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    • Any Childish Gambino fans?

      1 week ago

      wesellis Staff Photographer

      I've been into Childish Gambino since I stumbled upon Culdesac and EP nearly a decade ago. Currently obsessing over Because The Internet all over again. Anyone a fan? What is your favorite song?

    • Inspiration Behind Cow Chop January Photo Shoot

      2 weeks ago

      wesellis Staff Photographer


      Another week, another hilarious shoot with members of the Let's Play family. I love how ridiculous and funny each group is in their own way. Recently we had Cow Chop in town and I was excited to shoot with them and get them in their newest merch.

      If you haven't seen already, their new merch has a very Jackass vibe to it.  Very fitting for the kind of content they put out.


      Jackass logo:


      I totally dig this design approach for them. I especially love the design of the cow skull and how realistic it looks. Shout out to our design team who has been working long hours to bring some super solid merch to all of the Let's Play family.

      As for the actual shoot, this is one of those rare occasions where I was given a block of time with total creative control. If you follow my recent work then you might have noticed that I'm currently inspired by the quirkiness of Tyler, the Creator's 2017 'Flower Boy' style. In fact, the way this interview shoot is stylized really inspired the way I colored my shoot with Cow Chop.



      I had a vision of how I wanted to decorate the set and I enlisted the help of the RT Art Department to help me achieve it.  I asked them to "imagine you're at your grandma's house, but your grandma is a huge Rooster Teeth fan." Along with @AshlynF and @travise77, we listed out and picked some of the pieces for the set, including a cow print loveseat from RTX, a quilted blanket and some creepy porcelain figurines. The backdrop is one of the wood paneled walls in Stage 2 where Master & Apprentice was shot.


      Rooster Teeth's Consumer Products Marketing Manager Nathan Isherwood (@coolnathan) aka the best boi

      Getting cleared artwork to put on the wall was an issue we encountered while decorating the set.  We have some awesome paintings on hand, but unfortunately they aren't our work so we can't include them in merch photos. I quickly (and roughly) printed off some photos I've taken that I thought were appropriate, like the portrait of Burnie on his bus, a random cow from my trip to Hawaii in 2016, and this ridiculous photo of Elyse from Funhaus.


      Finally we got everything set up and ready to go.  Now we just had to wait for the Cow Chop boys to land in Texas and show up at the studio.  Once they arrived, and after I assured the Art Department that they wouldn't burn down Stage 2, we got to work.  Here are a handful of my favorites from the shoot. Be sure to shop their new merch here!






    • Jessica Nigri B&W Portraits

      3 weeks ago

      wesellis Staff Photographer

      Jessica is in Austin this week for the release of her RT Doc "Becoming Jessica Nigri." Snapped some good old black and white portraits of her. The full album can be found here.




    • Achievement Hunter Outtakes

      1 month ago

      wesellis Staff Photographer

      Hey guys! Last week I shot with Achievement Hunter in their new merch (which you can shop here). There were so many good ones to pick from that we decided to put out some more here. If extra outtakes like this is something you'd be interested in from future shoots (not just AH) then drop a comment and let me know. Anyways, enjoy!





      Want more? Just check out this album!

    • 2001: A Space Odyssey with Barbara

      2 months ago

      wesellis Staff Photographer

      Most photo/video professionals will tell you that Stanley Kubrick has inspired them one way or another... I'm no exception. I feel very fortunate having friends like Barb that aren't weirded out when I ask them to put on a helmet in a dark room, hold lights up to their face and let me point a camera at them. This famous scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey has been something I've been wanting to try recreating since I was a much younger boy. Here are three of my favorites from this shoot. Hope you like them!




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