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Bring Back Game Night and a 535 Podcast

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  • axiskae

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    #33330642 - 2 years ago

    Been a while you lot!

    I was thinking of bringing back the Game Night's we used to do, since we fell out a bit after I stopped running them after the Lazer Team shooting, and the general disactivity of most of our members around the same time. The variety of games we can do is anything, but the old classics were Cards Against Humanity, Jackbox Party Pack, and Minecraft. And I am certainly open to letting others run it if they so feel the need, but I should be available for the least December to April to host and manage everything.

    As for a podcast..

    Late Night Lemonade hasn't had any updates for a while now and I haven't heard anything back from them, so I figured why not try and drag you lot start up a new one to discuss random things, at least I tend to fall into arguments about tech and social values with the small group I keep up with.

    If anyone here still watches the thread and is interested drop me a line. Either on the site or any social media/skype under the same username.

    Cheers to those left.