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    • RT Box December 2017 Impressions

      1 month ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

      Well hey! Fancy seeing you here.

      Wrapping up 2017 two months late is December's RT Box that landed in front of my face just yesterday. Talk about delayed! Better not waste anymore time, right? Except that January's box hasn't shipped anyway, so we're just continually falling further behind...

      To make matters worse (for me), the box's theme is ICE COLD. And it's bloody warm here, so, it's sufficiently melted. Maybe because it's from our hotheaded friend Michael Jones? michael

      Just kidding, nothing is meltable. It's just a theme. What kind of things do we consider appropriate for the theme of ICE COLD?

      - one long sleeve Rooster Teeth shirt (white; black and red print)

      - one Achievement Hunter sphere ice mold (green)

      - one RWBY Weiss Schnee papercraft (...white)

      - one Camp Camp 'Max' collectible minifigure (in the Double Gold Exclusive Lake Lilac Ice Blue)

      - one Fallout Burnie Burns pin (blue/yellow)

      - #11 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards featuring The Know (about 20% were signed by those know-it-alls)

      So, all but a few pictures ended up sideways. It's bloody annoying I'll tell ya. But, the shirt pictures turned out fine, so, that's great because I love the shirt design.

      For the FIRST TIME EVER the shirt is printed on BOTH SIDES. Amazing. I knew they could do it.

      The front has a little chattering teeth ala the Rooster Teeth logo with a few Rooster feathers underneath it.


      And the back brings those feathers into context with its abundance of Roosters! So clean and eye-catching, especially with the red. This is 100% cotton and it feels like its well suited to keep you warm in Winter, especially with those long sleeves! Look at all those...look at all those CHICKENS.


      Moving on to something really ice cold, we've got an ice mold that's round...all around. The picture isn't really annoying when turned sideways because it's a circle and a box.


      Speaking of, it came in a box. Nice. This is made of silicon and has the AH logo printed on in black - I wonder if it'll come off. Probably not. There's a hole on the top half to make sure it's filled all the way, I guess? And each half interlocks with each other, so no water leakage (I should have tested that...). It's for whiskey. Michael likes to make frozen balls while his own balls are frozen and drop his frozen balls in his whiskey. My mother asked me why they'd give us a whiskey ice-mold, and, I said one word. Alcoholics. Don't tell them I said that, though. 

      From ice cold to Weiss cold, there's the final piece to the RWBY papercraft puzzle, Weiss Schnee, the Ice/Snow Queen herself, in box-form (Michael made sure to mention he's partial to Ruby. Very well done, there). She even came with her ponytail on the side, but then I realised that I wish the Yang one had her little cowlick. I didn't rip this one at all! I learned. 1/4 ain't bad. Now I have the team back together, just like the real thing. Box heads galore. My dad used to 'affectionately' refer to me as box-head. I don't know why. I should have seen our terrible relationship coming a long time ago! Ha. Hah. Welp, that is sad but it also goes great with Weiss because her dad is also an asshole!

      Now, let's see, Camp Camp? Max? That's Michael. But he's not just cool, he's ice cold, because the colour is literally called Ice Blue. Lake Lilac (that resides in Camp Campbell, obviously) Ice Blue. And boy, is he fucking BLUE. Look at this little shit.


      All 3D and stuff. You're from 2D animation, son! But he's quite nice to look at - metallic almost. Otherwise, nothing special, he's the same ol' Max. But this colour was exclusive so, suck on that, losers.

      And now, because one Fallout parody pin wasn't enough, we've got another founding father. Burnie Burns, everyone! burnie He's ready for the nuclear winter with his trusty camera and he's looking particularly pleased so I'm not sure if he understands how much of a shithole he's going to be living in. If he lives at all. Oh, well, you and the Geoff pin can be fallout buddies. And then there's Gus, to the side, naked. Cheese definitely would survive a nuclear bomb. I'm adding the picture because otherwise you probably won't see the detail unless you go look for yourself, and who knows how lazy all of you are?


      And lastly! The Double Gold card finally presents to us The Know. Adam, Ashley, Ben, Gus, Jon, Kdin, Mica...and that's about all I know of that work there. My bad to the rest of the crew! And guess what? I didn't get a signed one again! But this one turned out the right way up! It knows what its doing! I'll stop with the jokes now. I like the art here, the colour scheme really pops. Plus, it accurately depicts the giant that is Adam.


      What are The Know's scores? Well, they work quickly and efficiently to bring you the news, as best as they possibly can, even though they're a little clickbait-ey. They score a nine on speed, a ten on intelligence and a whopping ninety-nine on comments section because have you seen the YouTube comments section on their stuff? It's just timestamps, console wars, and compliments to Ashley and Mica and weird things about Gus.

      Turns out I actually posted pictures of most of the stuff, but have another look anyway, because I went to the effort of taking the photo.


      Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. That is, if you like sideways bullshit. Good luck with that.

      Just a little reminder if you haven't seen, but, the monthly RT Boxes are being phased out soon. March will be the last monthly box, and so once that has arrived, I'll do a huge roundup of everything I received since January 2017 - March 2018. From March onwards, the boxes will be bigger and better and come quarterly I will adjust my posts accordingly to that.

      Toodles! See you probably next month when January's box inevitably arrives late!

    • RT Box November 2017 Impressions

      1 month ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

      Two months later than it should have been (partially not my fault), I bring you the November RT Box post!

      This is a holiday themed box from everyone's favourite Punkelman. 'Ho, ho, ho, y'all' - Barbara  barbara The greeting card is quite a sight, with its dick-woven stocking. Lovely, festive.

      I apologise in advance, and once again, that my pictures are literally all uploaded sideways. I don't know any workaround for this, perhaps the new site will improve on this system? We can hope.

      What's in your holiday gift box? Upon opening much after Christmas, there was:

      - one Loopy Lupe shatterproof ornament (white)

      - one RWBY Ruby Rose papercraft (red)

      - one Stage 5 ribbed knit beanie (grey)

      - one RTAA Christmas Snail Assassin pin (red, white and snail)

      - one special Rooster Teeth cookbook 'Bon Appéteeth'

      - one Lazer Team 2 theatrical poster holographic sticker (rainbow, shiny)

      - #10 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards featuring the RT Podcast

      Now, I also apologise that I forgot to take a picture of the shiny-ass sticker I got, but, it probably would have been a nightmare to take a good photo of. I promise it will be in the round-up post for the RT Boxes that I will do...after March, I think. I'll tell you more about this in the December box post.


      Loopy Lupe. What have I got to say about this motherfucker? Everyone's got a soft spot for Geoff (right?...right?) except some people that don't want this little guy on their videos when they pay for no ads. That's not the topic, though, so. He's mostly likable to me. Now, you can get him for yourself, one time a year, with this unbreakable (as Barb says) ornament. Lupe is unbreakable, with that little bit of Geoff Ramsey spirit.

      Following the RWBY papercrafts of Yang and Blake in the previous months, Ruby is now here in her box-like glory. She's red, she's box-like, she's...paper! This is the only one of the girls that I can take seriously with the ecstatic face. Well, maybe Yang too. But the others...not really. Still, she only got ripped a tiny bit by my raging clumsiness, and she most definitely didn't end up on the floor after I got back from a week's absence. No, really, she didn't. Blake and Yang on the other hand, were not that lucky (it's the fall of Beacon all over again!).

      Here's the third clothing item out of every box (excluding the RTX ones if they had anything head-related). It's another beanie, and it's ribbed knit for maximum cosiness. It's got a big red 5 on the front stitched right on there and it's a little small for the purpose of keeping your whole head warm. But it's still there, on your head, like a good beanie should be. I like the colour, it's very...wintery. Except it doesn't snow here, so, fuck this.

      Bringing back a classic, we have the Snail Assassin (he'll kill you...eventually) from RTAA. Except now, he's got a fuckin' SANTA HAT! It's like that Malibu Stacey episode of the Simpsons but now she has a hat oh my fucking god. In all seriousness, though, it's cute. All I want for Christmas is murder. Shiny!

      Lemme just whip out my chef's hat, because hats are so on theme right now. Ta-da! Cookbook! From the staff at Rooster Teeth, you can now experience the joy of cooking their contributed recipes ranging from appetizers, sides, entrees, desserts and drinks. Some of the recipes in here, be warned, are not meant for real cooking. Chris Demarais, I'm looking at you and your fucking fish + dressing shit. We all wonder how he's alive, that shit is nasty.

      The sticker is a trip. Lazer Team was a trip, and now it's a trip in SPACE! There's not much to say but it's the theatrical poster, but smaller, shinier, and 100% more psychedelic.

      And last but not least, #10 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards. This did not mention anything about a percentage being signed, but if they were, I didn't get one again! Wah. This one's titled RT Holidays and features a cute little scene wherein the main RT Podcast crew are sliding down a snowy slope on a sled (alliteration!) while they toss Gavin off. But don't worry, Gav, if you run down a mountain you won't die, or something. Nice. They rate nine in Joy, ten in Love, and a nice round zero in Peace. Never a dull moment with the squawks of Gavin Free, everybody!

      There's always a little bit of an upside with the pictures, because the group photo always seems to upload in the correct orientation. Huzzah!


      Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. That is, if you like sideways bullshit. Good luck with that.

      Comin' right up (may or may not be right up) is the December Box that just arrived today!

    • The new RT site BETA

      1 month ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly


      I was recently invited to join the beta testing for the new RT site. Is anyone else on it?

      I'm not sure how I like the layout. I like the shows tab as it is, and it's been replaced by a channel and series tab respectively and everything from RT and the Let's Play family is all on the one site. I am not sure if that's changing but you can filter through things. Still, it's probably just a getting used to it thing. There's also a permanent display of merchandise, even on a video. Underneath the video is an up next section, then under that is a 'gear' section (and together they almost take up a whole screen for me [I'm at 1920x1080]), and then the comment section is last.

      The video player on the regular site hasn't been giving me that much trouble (and I don't know if I can account it to my bad internet speed at home or what). With a better download speed available to me for the next week at least (hey, 30mbps is way better than 3), I should be able to determine whether the player is improved. The only noticeable thing with it is that the timestamp of the video is displayed to the right of the play button (eg. 2:45 / 45:00) and when you scroll down to the comments the video pops up in the bottom right-hand corner (it's very small).

      It's really lonely there since I don't think the comment section works (it didn't work when I tried to post a comment last time).

      A big hmmmmmmmm from me.

      Edit: I've bee asked for some screengrabs. Here you go!

      Rooster Teeth Homepage

      This is the homepage as it stands. The most recent video will display here (on the mobile site it's tiny in comparison). The top right has a feedback button, then notifications (I don't think they work) and your profile picture. Clicking on the profile pic simply redirects to the homepage. The menu on the left is collapsible.


      Home page (cont.)

      Here is the homepage as you scroll past the most recent video. There is the recent videos section which is not limited to any specific series first, then the gear sections. Each of these little sections has a scroll to the right to find more videos in that series. Series list is: Recent, Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, ScrewAttack, Cow Chop, Sugar Pine 7, Game Attack, The Know, FIRST series, FIRST videos, Animation, Comedy, Gaming, Behind the Scenes, Talk shows, and Science and how-to.


      Clicking on a series section on the homepage

      Here, I opened the RWBY series on the homepage from the RT series section. It opens its own little tab with the overview, episode (with a season selector), related links, and products. You can scroll to the right and left as you can with the other series sections.


      Clicking on the channels tab in the menu expands it to see all the channels we usually see at the top of the site

      When you click on a channel, you're taking to a sub-page that is laid out like the home page (but it's tailored to the channel).


      This is the channel homepage for Achievement Hunter

      The most recent video is at the top just like the homepage for RT. Below, there's recent videos you can immediately play. Then there's the latest gear to scroll through, then you have the Achievement Hunter series. This works like the homepage does, like the RWBY example. Each series has it's own little tab you can find the videos in. Underneath these three sections, all the series appear as they do on the RT homepage.


      If you click on the series tab on the menu, you're taken to a new sub-page

      Here you can see every series available. It has the sorting options on the right. Clicking on a series in this tab will open it with a summary, a latest episode watch button, and an episodes per season tab. There is also related series and gear sections.


      The new video player is not that different

      Here you see the video player. Note the timestamp in the bottom left next to the play button and volume. Otherwise, it's the same.


      Underneath the video player

      When you scroll past the video player's set position, it pops out into the bottom right of your screen and continues to play (with controls available). The title and summary of the video is followed by the up next and gear sections, the comments section last. The comments section is basically empty on all the videos right now. I don't like how big the thumbnails of the videos and gear sections are here.


      The search function

      When you click on the magnifying glass in the side menu, it takes you to a dedicated search page (it's full screen but it was just black since I didn't search anything). Here you can see the episodes and series filters.


    • November RT Box Impression Post delay

      1 month ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

      Hi y'all,

      My RT Box for November did arrive early January. I put it off and now I'm kinda preoccupied tending to my Nan for a week as she had a fall. But I do have the pictures and can write up the post if I get around to it; sorry I haven't yet.

      In addition, I've not been notified of my December box being shipped yet. We'll see how that goes...

      Hope January is treating you well.

    • December Holiday Update (where's my RT Box impressions post?)

      2 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

      Hey everyone,

      Xmas eve here in ol' down unda, and I'm about to break some ~news~.

      I would have gladly posted my impressions for November's RT Box, but I don't have it.

      My shipment was delayed until the 19th of December. Yeah, it's kind of outrageous, even in a busy time like December - because they usually ship RT Boxes by at least the end of the concurrent month. That's why I'm annoyed, because it shouldn't have been affected by the December rush. At least it exists, right?

      It's on its way, but with it sitting in Illinois, I highly doubt I'll receive it in 2017. December's RT Box is also looking to be delayed even with the message from the staff the they would try and improve the shipping times.

      Gotta say this is the most disappointed I've been with the RT Box service so far. Especially now that I'm paying the month by month fee, as there's no other option. Taking my 50 or so dollars promptly at the beginning of the month doesn't really feel justified when I ain't getting for the majority of what I paid for. Hopefully this improves and I definitely will be posting updates on that.

      On that sour note, let's move onto nicer things. My well wishes to y'all and your loved ones. I'm going to be trying to get through my disjointed family xmas tomorrow. Let's just say, er, it never really goes well.

      Here's to 2018 and I sincerely hope things begin to look up...globally.

      Thanks to everyone that's taking this weird review journey with me!

    • RT Box October 2017 Impressions (Plus three 50% off codes for Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars to giveaway!)

      3 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

      Well hey there! This RT Box took its damn sweet time getting to me from Sydney (landing on Friday and waiting almost a week is terrible postal service). I'm also still having some slight issue with sideways photos, but only some. So, there's that.

      The highlight of November is of course the Rooster Teeth Extra Life stream that raised a massive 1.2 MILLION DOLLARS for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Once again the community has outdone itself and I'm ecstatic that we will be getting Achievement Hunter the Musical as a thank you. I was able to catch a good chunk of the stream live and enjoyed it immensely (about 12 hours of it; the second hour and then the last half), Michael with Iris was adorable and the Whose Spot is it Anyway segment was pure comedy gold. My internet held out spectacularly. Anyways, if you donated, shout out to you! 

      Getting onto the point, say hello to the 2 SPOOKY themed RT Box. Obviously this was for Halloween, but it's kind of late for that. 2 Spooky is a beloved ritual of the Extra Life stream though, so, let's pretend it makes sense for November.

      Let's take time to appreciate the greeting card that comes to us from Pikachu-spooky-boy Kerry Shawcross (who was sick and didn't get to participate in Extra Life this year, in case you didn't know). There are majestic gravestones that have the Achievement Hunter, Funhaus and ScrewAttack logos (shoutout to Chad, an MVP of the stream). There are also gravestones for Gus, died from grumpiness; Burnie (with a Tesla logo), burned; Barbara, punned to death; Gavin, couldn't be bothered. And as you can see, a fully sick coach and undead horses.



      What spooky items will go bump in the night? Look boolow!

      - one RWBY Grimm skull shirt (gray; with glow-in-the-dark art)

      - one RWBY Roman Torchwick candle (orange; pumpkin spice scent)

      - one 5 Nights at Rooster Teeth magnet (multicoloured)

      - one RWBY Blake Belladonna Papercraft (black; cat [get it?])

      - one 2 Spooky Skull Blaine pin

      - #9 of 12 of the Rooster Teeth Season 1 Gold Cards, featuring RWBY (about 20% were signed by someone from the CRWBY)

      - one Steam code for a free download of Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars; as well as three codes for 50% off the game which I am happy to give to anybody that comments and asks!

      Holy moly, this box is full of RWBY...I LOVE IT!

      The shirt does not have a glow in the dark sticker nor does the card mention it, but it was on RT's instagram story a while ago and it was shown glowing. I tested it and it does indeed glow. As far as I remember the white print [sans the RWBY logo] is glow-enabled. As for the design, this is rad as hell and there's nothing creepier than a Grimm. Well, except for Raven, maybe. This is another lightweight shirt like the last RWBY one.


      And if you weren't satiated by that, take a look at this Roman candle! No, wait, Kerry specifically said it's a candle of Roman, not a Roman candle. Torchwick is [real spoiler if you've not watched Volume 3 of the show] dead but he was also kind of creepy, so that's spooky!

      My mother and sister LOVE this candle scent immensely! I don't know what's with Americans and pumpkin spice, but this is that in a candle. It reminds me of gingerbread, honestly it smells 90% of cinnamon, but it's more pumpkin-ey. Also, great colour, and it looks to be made in Arkansas (I also don't know why this is not pronounced like Kansas with an ar at the beginning). +1 for quality. The label application leaves a tiny something to be desired, but this is neat.


      Five Nights at Rooster Teeth, a play on the cult-popular indie game Five Nights at Freddy's, was an episode of Immersion. Gavin and Michael (and Barb and Lindsay in the FIRST bonus ep) controlled cameras inside the Stage 5 security room, watching evil versions of RT characters such as 'demented' Pongo the puppet (from the RT Short 'Pongo!'), an Ursa Grimm from RWBY, former Achievement Hunter Ray Narvaez Jr's wrestler Mr. Diddlez from the Let's Play of WWE 2K14, and of course a murderous Rooster. 


      There's a shirt with the same art, if you like it and were unaware, and it's on sale! This is a big magnet, about hand sized, and my hands are not small. It's quite thick, almost 1cm, and the magnet portion of that is about 1/4 of that. This is in the same style as the Michael Jones bottle opener, which I just now realised is also a magnet.

      To go with last month's Yang Papercraft, a little black cat (spoopy!) made her way into this box. Blake the cat Faunus goes great with Yang, because I have to remind you that they're definitely gay, and also, we can forget that nothing bad happened in RWBY ever. Just like with the previous papercraft, you gotta be careful not to rip tabs off. They're quite sturdy, but the little tabs are vulnerable, especially if you're angry like I was when I put it together (unrelated to this). They are cathartic, though. Once again though, an edge was a bit off in the body area and the one of the head tabs doesn't quite fit in its slot. This is a carbon copy of the Yang model, just with the print changed. The picture I got ended up sideways so I'll leave that out.

      "SPOOKY!" - Blaine Gibson  blaine

      This pin is an amazing tribute. The foil trays and the green skull are spot on and I love it. I won't ever look at it without hearing "spooky!". The shiny part is the actual metal part of the pin, with black, white and green enamel accents. Can I say spooky one more time?


      I will admit, I've been waiting for the RWBY Gold card to show up. It makes sense for it to be in October's box to coincide with Volume 5's premiere, and I did expect RWBY to show up in this box, but I was spoiled. I will mention that this one seems to have less effort put into it than others, as it's just a regular ol' background with the in-show models of the characters instead of special art. Also, the text is pixelated. Anyway, here's the back of the card; I just noticed it says 1/12 instead of 9/12 so maybe they rushed this one. RWBY scores 10 in attack; 4 in colours because that's the joke; 7 in arms...TOO SOON! #LetYangBeHappy

      The description is quite clearly taking the piss. FYI Blake doesn't have a tail because Faunus only have one animal trait. Stop giving her a tail, fandom!


      And last but not least, there's a free copy of Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars on Steam for me. This game is published by Rooster Teeth, so they're handing out 50% off codes! As I mentioned earlier, just comment if you would like a 50% off code. I already used my code, and the others are blanked out to prevent any unauthorised use...actually they weren't when I posted, because I swapped a photo out, so one might be used - but I doubt it. I fixed that up so there may or may not be three, oops! I also still don't think I used my Warhammer code from last year but it might have expired. If anyone wants that I can find it and see if it's still valid.


      Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album.

      And that wraps up the dead body- I mean, this post. To my American friends, I hope you have a lovely holiday season as Thanksgiving is coming up and idk I think there's other things but I'm not sure so I'll be generic. On top of that, who knows whether or not I'll get next month's box before the post office craps out for Xmas, so, well wishings to y'all for that and whatever you celebrate. I'm wearing my Thanksgiving/Christmas themed shirt from last year's box, and it's almost time to get out my ol' Relient K Christmas record to pretend I'm cheerful!

      Let it snow baby, let it reindeer.


    • RT Box September 2017 Impressions

      4 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

      Well, hi there! This one took awhile, but it did make it before the end of the month. I'm going to apologise in advance for all my photos being sideways but I can't seem to fix that issue. In addition to things I didn't do right, I totally forgot that last month marked a whole year of RT Boxes for me. Time flies!

      Let me start off by saying that I recently used my Burnie Burns packing cubes (from way back when) and my AHWU repair kit (from last box) on my latest trip. The packing cubes are very handy indeed, and the first aid kit was helpful to take care of my busted toe when I was short on supplies. Oh, and the AH Cocktail shaker is pretty fun to use now that Spring has sprung. A+ to the RT Boxes of the past.

      Moving on to the present, this month's RT Box is coming at you from the man, the legend, Joel Heyman! joel

      I think it's GOLD themed, which is ironic, but it definitely suits Joel's interests. He's giving us a quarterly portfolio report, and I think you might be interested in the gold-based assets I've just acquired.

      Complete with their worth, the gold I scored looks something like this:

      - one Heyman Holdings, Inc. (SHRT) ↑ 9.16% ......... shirt (black [and gold])

      - one RWBY Papercraft, LTD. (RWBY) ↑ 0.04% ....... Papercraft kit of RWBY (Yellow [Yang])

      - one Golden Gus Beverages (GUS) ↑ 3.14% ......... Golden Gus silipint (black [and gold])

      - one Monarch Laboratories (KING) ↑ 6.66% ........... Mad King Ryan pin (gold)

      - one Funhaus Group (FNHS) ↑ 0.69% .................... Funhaus license plate (white)

      - three The Ramsey Corportation (GRIF) ↑ 0.22% ... Geoff stickers (black [and gold])

      - #8 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards featuring Let's Play

      Right off the bat, Joel's throwing down some intense shit. He hasn't slept in 79 hours and also blacked out the other day and established a financial consulting firm. Heyman and Co. recommend you buy gold. Also, nice toweryou got there. Shout out to the dude that cosplayed it at RTX London and got signed by Joel! This is a nice design, very eye catching. This one's a lightweight material, good for me.


      Time for another obscure RWBY item. I present to you, a square Yang I built all by myself. Yang is yellow, and so is gold.


      I unfortunately ripped off a tab on one of the arms but managed to fix it with a bit of tape. The construction of the body seems a bit odd in one place but the whole thing is pretty well made, with sturdy 'paper'. Insert joke here about how inaccurate this model of Yang is now.

      I've been blessed (or cursed, as my sister thought) with another cup. Remember the Golden Gus from On The Spot? Now he's on a cup. Silipints are much less expensive to ship than a gold pint glass, so this is what we got. Silipints are also pretty pricy (for a cup) so it's nice to see something other than the usual plastic.


      Getting sick of the sideways images? I AM!

      Or how about X-Ray & Vav? Remember that one? Mad King Ryan makes his RT Box debut in GOLD! It's a King pin! Get it? It's shiny like his golden crown.


      You probably haven't forgotten about ol' Funhaus over in the Golden state, California. This is a golden state plate. Fun. It's metal, maybe tin, I can't be sure. It's got nice embossed letters and the lettering is top notch.


      What's that, Joel? You had a dream about a puppy? And it told you that people like the Geoff Ramsey shirt designs? They do. And Joel likes stickers, and puppies. Pat the dream puppy. Pat these three Geoff stickers.


      Grif is also orange, I believe. Orange is kind of like gold.

      Last but not least, #8 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards. This month's card features Let's Play, with 20% of them being signed by members of the frankly, huge, Let's Play family. I managed to get none of them to sign mine. Take a look at this old school Bejewled design - none of that Candy Crush nonsense. Let's Play scores a nasty 0 on friendship; an abismal 1 on collaboration...and a whopping 80085 on NSFW. Somehow, I don't think that even covers it.


      With that, I bring you to the end of my portfolio report. Gold is abundant in this box and I'm all the richer for it! Except that I'm not, and I'm actually poorer.

      Don't forget you can check out the photos again, any of them, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album.

      Get some sleep, Joel. Pat the dream puppy.


    • RT Box August 2017 Impressions

      4 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

      Howdy folks!

      A sincere I-hope-you-haven't-been-affected-by-a-natural-disaster message, and well, if you have...a sincere I'm-sorry-you-have-been-affected-by-a-natural-disaster. Today I've gotten about five bushfire notifications so at least you're not alone. Australia sucks when it gets set on fire! You'll even notice that my photos have returned to being taken in sunlight again, because we've been getting a lot of it now we've hit Spring.

      Getting back on track to something a bit more lighthearted, August's RT Box looks to be survival themed. Hey, I only said it was a bit more lighthearted, right? This one is perfectly timed for me since the Day 5 season 2 finale is right around the corner, and if you're unaware, that show is all about surviving the apocalypse. If you haven't seen Day 5, I highly recommend it!

      It's coming from Josh Flanagan, who is a key component of what makes Day 5, literally! He learned that it's best to be prepared for the end of days from his neighbour; these lessons long surpassed that man's ability to avoid jail.

      Now, whether your apocalypse is a sleepy one, or otherwise, get ready to pack some useful items such as:

      - one Day 5 Sandman's Oasis glow in the dark shirt (light blue, with parts that glow!)

      - one rechargeable Day 5 flashlight (bright!)

      - one AHWU first aid/repair kit (red)

      - one 'Headlight Fluid' flask gavin (transparent red)

      - one RWBY Dragon Grimm sticker (matte finish)

      - one 'Vault Boy' Geoff Ramsey pin geoff

      #7 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards, featuring Day 5 (20% were signed by the survivors that make the characters in that show somehow not dead yet).

      - one Steam code for Serial Cleaner from iFun4All S.A.

      We have our first glow in the dark shirt this month! While it's not the first glow in the dark item (I think last October held the glowing RWBY pins), it's certainly still 100% cooler than non-glow in the dark items. I do like the design and I love the show so there's nothing to lose here, and the shirt is quite thick in terms of material. Apparently the glow gives a hidden message...



      Look at that bona fide glow! I got a way better picture of the glow - but it's sideways and I either can't fix it or can't be bothered finding a fix. It's sneaky and says Day 5 instead of 'day or night'.

      The flashlight is a really handy item! This one says 'do not fall asleep' on it, the standard Day 5 mantra, and it's super duper BRIGHT! A rechargeable one is also way better than using batteries, as per one of my preferences for the Dualshock 3 and 4 instead of the Xbox 360 and One controllers  wink you charge the LED lights by squeezing the trigger on the side, which can be popped out at your convenience, and then switched on or off. Lovely!

      Let's Play...with this first aid kit! Because Achievement Hunter love to break things, this AHWU bad decision repair kit will make sure you're good to go if you too, like the AH crew, love to play with sharp things. It's got gauze, bandages, swabs, needle and thread, other shit, and wow will you want this if you're as dangerous as Gavin is with a grappling hook.


      Now, here we have a flask that you can fill with sterilised pee, filtrated water, or whatever the hell you like to drink. But, I direct you to one of the most loved RTAAs ever, Gavin's headlight fluid story, if you've somehow not heard of or seen it. Because it's making a comeback right now!


      Mind you, I'm partial to wiper juice myself.

      Have a cool-ass RWBY dragon Grimm sticker! It's great to decorate your cold, derelict-looking bunker with. This Grimm appeared in Volume 4; Blake and Sun fought it on the high seas, and it was some anime-style fight alright. Flying all over the joint and there was a lot of falling and catching. But at least you'll catch more eyes with this than Sun ever will with Blake! blake It has a matte finish which is a first for the RT Box stickers. I also can't read Japanese so I've got no clue what the text says~

      Hey, you! Do you like Fallout? Do you like Geoff Ramsey? Well, my answer to the former is no, but to the latter, fuck yeah I like Geoff! In fact, this is "the coolest thing I've ever seen in my entire life" which I'm pretty sure is Geoff's favourite thing to say about everything.


      And last, let's not forget the Gold card. This one has stylised art of the Day 5 promotional art I often see on the front page. About 20% were signed, but I didn't get lucky this month either. Ally, Sam, Jake and Ellis stare into the sleep apocalypse wondering whether or not (warning if you haven't watched the show or the latest few episodes definitely do not look at that spoiler!) they can trust Australians.

      Their ratings seem to be a little censored. We all know they used hardcore drugs to stay awake, not energy drinks and coffee...well, they did until they ran out.


      Oh, by the way, there's a Steam game this month - Serial Cleaner which is like the aftermath of Party Hard from June's box. Clean up dead bodies. Achievement Hunter has a let's play for this if you missed it. The card art is nice, although it's only on one side which is a shame; you can look in my album. Don't bother trying to redeem my code, I already did!

      Here's what your survival kit should look like:


      Welp, I hope you're still alive, or awake. Don't forget to tune into the Day 5 season 2 finale... whenever that is. I don't do dates, okay?

      Don't forget to check out any photos, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album.

      Most importantly, remember...


    • RT Box July 2017 Impressions

      5 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

      Well well well, fancy seeing you here! I've since turned 22 between last month's RT Box and now...and I'm even lazier and tired. So forgive me for the slight delay if you saw I promised to post this afternoon, who would've thought I slept till 16:00. It's 22:30 now so take that as you will, and then forget about it because right below are some DG goods!

      This month's RT Box is school themed once again; particularly University, from our favourite cheese-master Gus Sorolagus He tells the riveting tale of how he had no clue what his future held for him as a boy. He went to college hoping to "make out with someone, and get really good grades". Alas, one year later, he gave up and departed. Ending up in Austin, he met Burnie and Geoff!  burniegeoff The rest is history.

      What's in the curriculum this month? Check it:

      - one Rooster Teeth Media Club shirt (white)

      - one Double Gold patch (gold stars for you!)

      - one RWBY Beacon Academy pin

      - one Achievement Hunter pennant (black and green of course)

      - one bottle opener, shaped like Michael Jones mid-rage-quit michael

      - one reusable 'solo cup' (red)

      - #6 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards, featuring Funhaus (20% were signed by the residents of the haus of fun)

      Have at this shirt! This design reminds me of way back when I got my first DG shirt. The designs are similar to me. I'm talking about the black DG cinema shirt, if you're wondering.


      This one particularly is college-y to me. Clubs just scream "teenagers trying to make friends". FYI, I joined clubs at university in my first year. One was the Psychology society, and the other was the anime club. I paid 5 bucks for nothing to join that one, and I think I paid 50 for the psych one. Let's just say they and my degree were probably a waste of money :')

      ANYWAY, another white shirt, I don't own many white shirts because I always ruin them. I got hot chocolate on the Camp Camp one but luckily it came out, so I'll be more careful with this one. My favourite part of this is the rooster and the chattering teeth.

      The Double Gold patch is cute. One day I'll have to get something I can put patches on. Apparently you put patches on letterman jackets? Gus told me I'm peaking now I have it, but ya know, I have to be peaking in some way or form to be able to get it in the first place.

      The next two items invoke school spirit, according to the note.

      The RWBY pin (and June's stage 5 pin) are a bit bigger than the last few. This one is gold and displays the Beacon Academy logo in all its axe-glory.


      As a fan of the show, I think this one is really neat. I would advocate for each training academy to have a pin, or maybe the combined logos that were used for the Vytal festival would be awesome. I'd also totally like the emblems of characters as pins. As usual, the pin quality is great.

      There's a pennant flag that tells me to Achieve. I already did (I consider graduating my greatest achievement), but thanks, Rooster Teeth! Encouraging as always. Unfortunately the fabric slip that allows you to attach it to a stick or whatever is not sewn on properly on mine, and it took about 4 seconds for it to unravel. I stopped it going too far down and it's probably an easy fix, but still annoying (not that I will be using it like that). Otherwise, it's good quality. It looks like felt with a hard foam front that gives a great clarity of print. The design will endure decades of scrutiny. Good wall hanger.

      Here's the second weirdest item to have appeared in the boxes:


      This is much more useful than the sunglasses with some eyes on them, but still, kind of "WTF". I can see how it works, obviously, as Rage Quit Michael is something to be feared. Gus describes the bottle opener as Michael's "gaping maw" and that's about as accurate as it gets. Personally I'm not quite sure what the red and blue dots that are attached to his palms are, but whatever. It's a novelty item for sure. To be honest with you, I much prefer responsible dad Michael that he's turned into (adorable).

      It's been a little while since we got a cup, but here we go again, it's a cup! This one is akin to the Theater mode travel mug (but that one was insulated). A red solo cup design with a nice little graphic on the front that is "so legit". I'll trust you on that one, Gus. I tested the lid on, and with the mouth/drinkhole covered, almost no water comes out. At angles the leak is more apparent. The lid just pops on and off, but it is well sealed around the edges. The leak stems from the open/close of the drinkhole design (you can take a look in the image album if you're curious).

      Then lastly, the Double Gold card. Funhaus trails as the fourth card behind AH, but retains its glory. I did not get a signature. The art is all of them fighting in a ring. Forgive my knowledge of who's who, but I can guess (kinda). There's James in his Angel costume punching out someone(?), Elyse is ready to kick some ass, looks like Bruce is behind her(?), Adam down on the right. Now I'm just wondering if it's Lawrence on the bottom left, since I don't recall or know who the other one is. Feel free to correct me on any of that. I'm assuming these are their costumes they made on the WWE game? Their ratings on the back are, Strength: 9; Facial hair: 8; Peakes: 1. If there's one Peake then one of the people on the card is him?


      Well, we've come to the end of the road and are graduating on to something else. That being me saying toodleoo for now. Here's the class photo:


      As always, you can take a look at all this stuff again or anything that's not here in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. 


    • RT Box June 2017 Impressions

      5 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

      After a long delay, the June RT Box finally arrived yesterday.

      We were informed that it would be late, so let's move on to what was, and wasn't inside!

      Coming at ya is a vacation-themed box full of fun from mister Burnie Burns burnieHe loves traveling. If you didn't know that already. He signed off of the greeting card with, "off to the airport", which is incredibly plausible.

      So what's Burnie organised for us? Let's see...

      - one Funhaus souvenir-style shirt (gray)

      - one large packing cube and one smaller packing cube of the mock 'Burns Airlines' airline (blue)

      - one People Like Grapes shirt air freshener (purple, grape scented [DUH])

      - one Immersion protective phone pouch (clear)

      - a pack of Rooster Teeth postcards (red)

      - #5 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards, featuring Camp Camp (about 20% were signed by the hard working campers, uh, I mean employees, that make that show)

      - one Steam code for Party Hard from tinyBuild Games

      As you may know, the Funhaus headquarters are in Los Angeles, CA, while Rooster Teeth is situated in Austin, TX. Burnie recommends Funhaus, California, as a great destination. He lost his platinum-plated headphones there and eventually got them back after faxing a form to the lost and found (faxing still is a thing?). But he says LA, not so much. Suck it, LA. This shirt has a nice design, it reminds me a bit of Grand Theft Auto for some reason. Maybe because Los Santos, but it's the font, too. I'd say this shirt material is a bit thicker than the previous shirts; it is a different brand than before. Nicely printed too. This brings us up two two Funhaus shirts thus far in the DG experience.

      These packing cubes are one of Burnie's favourite packing tools. You put your crap in them to keep your suitcase organised and are great for efficiency, apparently. I barely travel with significant baggage but I'm sure these'll help next time I do. There's a large one with the decal on it, and inside was a smaller one, which doesn't have a decal. They don't seem to be expensive quality, but hey, they're just organisers.

      Now a very cute and nice smelling idea is an air freshener. And by that I mean, this grape air freshener is a great gag. Just like the real shirt, this thing matches it, but it's cardboard and smells way better. It's your classic grape scent. I don't know how to describe it other than it's basically grape Hubba Bubba bubblegum. If you ever got a whiff of that stuff. I went to put it in my car, as I was going to go to the supermarket, but my car battery was d e a d. So much for that!

      Now, I've held out on pictures on this post because I want to use them to explain the next item. This is a plastic pouch for keeping your phone dry in the water.


      Look at that cute lil' Burnie! It has his emoji face burnieYes, it's intended for you to take it in water. Now, since that concept means no water gets in, you can take it in chlorinated pools; waterproof/resistant phones do not recommend chlorinated water immersion as it deteriorates the waterproof seals. If you want to have your phone with you, that is. Now, since Burnie, in classic Immersion style said it "protects your phone upon Immersion in water... or does it?", I had to test it. I'm sure that they wouldn't have included it if it didn't work, but I TESTED IT ANYWAY! That's what I'm here for.

      Here's how it works. The pouch has three, yes, three zip locks at the opening, which then fold over each other, then get Velcro'd. That adds another layer of protection. It also has a cord to keep it attached to yourself.


      I tested it with my waterproof phone, because ya never know...

      As you can see, it's in my sink. The water level is visible on my thumb so you know it's immersed. The material its made of pressed a bunch of things on my screen, so that's...that. It's not made to be used in the pouch. It tried to apply a theme to my phone. P.S. sorry for the drop in quality of the photos; my phone is my camera. I used my tablet for this process, and boy that's a hard thing to hold with one hand.


      When I removed it, I dried it off on the outside to check for any water that might have got in.


      TA DA! No water got in. If it looks like it, trust me, that water is on the outside. My phone was just as dry as when it went in. My phone is one of those that can't be guaranteed to stay waterproof if it's taken in chlorinated water, since it has a rubber seal on the SIM port. So this would help if the situation ever arose. I guess if you went to a public pool and had nowhere to put your phone without it getting stolen? There's a couple more photos of this process in my pictures album if you're interested. They're labeled with numbers so you know the order they were took in.

      Next, some postcards. Look, this is a cute idea. You don't have to buy one if you're traveling. I've never done it, but I've never gone anywhere of interest for any amount of time, so I've never used one. If I ever go somewhere, I guarantee these are comin' with me. Gotta use them somehow, right?

      And, as usual, one Rooster Teeth Gold Card. Camp Camp gets its own this month. I love the art on this one. Mine is signed! It looks like Jordan's signature to me, but feel free to tell me if I'm wrong. The card gives a shoutout to the little asshole camper that is a mock of Hitler. Man, that show and its edgy shit, I love it. Ratings are, Activities: 10; Leadership: 2; Platypus: 1.


      Lastly, the award winning game Party Hard is included. I've never played this game, but I've watched a few Let's Plays of it. It never garnered my attention like some games do, and I still haven't gotten around to playing most of the games I get from these boxes. Sigh. This reminded me that way back in May, after I'd gotten my RT Box, I got an email with a Steam code for Mr. Shifty, also from tinyBuild Games. Guess I better go add that to the May post.

      Now, for what wasn't inside. The pin.

      We were also prewarned that the pin may not have been ready for shipment with the June box. Turns out that was true, and it's not here. Rest assured, the Greetings From Stage 5 pin will be sent to us separately, or be in July's box. It has a little picture of what it's meant to look like. Basically the stage 5 sign on the outside of the hanger, just like the real thing.

      EDIT 19th August 2017: 

      The pin came in July's RT Box, all shiny and new. This one is a bit larger and heavier than the previous ones.2028650-1503145736394-DSC_1008.JPG

      That about wraps it up. Tune in next time to see that stage 5 pin in action. And of course the July RT Box contents.


      As always, you can take a look at all this stuff again or anything that's not here in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. Everything's there (except the pin, but there's the 'here's what it's meant to look like card').

      By the time the July box arrives, I'll be 22 years old. What is my life?

      Until we meet again...

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    • DavidtheWavid FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Hey, I've been wondering (And now I'm the only 2 comments on your profile), what's the story behind "((bird noises))"?

      • gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

        1 year ago

        Haha. One of my favourite Gavin moments. It's from let's play minecraft episode 129. Go to 58:07. :)

      • DavidtheWavid FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Somehow took me until now to watch it sorry

      • gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

        1 year ago

        Haha, no problem. I personally have this weird fascination with the noises that Gavin makes (but I'm pretty sure a lot of others do too). They're hilarious  gavin-32.png

    • DavidtheWavid FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Holy shit, oh my God, your hair is freaking awesome.

      • gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Box reviews monthly

        1 year ago

        Haha thank you! So is yours :) love the colour! Mine is very washed out now.

      • DavidtheWavid FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Mine's been washed out twice since this pic. kind of a greenish purpleish swampy silver. I kinda like it.

  • Questions answered by gem_scheltema

    I wish I knew...I can't watch because 1. my family would kill me for watching a 24 hour stream (I would have been able to stay up 24 hours) because we have limited Internet and 2. because our Australian Internet is so crappy it probably wouldn't have worked anyway :(

    BUT I have been looking at all the tweets and Instagram stories (snapchat is having a hard time loading) and there's been a lot of amazing things!

    I think Michael and Lindsay announcing they're having a baby next year is a huge highlight for me and many others. It's literally an EXTRA LIFE!! They will be amazing parents! So many congratulations.


    Also the money raised never ceases to impress!!

    I will have to watch it on YouTube as somebody usually uploads it. That's how I saw last year's.

    I actually love guitars. I would have to say I'm definitely a fan of Fender's designs; to play and in general. I have a couple of favourites; the Telecaster (thinlines in particular), but I also really like the look of the Jazzmaster & Jaguar.

    I would agree with you about white Les Pauls. They look pretty sleek! Truthfully though, I'd probably struggle with their size and weight. Plus, I like Fender's standard scale length more. My Epiphone Firebird might look cool, but it's very heavy and hard for me to play.
    Thank you for an interesting question thumbsup 

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