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    • OK RoosterTeeth...

      4 years ago


      Time to break my silence. I've been a fan of Red Vs Blue since season 3 and been a member for about 8 years. Ive been to 2 RTXs and even spent my honeymoon at one of them. I've read posts by the community and openly wept at some of the news and stories I've watched unfold. But nothing has shaken me like what was announced today.
      The acquisition of RoosterTeeth by FullScreen is something I'm not sure about. I saw that it was dressed up as a partnership and that gave me hope but as I read on I started to worry. Then I saw the word. Acquisition. That one word filled me with dread. Why? Because the simple fact that this company that I have grown to love, started off with just a few friends doing what they love and they have taken that passion and turned it into a company that continues with that passion.
      They listened to the community about loving video games and wanted more things about it. Therefore we have Achievement Hunter. The community became more vocal and they brought on @Barbara (from this very community!) to watch over and improve our lot. RooserTeeth Listens to us and hires from us, the community. And now that FullScreen is here, I'm worried that the community will not matter as much. At RTX13 I told Burnie, "Thank you for all of this." He told me, "No thank you. If it wasn't for you guys, we wouldn't be here."
      Yes there will be more videos. Yes there will be bigger ideas brought forth. But will the heart still be there? I'm hopeful. So Burnie and Matt, prove me wrong. To steal a line from an 80's B-Movie classic, thrill me. I'm still here waving the RT banner (as my living room and closet can attest to). Just don't forget about us.

    • RTX13 from the standpoint of an older antisocial hermit.

      5 years ago


      I loved it.

      Seriously one of the best times I have every had at a convention. Ever. No really. There were so many good experiences and so few bad. I figure that I should start somewhere. So I'll start at the beginning.
      Charlene (my other half) and I got to the convention center on Thursday to preregister and that even went super smooth. We each had our tickets on our iPhones and the Guardians scanned them, gave us our badges and swag bag backpacks, and told us to have fun.It was fast, efficient, and the Guardians were on top of their game.
      That brings me to the Guardians themselves. Whether it was Big Red, Doobie, or any of the other one of the Guardians, They were all super helpful and friendly. They would ask you questions, allow you to ask them anything, and try to make sure that you were taken care of if you had a problem or were lost. None of them acted like they were better than the con goers or like you were an idiot for asking questions. They would stand guard and watch the lines and generally assure that no one got trampled. Great people.
      The guests that they had were all great too. I walked up to Richard Garriott on Saturday while he was talking to some people just to shake his hand and tell him thank you. I used to play Ultima and it helped nurture my love of RPGs. He shook my hand, asked me my name, and then introduced me to the creators and programmers that were there with him. we talked for about 5 to 10 minutes and it left me awestruck. He wasn't the only one doing that. I met and talked with Yomary Cruz and Samantha Ireland also. Samantha talked to me and Charlene for over 15 minutes just chitchatting. These were the guests that Rooster Teeth brought in and they were making us feel right at home. Even Griffon Ramsey took a pic with me and she was just there to talk to her husband. Geoff is a very lucky guy.
      Speaking of Rooster Teeth staff, This is where my mind went into shock. Everyone was great. If they had a moment, they would talk to you, sign something, take a pic, whatever. Even if they didn't have time they made time. Best example is Burnie Burns himself. Last day of the con, we were about to leave when Char said, "There's Burnie." I walked over and aske for a pic. He said sure but we would have to take it while walking. He was late for an interview and made time not only to talk to me and take a pic, but to ask other con goers if they were having a good time and if they had liked certain panels. At the mixer, Mr Antisocial himself, Gus Sorola, was in the middle of a crowd signing things, taking pictures, getting lifted. The others were equally approachable, because Kathleen had a hug for everyone or Nick and Chris had a story to tell. My hats off to you guys.
      The attendees... where do I start? The guys at Rooster Teeth say that the community is like a big family at times and it was evident here. People were friendly. I mean willing to discuss the weirdest stuff with you friendly. Anything from the games that you could play at the con, to people sightings, to costume help. We all checked on each other and gave high fives till our hands hurt.
      Now for the bad stuff. I saw one guy arguing with an Guardian because he couldn't get into a panel after the doors were shut. The Guardian was trying to be nice about it but the jerk just kept on and on. He finally walked away and someone in the line told him that it was rude to try to barge in during a panel anyway after it started. I think this infuriated the guy even more.
      Now for my major complaint. The Achievement Hunter line. I wanted to get autographs for my son since he watches EVERYTHING that AH does. Every time that I went to get into line I was told that the line was capped. On Sunday the line was capped for the day about 5 hours before the con was over. It was my one true downside.
      Am I going to let this keep me from going back? NO! I am ready for RTX14. I want to make this a yearly thing. I might even cosplay next year. I am glad I got this experience and I left Austin this trip as a a happier and wiser hermit.
      RT staff, AHers, and Guardians... keep doing what you do. I've been a fan for years and I plan on being here for years to come. Thank you.

    • Great holiday season

      6 years ago


      I had a great year for surprises this year. I normally hate the holidays and this year was shaping up to be no different. Then again, when your birthday is 2 days after Christmas and your initials are J.C. you kinda skip it. My first surprise came a week after my birthday. My other half told me that she had ordered my gift but she was just waiting for it to come in. When it got here my thought was, "This is kind of heavy for a shirt." I opened it up to find the "Ten Years of Red Vs Blue" 15 disk Blu-Ray set. (Sorry it wasn't Red-Ray Sarge.) Then the day after the tickets went on sale for RTX13 went on sale, my Mom gave me the money to order the three day pass for a birthday present. This was one of the greatest holiday season I've had in a long time. Oh and on my birthday I watched the entire Blood Gulch Chronicles just because I could. So I'm prepped. See you guys in July!

    • Strange sounds

      7 years ago


      OK. Me and some friends made a stupid little video and when I watched it later I noticed something strange. Listen to the screaming after the knife gets thrown.


      Does that sound like Burnie burns screaming? A lot of people say it sounds like him. Let me know what you guys think.

    • Halo Reach

      9 years ago


      Well the day that we all have been waiting for comes up on Monday. REACH BETA!!! Now, the question is how many people have it pre-ordered and which one are you getting? Ready for the Legendary box I am.

    • So no more Squad Halo 3 nights...

      9 years ago


      Apparently our Friday night Halo 3 games have not taken well to being resurrected. The bickering, in fighting, and whining have all came rushing back. People don't like the noise on the headset so they make their own party without telling everyone and then the rest of us getting upset at that so we go up against them in a team game that is WAY off balanced. People making race jokes that offend someone else and them arguing got to me too. Then this morning, I got a Tweet from one of the guys that started this Squad with me and he says that he is not going to participate anymore cause of all this. Oh well. I guess I'll just see what happens.

    • 9 years ago

    • 9 years ago

    • Trying something new

      9 years ago


      Well I went and joined Twitter. Something I thought I would NEVER do. I just kept hearing about stuff from my friend Nate and wanted to see what the big deal was. Plus I found out yesterday that when I get my cell contract renewed that I am going to HAVE to get a data plan, so I figured that it might go hand in hand.
      Can't wait till RvB Resolution starts. Waiting to find out if the laser faced helmet is Tex's or Wash's. I still have hope that the Meta is most of AI Church just not having any targeting skills. Just have to wait and find out!

    • Damn Halo 3

      10 years ago


      I got a glitch on Halo 3 that worked in my favor. I only ad 905 achievement points and for some reason it let me use the Katana armor and the Security helmet. Now that I've passed the 1000 point mark, the game took them away from me. Does anyone out there know what the hell happened? I tried going to Bungie's website but the only thing I saw to email them about was their site. Grrrrrr..... and I like getting armor.

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      thanks for the mod

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