Now that Rooster Teeth is done with the Infamous 535, time to return to normal. Also this

Of course, now that most have done what they wanted to, I'm sure the forums will grow quieter, but that just means the rest of us can get louder.

1) The swag bags have all been shipped out from Austin on the 12th and should arrive in about 1 week.

2) The deposits for the shared housing (if we get the deposit back) should be toward the end of the month, and will be refunded the same way you payed for them (any person who got a ride from me will have fuel money subtracted from the refund).

3) Game Night is still a thing, and will be occurring on the 16th with the last Cards Against Humanity- future Game Nights have not yet been scheduled and more information will be sent out when the next one is ready.

And lastly, as always, stay infamous.