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    • 4 years ago

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    • Journey to first 100% game Part 3

      4 years ago

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      I have given up.

      I have reached the point where I never want to touch this game again. It has been so tedious and annoying to get these achievements that I have lost all enjoyment from it. Lego Marvel was a fun game wile it held my interest for the month that I had invested in it, but now I'm sick of the tedious game play and turn my back from it.

      My goal though, still stands strong. I have bought the remake of one of the very first X-Box games, and and one of the most favorite games, I have ever played; Fable Anniversary.

      I've played it for about a week now, and have most of the achievements. Mostly story achievements to go now, and about 3 non-story linked achievements.

      It is sad that I couldn't finish Lego Marvel, but it seems better that my first 100% be my first favorite game.


    • Journey to first 100% game Part 2

      4 years ago

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      Hello all readers, time for an update.

      I haven't been playing as much as I would like to, but school has taken a firm hold of my time. Since my first update 3 days ago, I am happy to say that I have made it to 50% total completion within the game! I have also revived 3 achievements since as well:

      Don't I Know You?
      Team up with Captain America with Human Torch (Co-op)

      Fastball Special
      Preform a special throwing move as Colossus on Wolverine

      Menace of Magneto
      Drive to the Baxer Building as Magneto in the Magneto Mobile

      I will keep progressing until there is that 100% on that game.

    • Journey to first 100% game

      4 years ago

      Musicmaniac9 Sponsor

      Out of all the games I've had ever played, one thing has eluded me time and time again. Rampaging boredom, ADD, or general disinterest have prevented me from one goal, 100% completion.

      Recently my little cousins were over and they wanted to play with my new X-Box One, sadly I had no games fit for them to play (they are 8 and 9, Call of Duty and Dead Rising 3 would be a bad choice in my mind to play with them). So i went to the faithful X-Box Market. Instantly Lego Marvel Superheros caught my eye. Two of my favorite this as a kid, hell two of my favorite things now, and instantly bought it. We played for a couple of hours, made it though a few levels, and stopped.

      They went home and I returned to my X-Box. There I see Marvel. I go though the list of achievements and made a bold decision. I will not play another game until I have received all the achievements and reached 100% percent completion. "A kids game, how hard can it be?" Little did I know the undertaking that I was about to endure.

      As of writing this, I've played the game for about 2 weeks, with a total of approximate 20 hours, and have only made it to 34.5% game completion. The usual signs of game quitting have aroused within me, but i must power through. I have made a promise to myself and I'll be damned if I cannot reach it.

      For those reading this, and more precisely, those not turned sour by this or huff their noes, I guess i will post more onward about this quest I have set out for.

      Wish me luck.

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