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from Vancouver, BC

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    • Extra Life Raffle

      4 months ago

      sirenite part-time ghost

      Part of Extra Life this year we'll be doing a community stream, and will be raffling off two of my cosplay prints! My two prints and one of @Occuli 's art prints will be part of a raffle! Donate anywhere from $10-24.99 and you get an entry into this raffle! There will be three winners, and will choose which print in order they are drawn.

      Hope you get a chance to check out our stream! Saturday 10am to 4pm PST at 

      Here are my two prints that are up for raffle:



    • Cosplay Selling

      8 months ago

      sirenite part-time ghost

      I'm selling a bunch of cosplays. Why? The honest answer is a put on a bunch of weight from school stress and I don't fit most of them anymore. Sizes for most of them are 33-27-33.

      ASHLEY - UNTIL DAWN  $30 Bloody sweater, gloves, and hat. Will throw in shirt if I can find it. No wig.

      EREN - ATTACK ON TITAN  $30 Shirt, jacket, pants. Shirt/jacket home made, real pockets and glued on patches. Pants are from FXXI and have holes at the knees. Wig for $10

      FAITH - Sold

      LAPIS - Sold

      JUNKO - Sold

      ROBIN - FISHEYE PLACEBO $30 Shirt and pants. Real pockets! $10 for wig.

      MIKAN - DANGAN RONPA  $30 Top, skirt, and blouse home made. Real pockets + buttons. Bandages NOT included!

      NAGISA - Sold

      Wig prices only if bought WITH cosplay, otherwise add another $5. Can ship internationally!!! Fabric info and exact measurements upon request. Also I can bring it to you at RTX!!! 


    • Patreon/Commissions 2017

      10 months ago

      sirenite part-time ghost

      Exciting news!

      I’ve started commissions and a Patreon for this summer :)

      Example of my work.

      In this photo you can see some cosplay examples - EVERY piece of clothing and prop feature is made by scratch by me and ALL wigs were styled by me! So here you can really see the quality you are getting when you commissions me.

      I have 3 slots currently open for the summer - message me on here or email me at for more information.

      As for Patreon, I'm going to have TONS of behind-the-scene content and limited photos/prints. I hope you will consider donating even $1 or sharing my link! >

    • Austin, TX food: Vegetarian?

      11 months ago

      sirenite part-time ghost

      So I'm going to RTX for the first time this year!

      And I'm going a day early and staying many days late, and people always talk about the food in Austin, the bbq, etc.

      And then I realized... I.. don't eat meat? Like I momentarily forgot I don't eat meat. I actually eat some shell fish and fish (like salmon), but not all, and I don't eat any red or white meat, and a lot of food recommendations are red meat based. 

      So, I was hoping to get recommendations for vegetarian restaurants! 

    • RTX 2017 cosplay

      1 year ago

      sirenite part-time ghost

      My costumes are pretty set in stone now even if the dates aren't!

      I'm hoping to go to the Sidequest Gala on Thursday - likely as a "casual" Neo.

      Then I'll be wearing season 4's Yang, Sun, and one day it'll be half Agent Moose and half Keith Kogane. I'm really excited to bring all these cosplays out since three at new and I'll be touching up Sun's props! 

      Already ordered all my wigs for these so I'm excited to start working come May.

      See you there!

    • Panels!

      1 year ago

      sirenite part-time ghost

      Hey everyone  yang

      It's that time of year again where I'm organizing my convention passes and panels!

      So, in an attempt to always improve what I bring to the community I ask you:

      What kind of panels do you want to see in the future?

    • Cosplay 2016

      1 year ago

      sirenite part-time ghost

      Gosh I've been so bad at updating this website!!

      I have my cosplay review all up-to-date on my Facebook ( and tumblr (

      In total I made 8 costume to completion for myself, so this is not including commissions. Most notably was Rey (Star Wars), Janey Spring (Borderlands), and Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea). Going to start uploading some photos slowly (aka as I remember).

      2017 plans are as follows:


      RTX (definitely!!)

      Anime Revolution

      The other two are, obviously, Canadian cons and much easier for me to afford and travel to. I have a small handful of cosplays to consider but right now the first goal is Tracer! You'll start seeing progress images come April on places like my instagram. 

      Commissions will open in May 2017. 

    • Selling

      1 year ago

      sirenite part-time ghost

      Maybe it's bad etiquette to post this here BUT I'm going to do it anyway.

      Firstly: I sell flower crowns! Commissions are available!

      How can I insert photos?? I may never know.

      Next, I'm trying to sell a bunch of old costumes and wigs.

      Cosplays for Sale!!!

      One week hold. Costumes were made 1-3 years ago so quality not guaranteed. All stored in wearable condition but ironing may be needed. Measurements are approximate.
      Noodle (Gorillaz): 35-28-36. Non stretchy. $35
      Derse Dreamer (Homestuck): 25-27-37. Stretchy. $40
      Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time): 35-28-36. Non stretchy. $150
      God Tier Roxy (Homestuck): 36-28-36. Stretchy. $50
      Roxy (Homestuck): 36-28-36. Stretchy. $30
      God Tier Sollux (Homestuck): 38-30-38. Non stretchy, worn loose. $50
      Latula (Homestuck) 36-28-36. Stretchy. $40
      Red sweater. 40-30-40. Stretchy fleece. $30

      Prices in CAD shipping not included. Pictures at

    • Happy cons

      1 year ago

      sirenite part-time ghost

      I was thinking about conventions today and I was thinking about the little things that make me happy.

      At PAX I received a small pin from James from Funhaus just for getting him some chocolate milk, and that short moment is now a great positive memory for me from a great con.

      It makes me think a lot about some of the more negative experiences I've had at conventions in the past; made me think about my friends who did and still do have AWFUL convention experiences.

      I kind of wanted to make this a guide but I think instead I just wanted to make this a "wow I sure am happy" post. When I first started conventions I would go "this is my favourite con memory" "no this is my favourite". Now they're all my favourite. Different small memories from a bunch of different conventions. Making a friend, having a great meal, being happy with your costume, taking a silly selfies. Those all made me happy.

      By letting plans be flexible, staying positive, and surrounding myself with positive people I've had great times at conventions. And while cosplay and conventions aren't always for everyone, and that enjoyment of cosplay can come and go, I'm very happy with how my convention experiences are at this time.

      PS: Commissions still open! Message me on my Facebook page :)


      1 year ago

      sirenite part-time ghost

      So I'm about to go into my final exam of this term (like seriously it's in... 35 minutes. What am I doing) and after that I have A WHOLE TWO WEEKS UNTIL CLASS STARTS AGAIN! Like exactly two weeks. I don't have classes on Mondays.

      SO streaming will be happy again! Still no facecam but. Y'know. One day.

      Thinking either Mass Effect 2 because I need to finish my 2nd playthrough or finishing up Dragon Age Inquisition FINALLY. (Will I ever play anything other than Bioware? No. The answer is no.)

      Once my mom's done moving I'm gonna ask if I can put OBS on her sick gaming computer and start doing some more streaming on there, since my personal is a Mac laptop and the computer at my dad's is.... oh so painfully slow.

      Anyway uh. Follow me on twitch I guess.

      EDIT: I ALSO have opening for commissions for the summer, if you want something hmu, my 3 slots are full atm but I can put you on a queue. Profile as link to FB with my work

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    An agender cosplayer from Vancouver. Currently a student at UBC studying electrical engineering. Loves to cosplay video games and go to new conventions.


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    • Schzofreudia FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      I friggin love your cosplays! They are amazing! Keep up the good work!

      • sirenite FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold part-time ghost

        2 years ago

        Thank you!

      • Schzofreudia FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        You are very welcome! Hope you are having a great day!

    • DRosales

      3 years ago

      Hi there! I noticed you haven't received an official welcome to the community on here yet, so Welcome! We're here if you need anything :) Also, your Tex and Yang cosplays are very well done!

      • DRosales

        3 years ago

        Cool beans, it definitely shows through the quality of your work! :)

      • sirenite FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold part-time ghost

        3 years ago

        Thanks! I cosplay a lot and I just really adore them :)

      • DRosales

        3 years ago

        Well as someone who was born and raised in San Francisco, that was kinda the order of the day for me. That sounds pretty nice :) well it's very nice to meet you, there are lots of great cosplayers on the site but you're the first I've seen able to pull off Yang and Tex cosplays very well, so nice job!

      • sirenite FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold part-time ghost

        3 years ago

        Not in Vancouver, it's mostly all on east coast. We still have pretty usual weather for our city. Which means semi sporadic overcast and rain.

      • DRosales

        3 years ago

        Bleh, terrible autocorrect...

      • DRosales

        3 years ago

        No problem! I hope the weather didn't get too crazy in Vancouver, we got hit pretty hard here in the states with ice storms and a friend of mine told me it was affecting up north in Vanada as well :/

      • sirenite FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold part-time ghost

        3 years ago


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