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    • RTX Austin 2018 Passes

      1 year ago


      So I've bought my pass for RTX Austin 2018.  I have my hotel and flight all sorted out.  I just have a question regarding passes.  When RTX Austin was announced for this year, one of the posters (It was either Bethany or Barbara, I can't find the post) talked about passes being mailed out this year.  I still haven't recieved mine, so I was wondering if anyone remembers when they were supposed to go out?  Have anyone received theirs yet?  Or was there an update regarding the passes that I missed?

    • Changes to Sponsor Membership

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      I did RT's 30 day free trial as a sponsor. I really liked the content I got; 5% off in the RT store, day one access to the amazing content. Here's the deal; financials are tough right now, so I canceled automatic renewal. I figured it would be easier to pay when it benefits me. So I go to renew my membership, and the sponsor option isn't there. There's only an option to sign up for Double-Gold. Has sponsor membership changed? Is this the new version?

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    • How to Watch RVB

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      Hey guys. I just started watching Red vs Blue for the first time. I've been marathoning the first 12 or 13 seasons on Netflix. Here's a question; do I need to watch the in-between miniseries (such as Recovery One for example) to follow the story? I'm just asking because Netflix doesn't have the miniseries. And it seems like I'm missing some things. For example, Donut and Tucker were missing in season 6 and it doesn't say where they went (...yet). Does one of the miniseries fill these gaps?

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