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    • Box of Issues for Always Open

      1 year ago


      Decided to make my own version of a box of issues.

      I designed all 4 sides using my graphics tablet then printed them on fabric paper.


      I sewed the design into the fabric and sewed them together then pulled them around a painted box and glued it down. as it takes a long time to sew designs it took me around 2 months in total but really happy with it. 


      I'm so excited to take this to RTX London and hopefully give it to Barbara!

    • Hand sewn On the spot design

      1 year ago


      After making a lot of stuff for achievement hunter/ahwu I decided to mix it up a bit and make something for on the spot. This is just under a4 size and took forever to make but really pleased with it. in serious debate on if i should post it in or wait for rtx. TeHZ4F4.jpg

    • Rooster teeth 15 year anniversary hand sewn cushion

      1 year ago


      To celebrate Rooster teeths 15 year anniversary I hand sewn this cushion to celebrate all their amazing content they have made for us over the years. I obviously couldn't include every show they have made and did my best to include shows from different parts of the 15 years.


      Then I backed and stuffed it to make a cushion.


    • Hand sewn Achievement hunter designs

      1 year ago


      I havent posted anything in a while and thought i would post what i've been making lately. I have been designing my own pictures to sew, and these were all made and sent to Achievement hunter for AHWU.

      The First is Ryan, I based this off his character in GTA


      and this is my michael design based on his Minecraft character


      This is Gavin from RTAA holding his headlight fluid and grapes


      This is lindsay based on her achieve shirt, with the characters she plays (ruby logo and space kid)


      This is Jack based on minecraftz9K5fpE.jpg

      Lastly this has to be my favourite! Simple geoff based on Sky factory, including his chicken!


      I have been having so much fun making these. I have made them all into cushions like the rest i made but its easier to see the design flat. Let me know what you think of them, I'm not the best at drawing but did my best to improve so my designs are better as sewing is what I enjoy the most.

    • Fun Haus logo cushion

      2 years ago


      I have been meaning get this fun haus logo sewn for a while now, its one of the last few in my list, but due to illness I've been slown down. But I finally made it and here is flat logo before i stuffed it


      and heres the finished cushion


      I think I'm running out of logos to do, I need some more suggestions, I'm not good at drawing so I think i need to team up with someone, they can design something RT themed and I will sew it! if its not too complicated.

    • cow chop logo cushion

      2 years ago


      Thought I would share my latest sewing creation, I've strayed away from the Rooster Teeth shows a little and sewed the Cow Chop logo.


      As usual I stuffed it and made it into a mini cushion


      I've got one or 2 more logos I'm planning on doing then I'm open for suggestions. All my rooster teeth ones are being given to them. 

      Unfortunately because I'm unwell I couldn't get to MCM London in October, its probably a good idea as my illness led to a fall which has caused more problems. The good news is the awesomeness of RTUK meant I could give my bag full of cushions to one of the other members to take for me. All the previous ones from my journals have been given to Lindsay to give out to everyone. I'm disappointed I couldn't give them out or even meet just one person from rooster teeth but I couldn't possibly have travelled and I am just happy they have them. I will hopefully post the last few I do, although I may not be able to make them as fast right now. If anyone has any suggestions for me to sew please let me know and if possible provide a picture if its not one of the main logos. With any luck I will make it to MCM London in May and meet more of RTUK and if I'm lucky someone from Rooster teeth!

    • RTUK cushion

      2 years ago


      so I've been doing some more sewing, I've made my achievement hunter logo into a badge, and im really happy with it. I thought I could make a badge that could be used in things like Versus but i just wanted to do something different with the sewn logos.6SEYnZL.jpg

      I decided to show my love for my community and make a RTUK cushion. I think its one of my favourites.

      This is it before i stuffed it, so you can see the logo clearly


      and here it is stuffed and finished


      I'm loving sewing all the RT logos, but would welcome any ideas on what else I can make with my sewn logo's. I'm planning on posting everything I send to Rooster Teeth or giving to them at MCMs so nothing too big.

    • my artwork

      2 years ago


      I've decided to start post my artwork and other things here, not sure if anyone is that interested, but felt like posting all the stuff I've done. So I have been doing alot of sewing, and decided to hand stitch some designs, which ended up being alot of rooster teeth logos etc. These are just what I've done so far :)

      This is the start of what is turning out to be a growing insane collection (i plan to give them to someone at rooster teeth honest)


      these are 2 more recent ones, I decided to do some slightly smaller ones and work on the logos of the shoes I love, these were the start of that I idea, always open came out pretty good, I'm not so sure about the slow mo guys i guess the lettering doesnt lend itself well to my style,


      and finally the ones I've been working on today. Off topic, this is the before and after the stuffing so you can see the sewing a little better

      The Achievement Hunter one I haven't stuffed because I had the idea to make it into a badge for the VS as something different. What do people think?


      sorry there's so many pictures, hope someone found it kinda interesting at least :)

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