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    • MonkeyHazard asked Chelsea a question

      Has there been any info released about the VIP party for RTX yet?

      Answered: Jul 16, 2018

      Not yet, but it will be sent out soon!

    • Nitemur asked Chelsea a question

      When I bought my weekend pass for RTX Austin I miss spelled my email address so I can’t get my autograph code who do I need to contact to get this fixed?

      Answered: Jul 6, 2018

      You can contact Front Gate here to get all the help you need!

    • Attention: International RT Box Members!

      1 year ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Hi everyone!

      When we launched the RT Box a few months ago, one of the most exciting things that we were able to tell our community members outside of the United States was that we were working to roll customs into the cost of the box and shipping. 

      As many of you have now experienced, this didn’t work out quite like we wanted, and you were hit with additional fees that you were not expecting.
      While we work to fix this for future RT Boxes, we do want to offer refunds (in current USD) corresponding to the amount that you were issued to pay to receive your boxes. To be eligible for a refund, you just need to email us at with a copy of the invoice you had to pay. 

      We’re really sorry for the inconvenience and confusion, and we’ll let you know just as soon as we nail down a solution for future boxes. In the meantime let us know if you have any other questions. 

      Much love,

      <3 Chelsea

    • Do you want to upgrade your RTX Austin badge to a Platinum or Weekend Plus badge?

      1 year ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Hi everyone!

      Why, yes! You've been asking since we announced more Platinum and Weekend Plus badges are going on sale and we've got that answer. 

      Upgrades are allowed!

      To do so, you will have to contact Front Gate directly - call them. It'll be the quickest and easiest process to do so. This is how you can do it:

      1. For a badge upgrade contact Front Gate's CS Support Line at +1 888-512-7469 beginning at 10:00 a.m. CDT June 20. 
      2. The CS team will verify in real time the previous order
      3. Next they will process a charge for the upgraded badge type’s FULL amount
      4. Then they will issue a refund for the original order

      *Note: Badge upgrades are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Badges sell out quickly, so make sure you hop on the phone ASAP.

      What CAN you upgrade?

      There is NO limit on what tier someone wants to upgrade to. For example, a Single day can upgrade to Weekend PLUS. Or a Weekend PLUS can upgrade to Platinum.

      What CAN'T you upgrade?

      You cannot combine multiple tickets to get something of greater value. For example, if you had four weekend badges and wanted to "combine" them to get a Platinum badge - nope, can't do that! 

      Reminder, additional Platinum and Weekend Plus badges will be available starting June 20, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. CDT.

      Do you have any questions? Drop them here and we'll help out!



    • FIRST is Moving to a 7-Day Free Trial - What Does It Mean To You?

      1 year ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Hey everyone!

      As the subject line reads, our free trial for a FIRST membership is changing from 30 days to 7 days. We thought a lot about this decision, but we think seven days is enough time to decide if a FIRST membership is right for you.

      But, what does this mean to you exactly?

      If you signed up for FIRST before 12:00 a.m. GMT June 5, 2018, and are currently on a free trial then you are on the 30-day trial, which will be honored when your auto-renewal takes place or you decide to cancel.

      If you signed up for FIRST after 12:00 a.m. GMT June 5, 2018, and are currently on a free trial

      then you are officially on the new 7-day trial, which will last until your auto-renewal takes place or you decide to cancel.

      Have you ever had a free trial before? Sorry buddy, you don’t get another one so don’t go cancelling that FIRST membership to try and get 7-free days. ;)

      The change will start tonight at 12:00 a.m. GMT June 5, 2018, and roll out over the next 24 hours on iOS and Android. Any other questions? Drop a comment below and I’ll be by to answer them!

      Much love,


    • CraigRobinson asked Chelsea a question

      Are the official groups still active at all? I would really like a way to just meet people who are obsessed with shows like Always Open and to be able to talk to them as well as get updates and info

      Answered: Jun 4, 2018

      Hey! Unfortunately most of the official groups that we have here on the site are pretty inactive, but in the coming months on the new community site we'll be launching we definitely will have much bigger plans for official groups for shows. So stay tuned!

    • mikestampy123 asked Chelsea a question

      Who would I go to to ask questions about rwby

      Answered: May 21, 2018

      Depends. What kind of questions about RWBY do you have?

    • Current Crafty Project - Still Powered by Excel

      1 year ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Hola friends!

      Over the weekend I started something new. Something kinda bit, pretty, way too many colors, and will probably end up being the size of a parachute because I'm refusing to measure the size of my stitches. 

      I'm making a temperature afghan. (Here's a google image search of what other people have done)

      I saw it pop up on Pinterest MONTHS ago and was vaguely interested in it, but didn't really know how to start or what to do. Since then I've thought about it on and off again, until I realized I wanted to do it. And have it mean something special to me. So I'm going to share it here, because it's special to me and y'all are special to me and I want to share it. 

      There are three years that mean a lot to me right now. I'm take all three years and doing a side-by-side comparison of the three to see how the temperatures acted that year. 

      Year One: 1992, Austin, TX. I was born that year, and in that city - enough said. 

      Year Two: 2010, San Angelo, TX. That was the year I went to college and the town that I fell in love with for the four years I was out there. 

      Year Three: 2017, Pflugerville, TX. Last year was a big year for me. I bought a house, started dating Michael, lots of personal and professional growth. Good times. 

      So, how am I doing it? 

      Step 1: Decided what years and locations I wanted to use.

      Step 2: Went to the Farmer's Almanec website to look up weather history and began to create a spreadsheet using the Min, Max, and Mean temperatures. (Website: This is what it started to look like. I did this for January 1 through December 31. 


      Step 3: After ALL of the data had been entered, it was time to break out temperature ranges and assign colors to them. Since San Angelo had extreme colds and hots (desert temperatures, man) I wanted to make sure that the ranges broke up a bit to really show off those temperatures. This is what I settled on.


      Step 4: Then I went one step further, because I still hadn't decided if I wanted to do the blanket based on minimum, maximum, or the mean temperatures, and created conditional formatting connected to that temperature color chart I made in step 3. I made a lot of rules...


      Step 5: This is what January looks like with the conditions involved. Pretty, huh?


      Step 6: At this point, I could decide to go with either minimum/max/mean temperatures and just start on it. But I wanted it to look PRETTY, so I started copy and pasting specific sections to see how it looks. I eventually settled on a mix of things. Minimum temperatures for Jan/Feb/March, Mean temperatures for April/MayJune, Max temperatures for July/Aug/Sept, Mean temps again for Oct/November and Mins again for December. 

      This is what it now looks like with everything else hidden:Pyr1tXL.png

      Step 7: I went shopping. And bout a lot of yarn. I've done the first week of January for Austin 1992 and I'm SO EXCITED. 

      I also put together an estimation of what it'll look at finished. You can see that here (linked outside because it's HUGE).

      So, now that I've rambled on about my latest craft experience... what are you working on? Do you have a favorite crochet stitch? I'm using a single slip-stitch thing right now. What's been your favorite thing you've created, something related to a special point in your life?



    • RoosterGamer1 asked Chelsea a question

      I have bought 2 tickets for my friends for RTX London 2018 (plus my own), when I collect these does it matter who's name is on the ticket or can I pick it up in thier place since I ordered it?

      Answered: May 2, 2018

      The person who's name is on the tickets is the one who has to pick up the tickets. 

    • Kiill6 asked Chelsea a question

      I recently moved house but previously purchased an RTBox subscription - is there a way for me to change the address for it?

      Answered: May 2, 2018

      There is! Shoot an email to with your order number and new address. It may take a bit to process, but we can definitely accommodate. 

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