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    • Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

      10 months ago

      coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

      This is the album I'd want to listen to if I was drowning in a tar pit. 


      Give it a listen here.

    • Drink the Pain Away with Rooster Teeth Cocktails

      11 months ago

      coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

      Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! A big thank you to those of you who sent in your cocktail recipes, and to @LittleLil68, @Tudor, @derprah, and @Boxless for letting us use their drinks for the Off Topic podcast yesterday. 

      If you would like to put a little twist of Rooster Teeth into your libations, may we recommend to you these cocktails designed by fellow community members:

      @StryfeRyder has devised the perfect way to make those mandatory All Hands meetings go by way, way faster:

      The "Morning staff meeting"

      10oz dark roast coffee (hot)
      1 tsp cinnamon
      1-2 tsp simple syrup
      2oz vanilla vodka
      2 tsp heavy cream
      Dollop of whipped creme

      We'll absolutely get Becca to drink @Heaphestus' creation once she's un-knocked up:
      The Becca Refresha    

      2oz Peach Schnapps
      1oz White Rum
      1oz Elderflower cordial
      1/2 cup crushed ice
      1/2 cup cranberry juice
      top up with 7up/sprite

      @megaparsec83 has gone over to the Blue side with this twist on a boozy Lemonade:

      Freckles' Lemonade

      Muddle blueberries in a sturdy glass or mason jar, add ice
      Add one part blue curacao and two parts vodka
      Top with lemonade and/or lemon-lime soda and stir
      Crazy straw optional

      For more recipes, this book of drinks created by our friends at BIGBITE is fantastic. They have a ton of drinks that celebrate your favorite Rooster Teeth shows, so make sure to check it out. Thanks BIGBITE!

      And if you party a little too hard and Blaine all over yourself this year, no worries! The store has an amazing sale going on right now with vomit-free merch discounted up to 85%! WOW.

      Have a fun, safe holiday and sorry to any real Irish people out there for the whole cultural appropriation thing. 

    • I'm Not a Punk - Photo Inspiration for ACHIEVE

      11 months ago

      coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

      Enjoy another behind the scenes look at the creative process of the recent ACHIEVE Collection photoshoot. The biggest success here by far was getting the AH boys out of their old jeans and cargo shorts. What is punk anyway?


      Go watch SLACKER. 


      The Descendents - Milo Goes to College is a true masterpiece. 



    • Please listen to Wipers - Over the Edge

      11 months ago

      coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

      Wipers shred. If you like music that shreds, you should listen to Wipers. The top Youtube comment on Doom Town right now is "Punk for people who hate punk" and that's pretty fucking cool. 

      For fans of: Nirvana and pretty much every grunge band ever, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Hot Snakes, and that sort of thing. This album makes me want to drink a beer in a parking lot. Give the title track a listen. 

      FUCK. Right? Here's Doom Town:

      The album should be available everywhere, so go steal it, cut the sleeves off your denim jacket, and tell me what you think.

    • Give me something to write on, man.

      1 year ago

      coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

      What better way to celebrate the recent release of our varsity jackets than with embarrassing high school photos of our models and their completely fabricated Senior Superlatives? Look at these sweet children! Oh the ravages of time! 

      Sophie Turcotte (@sophieturcotte): Most Likely to Get Bangs



      Alfredo Diaz (@AlfredoPlays): Most Likely to Secretly Still Be in High School



      Jessica Vasami (@jessicavasami): Most Likely to Beat the Shit Out of Me for Giving Her an Unflattering Superlative



      Max Kruemcke (@MaxCookie): Most Likely to Say He is Most Likely to Be the Hottest Bitch 



      And just to balance the scales, here's a photo of me from High School. Hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane. 


    • Inspiration Behind the Grimm Nuckelavee Photoshoot

      1 year ago

      coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

      A few weeks ago, on the coldest day of a surprising Texas winter, when ice was literally falling from the sky, I convinced Jon and Barbara to stand around and look attractive on the top floor of a windy parking garage. Our poor photographer, Wes Ellis, had dislocated his elbow the week before and shot these one-handed wearing a sling. The odds were against us. 


      Hard work and the risk of hypothermia paid off, and I'm very excited about how these turned out. Hopefully you are, too. By now you've likely seen them on our social, and I wanted to provide a look behind the curtain on the photoshoot for the Grimm Nuckelavee merch. 



      Behind the scenes with a freshly injured Wes. 


      Here's a shot of the garage from The Terminator that we used for inspiration. Ominous, right? We also looked at stills from Fight Club and Attack the Block to help capture the right mood. The hope was that the setting would come across as threatening as the characters portrayed by Jon and Barb and as dangerous as the Nuckelavee. 


      In terms of character, I felt like this photo of JGL from the movie Hesher perfectly encapsulated the vibe of a gritty heavy metal devotee, the kind of person who would have a badass Frank Frazetta motif airbrushed on the side of their beater van. You might notice us playing on Metallica lyrics in some of our social.


      Thanks for reading. Now go learn more about Frazetta, watch those movies I mentioned, and listen to Sabbath. 

    • New RT Store Push Notifications and You

      1 year ago

      coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

      Hello again. Nathan Isherwood here, marketing person for the Rooster Teeth Store and owner of an unofficial Macho Man Randy Savage credit card. I’ve got some relatively unexciting but potentially useful news for you that I’d like to share about a new integration we’re trying out on the store website: browser push notifications.


      Why? In 2017 I often got feedback that customers missed out on a lot of the juicier bits of what we had planned for the store. Things like product launches, sales, limited edition merch, etc. The Geoff line launches were a huge one. Even if you follow us on Twitter or are signed up to receive our emails, it can still be tough to get all the details you want on merch releases for your favorite shows with all the other Twitter accounts you follow and emails you receive. So this is just one more opportunity for you to hear from us.

      No, this is not the new white banner. Promise. Browser push notifications are entirely opt-in, which means that the next time you head to The RT Store you’ll likely see a message asking if you’d like to receive browser push notifications from us. You can say no, but hopefully you won’t. You can also opt-out and later change your browser settings to start receiving notifications from us, and vice versa. Here’s a handy blog post about how opting-in and opting-out works.

      Also, the notifications you get are easy to close and not at all intrusive to your browsing or viewing experience. These are not bigass ads; they’re small messages from your web browser. Very similar to a notification you’d receive from Google Calendar, for instance.

      If you have any questions about push notifications or Macho Man Randy Savage, please feel free to comment below. And thank you so much for shopping with us. Talk soon.

    • Grab some gifts at the Rooster Teeth Store!

      1 year ago

      coolnathan Nathan Isherwood

      Hey y’all - remember me? I’m the guy that helps promote the merchandise in very strange and unique ways. I’m in the Marketing department, but you know - sweet sweet merch beckons to me…

      Which brings up my next cheerful point - You probably haven’t noticed, but the holidays are here! We’re sure that YOU have been really on top of things and that you’re already all done buying gifts. So pass this note on to the procrastinating slackers in your life and tell them you want some sweet Rooster Teeth merch this year. Look, we even made a handy gift guide to help your friends and family find the perfect present. Get on it so you (or they) don’t miss out. We have sweet deals and plenty of surprises going on throughout the season, so you should probably check on the store every single day or follow the Rooster Teeth Store on Twitter to keep up with what’s going on.

      Shopping for Christmas? Here are some deadlines you’ll want to be aware of:

      red_circle Dec. 15, 6 a.m. CST - Last Day to Ship Standard UPS Ground
      red_circle Dec. 20, 6 a.m. CST - Last Day to Ship UPS Second Day
      red_circle Dec. 21, 6 a.m. CST - Last Day to Ship UPS Next Day

      And until December 15 if you spend $75 or more, your shipping is free.

      As your old pal Loopy Lupe says - I got mouths to feed. So please... buy lots of things so I don’t get fired? Happy Holidays, everyone! christmas_tree

    • Memorial Day Sale - 15% Off at the RT Store

      1 year ago

      coolnathan Nathan Isherwood


      Hey there, it’s Nathan. I am gainfully employed by Rooster Teeth, where I help promote our amazing merchandise, plea to Geoff to model his shirts, and, for some reason, livestream puppies on Facebook. Today I bring you exciting news:

      We’re kicking off the transition into summer with a big sale all Memorial Day Weekend long! From now until Monday, May 29, everything in the RT Store is 15% off when you use coupon code BBQ15. That’s 15% off all Rooster Teeth, all RWBY, all Achievement Hunter, all Let’s Play, all Million Dollars But, all everything. Yes, even Funhaus. Sale includes the Australia and UK stores, too!

      Go check out the store this weekend. You’ll be glad you did.

      Exciting fine print and timezone details:

      Sale ends Monday, May 29th at the following times per store:

      • 11:59 p.m. CT on the U.S./International Store

      • 11:59 p.m. GMT on the United Kingdom Store

      • 11:59 p.m. AEST on the Australia & New Zealand Store

      Coupon code BBQ15 must be applied at checkout.

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