Things and more stuff and excitement;

1) Swag bags that are being shipped out for the members that paid for it are getting pre-purchased today, and will be shipped out on the 12th from Austin. (International may receive and email from Justin Kruse)

2) Those who were apart of the 2nd/3rd group, I ask you read this:
Not trying to be rude, but in all fairness, everything should be kept quiet until after everyone who was able to has gone

3) For those going this weekend who still do not have arrangements for rides, please discuss here or add axiskae to be added to a Skype group chat (also works well while in Austin to arrange activities)

4) Same thing goes for those staying at the shared Houses, go here and there is a separate Skype group chat for those staying there (as there is 30+ people to coordinate with in the same spot)

5) The address for Stage 5 you can easily google, but the address for the filming is subject to change- you will receive an email from Chelsea the night before to confirm your tour times, and another email the morning of your shoot that will give you the location and instructions (the first day you picked is your scheduled day to shoot)

6) Any person who would like to stay at the 535 Shared Housing on the 10th or 11th can pay me in person/night, there are 3 spots for the 10th and 8 for the 11th

As always, stay Infamous..