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    • celieus asked Chelsea a question

      hi I haven't received a first member code for RTX tickets. I've checked all folders of my email. my user name is celieus. I renewed my first membership before the deadline.

      Answered: Feb 27, 2018

      Go ahead and DM me your email address and I'll look into it.

    • TheMysteriousM asked Chelsea a question

      I've been a FIRST member since May of last year. I have not received my early access code on either of the dates that I was told FIRST members would get their codes. And yes, I've checked my spam

      Answered: Feb 27, 2018

      Go ahead and DM me your email address and I'll look into it.

    • boricua_88 asked Chelsea a question

      Hi Chelsea, I still haven’t received my RTX code for my tickets. I already redid my double gold membership! Can you help me, please?

      Answered: Feb 27, 2018

      Go ahead and DM me your email address and I'll look into it.

    • Christmas finally ended... T_T

      1 year ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      It's not March yet... But I finally have packed up all the Christmas decorations. 

      Now I'll be spending the next 9 months finding ways to be decorative-in-most-definitely-not-a-holiday-way. 

    • AreThereAnyHoles asked Chelsea a question

      Hi, Chelsea! I'm trying to use the DG discount code in the store but it's not working. Every time I try to login to authorize the discount, I get "422 - Invalid Multipass request."

      Answered: Feb 20, 2018

      You're fixed now!

    • Help. I can't read British

      1 year ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Recently @RTcastMichael and I have really gotten into the Great British Baking Show. He really likes it (won't actively admit it, so I'm outing him here) and I really like to get inspired and make my own bakes.

      But, I also found out that the recipes for what they're actually making ON the show also exist online - and in books (the books are what I want, but online will start). The books are way more comprehensive and have a CRAP TON of recipes broken out per season. 

      Oh man, what's this? Link to the recipe in question I'm wanting to try out, the Apricot Couronne from Season 2?

      BUT - the recipes are written in British measurements. I attempted to use an online converter and receive gibberish that looks like this:


      I was attempting to convert what 5 grams of salt is in American. Luckily, I can round with this one and be like, "Oh okay, roughly like 1 teaspoon of salt."

      Others, I'm not so lucky. 

      Surely there are bakers or Brits on here that have a little experience with translating recipes... Do you have any tips on this? Or should I seriously go out and buy a scale and learn how to measure things in grams?

    • Three Years

      1 year ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      I've spent all day in a post-surgery drug haze trying to grasp that it's been three years since I had to guess whether or not I was going to wake Monty up by loudly unloading the dishes in Stage 5. 

      We never got to know each other personally - but I had a lucky position where I was the front office coordinator and for some reason that involved a lot of Monty requests, ha.

      Coffee, office supplies, sleeping at odd hours od the day, and more. There's one that I especially like to remember, and to this day it still makes me smile and giggle. 

      I worked in the Bungalow, separate from Stage 5 and at the time we had this super fancy coffee maker called a Nespresso. I thought the coffee tasted like warm tar but for some reason Monty was absolutely enamored with it. One day he came up to me and asked if he could have special access into the Bungalow after hours. When I asked why (you needed a really good reason to have after hour access) he muttered something.

      I asked again, and got another smattering of syllables. Finally, I told him if he didn't have a good reason I couldn't give him access. He just sighed supper big at me and finally said, "I like the coffee here more than Stage 5."

      Still makes me smile remembering that. Monty was a treasure to so many of us and I feel absolutely gifted that I was able to have a few memories with him to call my own. 

      It hasn't gotten easier, and every February 1st I hope I wake up and it's been the most realistic dream I've ever experienced. But that hasn't happened yet. So, each February 1st I make myself a cup of coffee and hope he's drinking that godawful Nespresso somewhere beautiful. ❤️

    • Dark_Joekerr asked Chelsea a question

      Hi Chelsea, I was a DG member but apparently my subscription ran out and I was not notified. I am interested in rejoining even though I know that it’s all about to change.

      Answered: Jan 26, 2018

      Sweet! If you need help re-signing up, let me know (DM me here)! Otherwise you should be able to go to and just re-up for Double Gold

    • Let's talk about Excel baby, let's talk about =text("YOU","ME")

      1 year ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      *** WARNING. NSFW *** *** MAYBE TOO SAFE FOR WORK? ***

      I have a thing about spreadsheets. They're gorgeous, lined, purposeful, and you can bend and twist them to do anything you want to do. All in all, they're pretty damn sexy. 

      I admit, it's a weird thing to say you're sexually attracted to a spreadsheet, but there are WAY weirder fetishes out there than this. So, put away them judgement hats and be ready to be IMPRESSED. 

      In addition, I like games. I really like collecting all the things in games. Sometimes, I start a game that has a lot of things and I'm like, "Well shit. How am I going to keep track of all the treasures/Precursor Orbs/radio clips/etc and be able to find everything as I need it?"

      Sometimes I luck out and find pre-existing spreadsheets that other Collectors like me have created and I'm able to make a copy and fulfill my collection fantasies to the fullest (read: Stardew Valley). Other times, I'm at a loss and I have to create my own. 

      For example, you know how Final Fantasy XV had fish everywhere? I created the below spreadsheet that tracks the name, rarity, how much AP you get, the locations, what the shape of the fishing thingy is at different times of the day, and what lures work best, the prizes you get, and then conditional formatting if I've caught it. (Note: Not done in Excel Proper, but this is SmartSheets. Excel on cocaine.)


      I'm working on translating this one, the cooking one, collectibles, and side quests into easily shareable and editable Google Sheets to share with the masses. 

      As for Stardew Valley, this one (found on r/StardewValley) already existed. So all I did was make a copy into my own Drive and edit it as I find things. I could probably change it up and make it a bit more Chelsea-User Friendly, but it already exists so I don't need to do anything. LINK HERE TO THE SPREADSHEET from u/LasagnaTheories on Reddit.

      Next up, is I've been making my way through the Jak and Daxter series again since it's relaunched on PS4. Jak: The Precursor Legacy, I've 100% so I don't really need to create myself a spreadsheet namely because I know where everything is. Jak 2, 3, and to an extent, Jak X - I have no idea where all the bits are hiding and how to unlock everything. 

      So I've started the methodical and slow process of reading through countless GameFaqs articles to create myself a handy dandy guide to completion. 

      This is where I'm at:


      As you can see... Not very far.  I also need to make one for the Uncharted Series, Horizon Zero Dawn, Skyrim, and possibly Breath of the Wild (not very far though...)

      I know @dizzyblinker is interested in my FFXV spreadsheets, which is the whole reason while I'm translating them over, so I'll be posting again as I finish these up to share with y'all dirty spreadsheet lovers (and if you aren't a dirty spreadsheet lover yet - you will be when I'm through with you.)

      Much love!


    • MandeelovesCHURCH asked Chelsea a question

      So there is a monthly Q & A for double hold, but I don't know where. Can you help?

      Answered: Jan 22, 2018

      We actually discontinued the Monthly Q&A due to lack of interest. :( 

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