • hotthalofan

    9 years ago

    lol "u should b a cop if u solve crimes and stuff or watever"lol

    lol "high score wat r u going 2 do about that....nuthing cuz ur stupid" lol

  • CaitlinsK00l

    10 years ago

    Love the series! <3 The best! Just asking but HOW do you download the Strangerhood Eps? Just asking,


  • gridnack

    10 years ago

    "im the world champion at nerd punching"

    that is like totally something i would do

  • caboose91190

    10 years ago

    yes, i too figured that sam was church, and wade was caboose.. and i can definitely see army guy is sarge.. i think tex is either nikki or cathrine.. sister might be one of those too..

  • JakeHCoker

    10 years ago

    better but i still like RvB better

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