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    • Why Extra Life is Important to Me

      10 months ago


      Heyo! So it's Extra Life weekend and the stream is going great! It's only 10:30 (9:30 Texas Time) and the donations counter is already at 200K!!!! That's amazing! At this rate we will reach our goals in no time! So as the title says, Extra Life has a special importance to me. So let me start off by telling you all an interesting fact about me. It's one that I will be able to carry with me through my whole life and it is probably the most special thing that will ever happen to me. I am a triplet. I was born with two brothers on June 13th, 2002. The three of us have been close since day one. We have done everything together. My two brothers are identical twins while I am their fraternal tag-along as I like to say. I'm more of the creative one while they are all athletic and stuff. Our personalities couldn't be more different but we love each other all the same.

      So when we were born, we were born prematurely (as are most sets of multiples) and this meant that we were going to have problems, either then or later in life. Sure enough we did. I was the incubator baby and the doctor told my mom I might not live. But I did (obviously) and so did my siblings. But when we all were about 2, tragedy struck my family. My brother Brady was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (Here's a link to the wikipedia page for more: ) and his life was forever changed. As just two years old, barely able to walk, Brady was rushed to the ER for an emergency brain surgery. They gave him something called shunt, which to dumb it down alot is like a bionic bendy straw that goes from his brain to his stomach. The doctors told him that depending on how much damage was done he could develop learning difficulties, and sports were all but out of the question. 14 years later my brother is a starting point guard and avid swimmer, and is top of his class. If it wasn't  for the incredible doctors and nurses who took care of him he would not be here today (oooff I'm getting emotional). He has had 4 other repair surgeries since and every one has been a success. 

      Carrying this part of my life has made me care passionately about helping out hospitals and kids in need as much as physically possible. Charity streams like this are extremely important to me and I participate in this one specifically every year! It means alot to me because I know what those families are going through and how much this kind of thing really does help. 

      So yeah! That's my little extra life story. Hope to see a lot of participation this year and I hope we reach all of our goals. 

    • Extra Life 2018!! {CALLING ALL HOOSIERS!}

      10 months ago


      Ahhh it's my favorite time of year once again! Extra Life is here and its looking to be amazing! I'll be participating in full for this year and I hope that all the goals get reached! I would like to send out a personal call to all RT Hoosiers to participate with me in this years events! That means watching as often as you can, donating if you are able, and sharing your own stories and experiences along with links to the stream on social media! Let's represent the great state of Indiana and do it all #forthekids

    • Post-Performance

      1 year ago


      Wow. What a night! This play was by far the most unforgettable event that I will carry throughout my life. The whole cast did amazing and I couldn't be happier. I cried tears of joy because complete strangers were coming up to me and telling how they thought my performance was amazing. It is all just surreal. Check out my library for images of the cast

    • Getting the Lead {Storytime}

      1 year ago


      Hey guys!

      So today's storytime is one that happened recently, and by recently I mean last week. So if you know me, you know I am a theatre NERD! Acting is one of my driving passions, and has opened a lot of doors for me, some of which I never could have expected. So this past week I auditioned for a little show called Romeo & Juliet, modified and combined with the Titanic. KIt was a big leap for me, because this wasn't just a high school drama production. This was big time (at least for my standards). I auditioned at the city theatre, and you are never gonna guess what happened! I GOT THE LEAD MALE ROLE AS ROMEO! This is something I never could have dreamed of, and I am so happy. It all feels so surreal, and I just can't believe this is happening! I am so happy. I just thought I would share this little tidbit with you. 

    • The Moment Ashley Jenkins Answered My Question In A Livestream {Storytime}

      1 year ago


      Hi Guys! So this storytime is one that lots of people could write, and this is just my own personal experience. As you can tell by the title, this is the time Ashley Jenkins recognized me in a live stream.Yes, I know. Call this a fangirl moment, but I can't help it! This is a moment I will surely never forget. That was super cheesy. Anyways on to the story!

      So it was during Extra Life 2016. Saturday, November 15th. What a day. I had been watching the stream nearly all day. I wasn't able to donate which really upset me but nonetheless I was still highly supportive through sharing the livestream with many friends, most of which donated. So cut to about 1:00 in the morning, the main stream was passed on to Ashley, who was streaming herself playing Owlboy from her home. It was like a play along/Q & A sort of deal, which was pretty neat. It was a lovely little segment and one I enjoyed greatly. So I am watching the stream, commenting along with the other watchers when I ask a question. Looking back, it was a rather dumb question, but she still answered. So I ask the question, and a couple minutes pass on, by which time my question had floated up the stream chat wall. Then suddenly I hear her say my name. "Craig Robinson says: Have you ever considered a career in voice acting? You have a lovely voice and I think you would be very good at it because you are so expressive." My heart nearly exploded. When she said my name, it sort of startled me because I had never heard her say it before. It was wild. She continued to explain her playing Coco in RWBY and her various cameos on RTAA and other shows. Then she said thanks for the compliment. I was shooketh. I texted my friend Caity and told her immediately, to which she did not respond because it again was 1:00 in the morning.

      This is a memory I will carry with me for the rest of my life. She probably does not remember this whatsoever, but that's understandable. Nevertheless I will continue to remember for the both of us. Extra Life 2016 is one I will NEVER forget.Thanks @Ashley for making it so memorable with so few words. Can't wait for Extra Life 2018

    • It's My 16th Birthday!!!

      1 year ago


      Hooray!!! The day is finally here! Its my 16th birthday! I'm so excited to start this new chapter of my life, and to share it with you! Unfortunately I had dental work done yesterday and I am definitely feeling the after effects today. Nonetheless I am still remaining happy and excited for my special day!!!  Hope your day is as awesome as mine! Love you!!!

    • Recent Music Obsessions

      1 year ago


      Hey Guys! If you are anything like me or know me at all, music is a very important part of everyday life. But sometimes you go through periods of time where you are just bored with your usual playlists. Well that's why I'm writing this. If you ever find yourself struggling to find new music, sometimes friendly recommendations are nice. Anyways, I hope this helps.

      1: Hurts So Good by Astrid S (Pop)

      2: Falling Slow by Tori Kelly (Pop)

      3: Shall We Dance by Block B (Kpop)

      4: Be Like You by CVBZ (EDM)

      5: Anpanman By BTS (Kpop)

      6: Fake Love by BTS (Kpop)

      7: Forget About Tomorrow by Jay Park (Kpop & EDM)

      8: Voicenotes Album by Charlie Puth (Pop)

      9: You by Dodie Clark (Indie)

    • Netflix Suggestions and Obsessions

      1 year ago


      Like many teenagers and adults these days, I am obsessed with a good Netflix show with strong plot lines and riveting characters. Sometimes its hard to find something to watch when you are in between seasons and series. To help shrink this limbo period, I find that suggestions from friends are helpful. Think of this article as a friend. So here we go!

      1) Reign: This was my first Netflix series to truly binge. I was obsessed with it. Reign tells an adapted, dramatic tale of medieval political intrigue, scandal, passion, and war through the story of Mary, Queen of Scots (played by Adelaide Kane) as she slowly rises to power in french court and takes her aim at the Scottish and even British Thrones. If you like historical dramas like The Tudors, Versailles or even Game of Thrones, you will love Reign.

      2) Riverdale: Yes, I know. Everyone is talking about it. Between this and 13 Reasons Why, you probably feel bombarded with constant talks about the plot and characters. But this show truly is amazing. You could compare it to Pretty Little Liars, or even the fosters. Riverdale is about a small town that is forever changed  y the events of the murder of young Jason Blossom, the heir incumbent to a wealth of money from his family's maple syrup company. The story is based on the Archie Comics, and is my personal fave at the moment.

      3) Scandal: Scandal is a must watch for any Law and Order, NCIS fans. Its like if designated survivor and Law and Order had a baby, and the baby was raised to be even better than the parents. Its about this woman, Olivia Pope (portrayed by Kerry Washington) who is a renowned crisis manager and PR agent who just so happens to have ties with the white house. She helps people from politicians to police officers, but her political past comes back to bite her. Can she do her job, even though she's the client? Its truly one for the books, and is a must watch crime drama. 

      4) Gossip Girl: This is a rather old show, first airing in the mid 2000's, and its a drama spectacular. Its about this group of kids from the upper east side of new york, and their lives of partying and shopping. All is well until a girl who they thought was gone returns and shakes things up. This girl, Serena Van der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively) has a past that is aching for a reckoning, and its gonna effect them all. The series is based on the books by the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar. 

      5) Violet Evergarden: Netflix has had a checkered past with anime, but i think they did this one just fine. The story revolves around Auto Memory Dolls (自動手記人形 Jidō Shuki Ningyō): people initially employed by a scientist named Dr. Orland to assist his blind wife Mollie in writing her novels, and later rented out to other people who needed their services. In the present time, the term refers to the industry of writing for others. The story follows Violet Evergarden's journey of reintegrating back into society after the war is over and her search for her life's purpose now that she is no longer a soldier.

      Thats all I have. Netflix has plenty more to offer, so if you have any suggestions for me, please comment them down below. I hope this helps. See you later! 

    • 16 Things I've Learned from Being a Fan of RT

      1 year ago


      My 16th birthday is coming up and this marks a special point in many peoples lives. While I may not have that much life experience, I have learned from those who do and I'm gonna pass it on. This is also to show my appreciation for the RT crew. So, without further ado, here we go!

      1) Barbara taught me that puns can cure almost anything, and that small gestures like a smile or a simple giggle can help brighten peoples day, and make the world better.

      2) Mica taught me that it's important to have a strong sense of what you believe in, and to never give that up for anyone. She also taught me not to give my heart to those who don't deserve it (FUCK YOU LIZZIE!!!!)

      3) Mariel taught me to embrace diversity, and the things that make me unique.

      4) Gus taught me that wisdom comes with age, and to make very opportunity a learning opportunity. 

      5) Meg taught me to be confident in my own skin, and to keep my head up in the face of adversity.

      6) Gavin taught me that the world is full of possibilities, even for a teenager visiting from England.

      7) Ashley taught me to be strong willed and to extend a helping hand when someone needs it.

      8) Caiti taught me to be kind and that one person can change the world. She also taught me to chase the causes I feel passionate about.

      9) Miles and Kerry taught me that having a good friend who is always by your side can make you a better person.

      10) Griffin taught me that our differences should bring us together, not tear us apart.

      11) RWBY has taught me that even teenagers can fight monsters, metaphorically of course.

      12) Lindsay taught me to share my opinions and to respect those of other people. Something I wish more people would understand.

      13) Micheal taught me to be a hardcore friend who is loyal and willing to fight for his friends.

      14) Barbara also taught me that a little quirkiness is never a bad thing

      15) Matt taught me that having good work ethic makes everything better

      16) Erin taught me to explore my interests because you never know what you would be good at until you try.

      There you have it. 16 things I've learned. Thank you Rooster Teeth for being an inspiring company full of amazing people.I can't wait to learn more and watch as you grow. I love you all!!!!! vv Comment down below some things you have learned vv

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