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      2 years ago

      mrjimtag RTX Guardian/ Hufflepuff

      I have recently landed back in the UK after having spent a week in Orlando FL with a small group of fellow guardians I became close friends with prior to RTX 2016. 

      We all met a few months prior to RTX by playing on the guardian minecraft server. Where between bullying eachother, we formed some good friendships. RTX came and passed, and the bonds made with these people prior became stronger. 

      So when offer the chance to hang out with these idiots again only a few months later, i jumped at it, even if Florida is a little harder to get to from the UK, even the recent hurricane couldnt change my travel plans, as much as it came close. Besides, there is also disneyworld and Harry potter parks there to see. 

      Basically, I just spent a week in the sun, walking around theme parks, having an all round magical time, with some very good friends. And RTX was the reason we were all brought together, I'll never stop being amazed at what this community can do, and how easily it can bring people together.

    • 3 years ago

      mrjimtag RTX Guardian/ Hufflepuff
    • 3 years ago

      mrjimtag RTX Guardian/ Hufflepuff
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    • CyborgDoll

      3 years ago

      Hey there! Thanks for the add. :)

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