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      More like 17 months.

      Hey everyone. I'm still here; I never really left, but I never bothered to update this place for the longest time (see title). Due to some circumstances, I thought that I should change that, and I really want to be a part of the community again.

      The circumstance in question was the luck and timing that found myself as part of the Infamous 535. For those that are unaware, 535 people managed to buy the one-of-a-kind perk for the Lazer Team Indiegogo, and I happened to be a part of that group. Seeing as in a few months, I'll be with a few hundred people like me, I want to become more of a member of the community. Hopefully, I'll leave with a few more friends.

      Watch Me Fail is still going strong. Last update, I was just about to start Season 6 (Super Mario Galaxy). Now, I'm almost done with Season 16 (Wind Waker HD) and I'm currently on Season 3 of a show that didn't exist last update, Legacy. Legacy focuses more on series, where once one game is finished, we immediately jump to the next in the series. For the first games series, I went with the Mass Effect Trilogy. It's been a fun trip so far.

      I also moved and got a new job. One that allowed me to go to PAX East in April and allowed me to get an amazing pc (which I'm typing this on).

      Anyways, pretty big update. Hope you enjoy!


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      6 years ago


      First journal here. Started today by quickly rendering a video (I rendered it last night, but it failed). So today starts off 15 Minute Achievements. This was (sorta) inspired by Achievement Hunter. This has been a work in progress since October, and I'm glad I finally got the first episode done.


      It's very rough, but all first episodes are. Next week should be better, and it (hopefully) gets better as time move on.

      Watch Me Fail (my let's play show) is also doing alright. Just finished LP#5 (Crash Team Racing) and I am already starting LP#6 (which should debut tomorow).

      Busy busy busy.


    • 15 Minute Achievements

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      I think this is the correct place...

      Anyways, every week, starting today, I'll be playing a random Xbox 360 game and trying to get as many achievements as I can within 15 minutes. My first episode, is Bioshock.


      Unfortunately, this is slightly over 1 GB, so it can't be a community video, but this was heavily inspired by the Achievement Hunter guys. It's also very rough, as I ran out of time for polish. Something that, come next week, will be ironed out.

      Hopefully you enjoy!

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