Deposits for the shared housing are almost complete, just waiting on the last deposit to be refunded

1) Game Nights will be moved to and live-streamed there

2) Game Night did not happen last Sunday, and this Sunday we will be doing some Podcasts (time yet to be determined) Keep watch on the Skype chat (if you're not in it already add axiskae to be added) for more info

3) Minecraft will return for Game Night on the 30th of November with Hexxit, followed by some Mini-Games on the 14th of December

4) Another possible Game Night game is which we will be testing on the 7th of December (it has Workshop support, and includes a massive list of games we can do- "recommended" up to 6 players; Including such titles as Munchkins, RISK, SuperFight!, and a 3-layer version of Monopoly)

Stay Infamous.