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    • [PS4] Looking for help getting thru Destiny Raid

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      Hello, all.  I just got Destiny on PS4 and now think I am ready to do some early raids, light level 307 atm.  Just need help with getting thru at least one or two raids.  Mostly just wanting the related trophies but I'll likely be playing this for awhile.

      GT: Penguino_Rojo

      Thanks in advance

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    • My thoughts: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

      2 years ago


      Grabbed this game on sale recently and I knew next to nothing about it other then the main character looks like the guy from Tekken. And it was a beat'em up and platformer, which is one of my more preferred genres.

      It didn't take long for me to realize the main character is a lot like Son Wukong, it occurred to me this game may be another of those sci fi re-imaginings of old legends, in this case Journey to the West. Quick google search confirmed it. Once more, up my alley as I am big into myths and legends like that.

      Admittedly I didn't pay too close attention to the story after awhile. It was a bit predictable, but for such an old story, its been reused quite a bit in other places. As far as the combat goes, it was pretty solid. There were a few minor issues with inputs getting eaten or ignored due to other actions still playing out, but this game isn't so high intensity that you'll get killed because of that. I should probably note I played on easy, so who knows what higher difficulties would be like with those same problems. Well, people who have played on those difficulties will know, obviously.

      Anyway, the camera is not your friend in this game. Most of the time there isn't too much of a problem, but there are more stressful moments when you find yourself needing to see in a particular direction but the camera isn't co-operating and you're too busy doing something to adjust it. A couple fights also start to feel a bit loaded against you, can only imagine how they are on higher difficulties. I also encountered an issue right at the end of the game when I fought this ten minute battle (felt that long anyway) just to have the game lock up at the final action. I had to replay the entire end after getting the game reloaded.

      The game has an interesting variety of achievements, the usual 'complete chapter x' ones, a bunch of 'perform x attack so many times' and a couple 'do this level specific thing' achievements, which aren't bad, really. Game has level select (I would not suggest using it until after you've beaten the game at least once) so a lot of those aren't hard to get after the main story. Also useful if you just want to idly replay a particular part just for fun.

      Overall, I enjoyed the game. I wouldn't say its 'omg go out and get it now!' but it is certainly worth grabbing if you see it on sale and want something to do in an afternoon or two. I'd put it out there with Vanquish and Asuras Wrath for games that are fun, interesting and generally over looked.

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      I miss the feed the old site had. The notification page doesn't really feel the same.

    • My Thoughts: Persona 4 and SMT 4

      2 years ago


      I've mentioned a few times that I was either about to play or had started playing Persona 4 on the PS2. At the same time I was also playing Shin Megami Tensei 4 on the 3DS. It occurred to me earlier this week just how different these two games are, down to the emotions they evoke.

      Gonna go into what some might consider spoilers here, although I think these games are old enough that, if you haven't played them yet, you probably already know some of these details.

      With SMT4 you're in what can best be called a post apocalyptic world that is basically on the verge of another apocalypse in a way. Four possible endings, one of which requires a great deal of care and effort to get. When I started playing the game I was just looking to try the game out, wasn't too interested in trying to perfect it. By the main decision point of the game where you pretty well know what alignment ending you're heading for is I had basically decided I wanted to be done with the game so I could move on. I wasn't invested in the world or the characters, regardless of what I did people would be dominated by other worldy forces (again, that fourth ending wasn't open to me by this point). When the option came up to get the 'worst' ending, I honestly saw it as the best ending and went for it.

      Meanwhile with Persona 4 I'm building relationships with people, gathering a family and friends, getting invested in the world. The story combined with the infrequent and varied combat working with the social link system kept me interested and wanting to progress the story while trying to manage my time. Made plenty of bad choices but in the end I was still happy with the out come, especially since I didn't have to do a ton of very detailed things in order to see that true ending. At least, if I did have to, I didn't notice it.

      Finishing Persona 4 made me more interested in tracking down a copy of Persona 3 and/or Persona Q and see more of this world. Also made me more excited for Persona 5 although I'll have to wait a while after that launches since I don't have a console to play it on yet.

      If you were wondering, I went for Rise and Ai for relationships, although I wasn't able to complete Ai's social link in time, so she basically dumped me. Pretty sure that worked out for the better, having Rise stay the night near the end.

      Oh, I feel I should add, despite not enjoying SMT4, I don't consider it a 'bad' game. It's just not my kind of game. It has a strong community and is worth trying, if you want a challenging JRPG. It also fed my interest in old myths and legends. All too often I would encounter or fuse a demon that would catch my interest and lead to me doing a fair amount of reading online. Just learning about Scathatch and Cu Chulainn was worth it for me.

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    I've also stopped caring as much about achievements and just want to enjoy games as they are. As part of that I like to share My Thoughts on games Ive played in my journal.

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