I've been meaning to be more active in the community, so here's some general stuff. In January of 2016, my friend showed me RWBY, and I quickly became obsessed. The next month I binge watched the first 13 seasons of RvB. A few months later, another friend enticed me into RTAA, and from there I watched MDB.

Although I had never watched the Podcast, I became attached to Barbara's love of puns, which I share, and so Barbara quickly became my favorite RT person. When Always Open came out, I was, of course, excited. When, in October, I attended NYCC and met Barbara, Miles, and Lindsay, I became motivated to watch even more RT content.

I decided to become a First member, the primary motivation being to watch those first couple beta episodes of Always Open, although I also wanted to be able to watch the Podcast live and get all the other perks. I soon also watched Crunch Time and Day 5, which are both phenomenal. Watching the Podcast and Always Open drew me deeper into RT to the point that I now watch practically every show published under the main RT handle, and much of Achievement Hunter and Funhaus.