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    • Erratic Shots.....

      7 months ago


      Me? Well… I’m like you, to a degree
      I wake up and put my pants on one leg at a time
      Now I’m definitely awake, all right
      What was I saying? Right
      I try to Live a normal life but I get constantly and rudely interrupted
      Me and this expected unpredictability will always live together
      No matter how I feel
      This non-beneficial symbiotic relationship is nonetheless,
      It is not even a parasitic relationship because neither of us receive any gain
      You wake me up on purpose in the middle of the night
      You greet me when I wake up and you are the last thing I-
      AUGHHHHH, there we go again, hitting that last nerve of mine
      You know exactly what buttons to push at the most inopportune time
      When I say that I try to Live a normal, I feel like…
      I feel like you’re making me fall short of that goal
      There are times where I do get a break from you and it is amazing
      But while you’re gone, the only thing on my mind is, when?
      When will you return?
      I’m the only person you know and hang around with
      And it pains me…
      OH SHIT! There you are
      You see? That’s what I’m talking about.
      Sometimes I wonder if amputation would have been a better route
      But would it have been better?

      I was inspired to write this after watching this video:

    • Something New.....

      7 months ago


      There is nothing more daring than a leap of faith

      The act itself is nerve racking with excitement and fear

      Fear of what may happen

      To have complete trust and confidence in that leap

      Like a trust fall, you hope that it will work out for the better

      While in that terrifying moment, you embrace that fear

      But because you had complete faith about where you will go

      Everything feels like bliss

      It will trigger a memory about a time where you felt this same feeling

      It becomes this emotional experience that you would want to share

      The intoxication of the thrill makes you want to do it again

      Take me by the hand, and I will show you

      Show you a world of infinite possibilities

      In this finite life

      When you are ready to take a leap of faith into that world, my world

      You will know what it is like to experience what I did

      So, come to my home and I will treat you exactly how my father did

      For when you eat my food

      You too will know what it is like to eat like a King or Queen

      So sit down with me and let me tell you

      Why it is so important to me…

    • Being Rocked To My Emotional Core.....

      9 months ago


      I am not a person to be moved by movies or the majority of television shows. 

      But if I do watch a show I really like, it is because I find the narrative of those shows very interesting, clever, and very well crafted. For the very first time, I was at a point in my life were I had watch something and felt so moved and depressed. I legit felt extremely depressed after watching this show because I knew that the level of love and emotion that was exhibited in this show was unparalleled and would never happen in real life under any circumstance. This show was so unique that I don't think that any other show could ever compare.


      Even though I just got around to watching this anime, Darling in the Franxx is truly the pinnacle, no, the penultimate love story to ever air. There is a level of emotion that will move anybody. Even the hard hearted people of this world. The ending of the show will leave you feeling so hopeful about the cast of the show. You will also feel like you would want a second season but this conflicting feeling that will arise telling you that this show should be a stand alone season and that a second season would feel less genuine. 

      The voice acting for this show was so on point and so dedicated that you can forget that your watching an anime. The only downside of the show is some of Studio Triggers input on the series.. You'll know it when you see it and yes it is super obvious. I'm not going to say what it is, but how it was handled at the end does seem fitting because of the end result. I would highly recommend watching this for any beginning point for anyone who is trying to watch anime for the first time. A solid 10/10 for me. I promise that you will finish watching the show hoping that something like this will happen to you. There really is no regrets to watch it. 


      11 months ago


      So in the OCC discord chat I was hanging out with a few friends about a myriad of topics. One of them happen to be math and science (as always). Me being a academic class clown, brought up the idea of using Dr. Halsey's master equation:


      I'm going to commit to this damn 'prank', if you can call it that. Let me know your thoughts if you guys have any.

    • Ramble.....

      11 months ago



      Don't know why but after drinking 36 sodas in a row, I now developed an irrational fear of getting my tongue stuck and mutilated inside the rim of the can.

      I hope no one else gets this stuck in their mind.

    • Story Time IRL.....

      1 year ago


      So for the first time ever, I slept walk.

      I was having a hard time trying to fall asleep one night. Every month I get a prescription of sleep pills to help me fall asleep. That night I got off my Xbox, laid in bed, then I drifted off to sleep. I woke up to play Overwatch and both of my tv's are broke and cracked. I don't know what happened until my roommate came home. He told me that I was making a bunch of noise last night. After that my, other roommate goes downstairs to get a snack in the kitchen. The second he did that was apparently the second I went into his room and started playing solitaire on his pc. They knew at that point I was on something. So after that they carried me off to my room and watched me until I fell asleep.

      After they told me this story, I looked in my pill bottle to see if there were any left. Fucking damn it all to hell. Sleepwalking Isaiah thought it was a good idea to molly the whole bottle of pills. But don't fret. There were around 10 pills left. Come to think of it. If there were more  in there, I would have Heath Ledgered myself to death all because of one time I had an adverse effect.

    • Story Time.....

      1 year ago


      ….. Through out time. We have an occasional family member who is proud to be a member of the Military.

                                      In time, a certain family dedicated their bloodline to serve their country and kingdom. through the age of the Glorious Romans, The Templars of old, To the Great Macedonians etc... A single family made it a rite of passage to honor their country with their service, but to be accepted into the family. Like the Spartans, these families teach their young to defend themselves and to prepare for future battles.

      Alex happen to be in this family alongside his brothers Gale and Spencer. They grew up fighting everyone and anyone. Getting in trouble with teachers, other parents, and on occasion, the law. But time flew by and they were ready. These monsters tear through boot camp as they were checking this mornings mail. Following suit, they hit E5-7.

      But for most families, the worst came. For everyone else that once in a lifetime event or chance hits the world. War, terrible war had hit the people. But amongst the carnage, the three brothers demolished those around them. Making their positions look as though nobody bothered to go near them. 5.56x45mm laying all around them with their victims laying close or blown back from a standing position. Gale was ordered to take some artillery cannons that were sent to dispel their positions and push the hill that they were holding.

      Alex was called back to help with the backline. Now Spencer is by himself without much help. It gets calm for 15 minutes, then half-hour, 45 minutes. The small amount of time was enough for him to recuperate. Out of ammo for his M4A1, he resorts to his side arms. Duel M9 pistols were his only friends here. Letting adrenaline control him, he rushes down hill through the brush clearing a location that he wasn't charged with. But he found himself in an enemy controlled point. A damn good vantage point at that. He throws himself at the MG and thrust his knife he had around his neck into the liver of the enemy. Spencer quickly turn around, arms  wrapped around the MG using him as a body shield for protection while eliminating the others with his pistols. Soon after he obviously runs out of ammo, takes the knife out of his enemy, to rush towards an enemy who is almost done unjamming his rifle. The enemy pulls his weapon up in succession, then a flash erupts right behind the enemy.

      Later we see Marcus sitting in the med bay wondering where he is. Alex and Gale explain how they saved him. After Gale gained control of the artillery, he helped pathed the way for Alex and the medics save him. But after he blew up the side of the mountain to keep his brother alive.

      Even after a near death experience, they were still thirsty for action. They more than impressed their family, making them highly respected and close to being patriarchal.

                                             With this story. I was going to write it in a linear fashion. I don't know if I did. My thought process on this was not to be like the last one. This one I hope to be apart of conversations as far as what this story means a the center of it. I think I made this story have different and conflicting moralities. See you in the comments.
    • Story Time.....

      1 year ago


      This is going to be different than my personal stories. This is just me trying to exercise my brain muscles. If they suck or have an opinion about the story, comment. Not all stories are going to be happy go lucky or sad. I encourage people to talk about the moral of the story without me being involved in that conversation. So this is me. Trying to write.

      Growing up Steven was a thoughtful child. He always did have the best intentions. His father, widowed by his wife from a terrible disease, left behind a wonderful husband and a son who has a heart of gold. All this happen when he was just a kid in elementary school. Steven's father didn't want to be at home at all for any reason since that day. In fact. He sold the house him and his wife built because it reminded him of the love he lost. His high school sweetheart. His sweet little hummingbird. After he had sold his home, he moved him and Steven to a small home fit for a young adult who just moved out from their parents house. Never mind the fact that they had a 2,500 square foot home with 10 acres of land.

      Overtime, Steven's father lived, breathed, and ate at his job. So over the years, Steven tried to apply himself at school to cope with the lack of a mother and a father. None of his teachers didn't believe he would make it to graduation because of how poorly he did. So they just passed him (barely) so that he wouldn't be that kid who was always left behind, giving teachers extra work to deal with this one kid.

      Than during the 2008 elections, his father lost his job and got an new job all due to the recession. Mind you, his father went from a whopping 80k to a lousy 22k. His car repoed and assets seized. Now life for Steven got harder. Anytime he would asked for stuff his father would always tell "Not this time" or "Maybe later". Even if it was out of necessity. But he could never get the things he wanted. Rent was getting hard to pay and food was getting scarce.

      So Steven took to the extreme. He told his father that he would get a job and buy things for the house. Well that was half true. Steven got a job but he was paid a pitiful amount. So he would give him all his money through a transfer and tell his father that he is saving up the rest for 'Necessities'. 

      It started off small like food and clothes. Than it moved onto wants like trading cards and stuff. Well eventually he gets caught. As amateurs do and is detained until his father bails him out. On the ride home his father chews him out about wasting his time and money. That it was a selfish tendency to let his desire get in the way. But with Steven he was finally getting things he wants but at the cost of stealing. So when he was asked if he had stolen anything else, he lied. He lied so that he can continue to provide.

      Well as the years went on the scores got bigger. So did the amount of bail it took to get him out of jail. One day Steven fell into a crowd of people with the same mindset. Steal to provide for your family. These guys were ready to commit a felony bank robbery. Not 1 but 3. During the 3rd robbery, one of the guys in that group was a undercover cop. The robbery went down in shambles. It ended in a shoot out. The cop died, two of the suspects died by suicide by cop, one was taken to the ICU ward, and Steven was unharmed. 

      Years pass and his father finally comes to visit him on his birthday 10 years later. As his father is waiting for Steven at the phone, his sour looking scowl quickly turned into a face full of tears. As Steven sat down, he greeted his father with a portrait of Humming birds all over his bare chest.

      Steven: Why are you crying?

      Father: Oh it's nothing. I'm glad to see you. I have to ask you. Why did you go down this route?

                                   [The tattoo reminded him of his wife and when he saw it, he knew to try to forgive him. It was as though his wife's voice echoed from his tattoo to forgive him]

      Steven: After mom died I was never able to experience or endure the love of a mother. After her death you withdrew from life by grief and neglected to embrace me as a father. Nor did you embrace me with the love or teachings of a father. You struggled so hard after you lost your job. So I thought I could help by getting the things we need. When I started stealing to fulfill my wants I would get caught. I stole so that I didn't have to feel burdened or feel horrible whenever I asked you for anything. So I stole to avoid that feeling. I'm sorry dad. I think forgiveness is out the window. But if you do, I'm ready to take it with much love.

      This is my first bit of writing. Thanks you guys for taking the time to read this. I hope to do more in the future.

    • My Oh MY.....

      1 year ago



      Day 1

      My very first one as a Guardian too. I flew in on Wednesday and went straight to the convention center to pick up my badge. From there I met some new friends and went out to the RT Community picnic hosted by the wonderful @Giries. At the picnic I saw and conversed with my friends over from the Oxford Comma Café, RT World, and RT LGBT+ communities. The picnic was such a blast on every level and in my opinion, was The Best Event At RTX. Hands Down!

      Day 2

      Had a fun meeting about the community and afterwards I met up with my team leads, The amazing @plaidlaid and the famous @Count3D to get situated with my zone leader, Avalon and my teammates. But at that point my Exhibitors are trickling in and I'm helping them to set up their booths.

      Day 3

      Now I get to work my magic. Guardian duties. Everything went as smooth as possible and the day, from my perspective, went off without a hitch. So later that night I met up with the OCC for drinks and food. Where I proceeded to get drunk and sing a myriad of songs with my friends. But sadly I cut myself, off went to my hotel room, and caught me a nasty case of rebound insomnia. So I was forced to stay up all night.

      Day 4

      This day was the craziest day. I'm talking out the wha-zu. The foot traffic was insane. At the same time you're making sure your area is clear, you constantly have to check your phone for important messages from your fellow Guardians. At this point it's getting hard to stand. But for some reason I always find a second wind and I would be good for another 45 minutes to an hour. Also, the Houston Outlaws, Amirite? They had the craziest lines. Why? Because Overwatch and professional video gaming that's why.

      Day 5 (Pun intended)

      Everybody is really tired. The exhibitors have hangovers, the Guardians are physically sore, and the attendees are powering through their panels with anticipation. It was really slow but really busy at the same time. If that makes sense. At the end of the day, I had my first all hands meeting, took my first Guardian group picture, and reported back to the expo hall to have one last group meeting as a team. But my duties are not finished yet. Some of us stood behind to make sure that our exhibitors need help breaking down their booths. This was no easy task. The majority of the exhibitors broke down their booths fast. But Griffon needed the most help. It was easy to do it, but she had a lot of stuff to put away, and things to break down. From there I shot over to the final meet up over at Buffalo Billiards to get my ass handed to me by my friend @Ratatoskr (who is a noob but still beat me because I fucked myself over). I run into my Team lead @plaidlaid and he laid down some words of encouragement on me. It meant a lot to me hearing those words come from him. I'll keep that close to my heart. Especially on my first year.

      Day 6

      Fly home, buy an Xbox card, and go to bed.

      All in all this was the best RTX that I've been apart of and I was so happy to give my time to this convention and company. I will gladly do it again, over and over, until I die. This is an amazing company with the best community/family I've had the honor of being apart of. Thank Rooster Teeth for all you've done.

      Thank you! caboose

    • College Ho!.....

      1 year ago


      I paid off my student loans for community college.

      I am a happy boi now that I'm moving forward in Life.

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    • SirSailorStar

      2 years ago


      Happy Easter! Above is the Fairy of Nature from Winx Club.

      • Izayer Keeper of Stories

        2 years ago

        Wow just wow. Lol. 

    • Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars

      2 years ago


      Happy Fuzz with the Warmth and The Fuzz Day!

      • Izayer Keeper of Stories

        2 years ago

        Thank you. I hope that yours is even better!

    • SirSailorStar

      2 years ago

      Do you wanna play a gaaaame?

      It's better than this song parody.

      I could make it last all day.

      But I won't, so say yay!

      Okay bye.

      Link: Game. Is fun.

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  • Questions answered by Izayer

    How goes life?

    | Asked by: SirSailorStar 1 year ago

    So busy in fact that I stepped down from being admin in RTMD and passed it onto a more active member. But other than that, work, getting ready for college, and preparing for RTX.

    Yes it has been forever. I keep forgetting that you changed your handle. I would want a Liger. Just like the one Napoleon Dynamite wanted. 

    I don't have any pets. But my ideal pets would be a German Shepard, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and a pit bull. 

    It's cool and all but I don't get hung up about it. It's a fun little milestone that I come across..... a few times a week.